“Your time is limited…so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma…” ~ Steve Jobs.

“Your time is limited…

so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Everything else is secondary.” 

~   Steve Jobs

DSC_27480001Although it is now well into celebration time for New Years Eve 2013 across Canada, I’ve just finished cleaning up and the kids are off to bed….  : )  I’m pouring a glass of wine, and sitting down here with you for now… but more than likely, I’ll be asleep when 2013 makes its appearance – and that’s just fine with me!

2012 has been an incredible year, and I credit that to the portion of the speech quoted above.

Some would say I have taken the road less travelled and… I agree. It’s been a long road, often uphill, no guard rails and on the edge of many potentially life-ending cliffs. But if you read the blogs of my friends in the ‘dreaded blog-o-sphere’, as the corporate media commentators refer to us as, with a rather unhealthy zeal….I think that holds true for many of us.

We often take the road less travelled, but I dare say it’s a hell of a lot more rewarding most of the time. We decide what we want to write, and when, and why it matters.

This has been a year of opportunity for me, and quite possibly only because I started for once, at the ripe old age of …. 40 something… to really live and work as I wanted to, not as someone else felt I should.

I said goodbye to the dogma that guides many, and I definitely did not let the opinions of others drown out my inner voice.

And I’m not looking back.

Peter Legge once told me to walk through every door that opens, and explore every opportunity. Some might pan out, some might not, but you’ll never find out if you don’t try.I think it’s pretty damn good advice for everyone.

Behind all of this, is my wonderful little family, my friends, and all of you – many of which fit into both categories by way of like minds and goals. I want you to know how important you are to me, and to my work, and that’s why this blog has always been a group effort. You often thank me for writing, but without each of you sharing, contributing to the discussion, and spreading the word, it really wouldn’t work . And that’s why I do it.

Ok… well that, and to keep these crooks accountable! : )

Happy New Year, everyone. 2013 is going to be one helluva year!

~ Laila

37 thoughts on ““Your time is limited…so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma…” ~ Steve Jobs.

  1. Stuart

    I can’t begin to tell you how much an old goat like me appreciates your blog. It assures me of my sanity in an insane world. Happy new years Laila.

    1. Laila

      There are no old goats Stuart, only those who’ve gained the wisdom to know when to fight or not : ) !!

      Thank you, and I assure you, you are not alone in needing reassurance!! That’s why we’re all here! I wish you the best for 2013 my friend!

  2. judi sommer

    Hello Laila and fellow posters, I have just finished reading Alex T’s blog, a re-print of his tribute to his mentor who died this year. I’m just beginning to realize how lonely and fraught the life a political blogger can be . It is a solitary existence at times, with no fellow journalists creating the energy and fellowship you find in a news room. Thank you for telling the stories that the MSM are often loathe to report for a plethora of reasons.Happy New Year to all of you and gird your loins for a lively 2013. May can’t come soon enough for me. How many more sleeps until e-day?

    1. Laila

      His was a wonderful tribute judi, and yes, it is a somewhat solitary existence depending on your blog topics. Speaking the truth doesnt often make you popular. But I do find a comraderie and respect growing among many of my msm friends and for that I am thankful.

      I am well rested, and ready to continue the good fight… here … and elsewhere as well 😉

  3. Gary L.

    A Healthy and Happy 2013 to you and your’s Laila!

    Thank you for another year of education and entertainment.

    Someone much wiser than me once noted, that a day without learning is a day wasted………

    Thank you for making my days productive.


    Gary L..

    1. Laila

      And many thanks to you Gary for sharing and believing! I yearn for the day when there is no longer anything to write about…… oh wait, that was a just a dream I had once… lol : )

      Happy New Year my friend. Let’s hope everyone gets on board in 2013.

  4. I don’t think of the political blogger as a lonely life at all! Rather an intense community of people who may not always agree, but are always dedicated and passionate. Happy new year Laila, and all of my fellow readers and questioners. You have come so far in this last year, next year, we take flight to create a foreseeable future together. Such a lovely portrait Laila, it shows your grace and sardonic wit.

    1. Laila

      I wish there was a heart button for that one Kim…. and I love your description of our community!!

      I agree, this year was amazing, next year we take back our province.

  5. Gabi

    Happy New Year to you as well Laila! Much love to you and yours.
    I too believe 2013 is going to one hell of year…we are going fight to make sure it is!

  6. Laila

    And to you, Honeyjack!! ; ) Conquer and divide… .or divide and conquer… either way, the people must win.

    Provincially, and federally. Love you Gabi!


    copy that Laila. For me the truth is hard to find. I am scared. I don’t want to be institutionalized? I don’t want to die? I always look forward to your blogs. May you and your family have the Bestest for 2010

  8. diamondwalker

    sparkling fresh reportage and illuminating unique challenging perspectives..
    always reming me of what it is .. and why I love .. to be Canadian .. eh ..

    1. Laila

      Your poetic words show everyone why diamondwalker is such an appropriate handle for you! Someones brilliant and sometimes rough but always valued!! Happy New Year Diamondwalker!

