12 thoughts on “Stephen Harper Style.

  1. Way too funny for words. They just didn’t give enough justice to Harper though. It should have been far worse. Harper just did a comedy act on his own, for a good laugh. That is, if you can laugh about it.

    It was said. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party in 1989? He was connected with Christian Fundamentalists. I saw Harper on the telly, claiming to be a Christian. How he prays everyday. He prayed for the little children murdered, in their school, in the U.S. This is while our F.N. kids commit suicide because, they see no future for themselves. Harper is a Christian, when he refuses to speak with Chief Spence? Convince me? Harper is a monster of, the very worst kind. Harper is just as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. Hitler was connected with some sort of a cult.

    I wonder if Harper is praying, as he is giving our country away to Communist China? Did he pray when he gave China the right to sue any Canadians, blocking China’s takeover of Canada? What prayer did he utter, when the BC courts, awarded Communist China all of our BC mining Jobs? Must be the same court that presided over Campbell’s trial, of his theft and corrupt sale of our BCR?

    Does it make Harper’s best buddy Campbell, a Christian too? He gave BC’s resources and resource jobs to China, a very long time ago. Did Harper and Campbell pray, as they forced the HST onto BC people, who had lost their jobs, homes and everything they had? Harper and Campbell had better pray for Christy’s soul.? She said, the Chinese miners were here only temporary. Ida Chong said. She is bringing over more Chinese to take our mining jobs.

    I would pray for Harper’s soul except, he isn’t worth it.


    1. ” Harper is just as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini”

      Hmmmmm, while Mr Harper may be an arrogant ,lying, deceptive , scheming conniving, politician of the first order.
      I dont think he ranks up there with:
      Stalin who(conservatively) murdered 20,000,000 people.
      Hitler , who (conservatively) was responsible for the deaths of 40,000,000 people.
      Or Mussolini who probably ranked up there with Pol Pot’s 4,000,000 people.

      Perhaps comparing him to say….Nixon, or George Bush Jr. might be a better comparison.

      Julie, the skit was a joke, lighten up.
      Have fun at the Christmas party and dont mention Harper once…..please!


      1. Yes Nixon was a crook, but at least he ended the war in Vietnam. Nixon was actually more liberal than the crop of western politicians we are afflicted with today. Including Obama.
        GWB was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands perhaps into the millions of innocent civilians in 2 wars. Even Clinton was responsible for the miserable deaths of hundreds of thousands in Iraq because of crippling sanctions. Harper may not be able to do so much warring and killing but I have no doubt he would be right there if he had the means to do so. He sure doesn’t feel anything resembling compassion for any of the people who live in this country.


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