Veteran Province Cartoonist Dan Murphy joins Deep Rogue Ram!!

Yes, Christy, Stephen, Virginia… there really is a Santa…. and he just delivered Dan Murphy to our friends over at Deep Rogue Ram – a site that you must add to your favourites immediately, if you haven’t already.  Kai Nagata sent me the heads up and of course I had to share immediately with all of you!

Mark my words, politicians everywhere will be running for cover with this team…. and I couldn’t be happier!!!

Here’s a tease….

“We have, friends, a string of thrilling announcements to make this January, the first of which goes like this: whiz-bang editorial cartoonist/animator Dan Murphy has joined Deep Rogue Ram as a contributor! Dan put together this week’s video, a lovely New Year’s Message from Stephen Harper:”

Now…. you must, go read the rest… right now… in particular if you want to know exactly what went down with the Province that deprived all of us Dan Murphy fans the laughs we need so much to keep blogging, writing, reporting.. and just plain old living… in this crazy, messed up world….

3 thoughts on “Veteran Province Cartoonist Dan Murphy joins Deep Rogue Ram!!

  1. Well thank you for that information! Makes for a Happy New yr. Loved the video of harper’s “new yrs speach”. The deep ram stuff is funny. Its so funny I’m going to have my audio on my computer fixed.


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