  9. nonconfidencevote

    Great Blog Laila,
    While I know that your political subject matter makes you (and your fellow political bloggers) walk a lonley road.
    Its obvious that you’re needed and trusted. Now more than ever.
    Keep up the good work.
    Happy New Year everyone!
    5 months until this pathetic charade of a govt is over, no time to relax yet.

    p.s. As for “missing” New Years eve…. I always remember a great quote from actress Carol Lombard back many years ago when she was living with Clark Gable. Their drinking and partying was legendary, even in Hollywood. When a reporter asked her if she was going to a party on New Years eve she looked at him with disgust and replied, “New Years is for amateurs”

    1. Laila

      Let me clarify..lol.. I said a solitary road I believe, not a lonely one .. Alex mentioned it was a lonely existence I think. For me, it’s a different feeling. My life is so full there isn’t time to be lonely, but being independent as a writer is a solitary thing. No newsroom, no staff..lol…

      Thank you for your kind words, and your readership, its been a pleasure reading your comments!

      And Carol was bang on.. ; )

  10. nonconfidencevote

    And Canada’s Debt is now $602,000,000,000.00 and climbing…..
    What happened to the good old days when the Finance Minister (Paul Martin) actually gave a shit about the national debt and we actually paid it DOWN!

    New Years Day.
    Your CPP contributions are up, your EI contributions are up, BC Health Care contributions are up, more “user fees”, etc etc etc …….
    So much for Conservative fiscal policy…….
    Welcome to “Spend and tax” folks cause its gonna get way,way worse over the next 10 years.
    2013 will see 500,000 Canadians of the Boomer generation reach the age of 65.
    This will be repeated every year for the next 7 years.
    And 70% of them dont have enough saved for retirement, or have pension plans or are heavily in debt.
    How will this affect govt revenues? As income “earners” retire enmass into unaffordable debt?

    Be afraid and pay your bills or learn to “like” the taste of cat food.

    1. Laila

      You see, this is what is so darn funny about Clark stating all the time, shes making things affordable for families. Our MSP just went up. Bus fare went up.Tolls will be going up, food prices are going up, rent is going up….. wtf is Clark doing, specifically, to make things affordable for families and secure our futures?

      Or did I miss something ?

    2. nonconfidencevote

      Family Day ! She’s got us a new holiday in February !
      Garanteed she’s gonna be front and center for THAT photo op.

      And all the mindless sheeple( insert uninformed voters here) will remember that and only that come election day.

  11. Julie

    Many times I feel, a terrible fear for our country. I feel despair for our province. Perhaps that’s because, though I am getting on in years, I’m afraid for my kids and grandchildren. Six members of my family served in WW11. I even wonder, if our young Canadians boys died for nothing? The good they fought for is vanishing.

    My Dad was born in 1889. He left his teaching job in the U.S, came to Canada and took out a homestead. I asked him, why in the world did you leave the U.S. and your teaching job? My Dad said. He left the U.S. because, of the rotten government. It’s a good thing he isn’t alive to-day. He would be sending hundreds of Canadian politicians out to the bush, to cut willow sticks for themselves. He had told us the story when, his teacher sent him out to cut his own willow stick. He had stolen his Dad’s snuff, became very ill and his teacher caught him. His teacher even made him stand in the Mississippi River, to think about what he had done. He was 99 years old, when he died, in 1988. He was raised when the paddle wheelers, went up and down the Mississippi River, to men landing on the moon. My Grandmother on my Mothers side, was General Picketts Grandniece. We kids heard a lot of story’s, from way, way back.

    I have to remind myself. There has always been some sort of strife. There have always been terrible wars, and rumors of wars. Somehow, right, good and decency does prevail.

    I have always been a scrapper. Not someone who, was ever picked on at school. I was always, the despair of my Mother. Me sew and crochet, are you kidding? I was on the ball diamond and won ribbons in track and field. I fractured my arm, clavicle, ankle, ribs and nose because, my Mom said I was a tomboy. That was very frowned upon back then, for little ladylike girls. I was 5 when my brothers who were twins, taught me how to drive the tractor. If I drove, both of them could pick the stones off our farm fields much faster. Mom didn’t know until, I ran over her prize Banty Rooster. My brothers hid the Rooster. Mom thought a hawk must have got him. However, she saw my guilty face and the truth came out.

    There are many times your writing, keeps me grounded Laila. I like your wall of shame, no matter who has caused that shame. They all damned well deserve it. The truth needs to be out.

    May you and your family, always have wonderful New Years.

  12. tommymitchell@shaw.ca

    Happy New Year Laila

    I am a fairly new subscriber to your blog introduced by my friend Ron George also on Salt Spring. I am enjoying your sharing and speaking truth to power. I am weaning myself from mainstream media especially so after listening to Peter Mansfield turn to the At Issue Panel, two days before the FIPA deal could have been ratified and asking , Should we be paying more attention to this? So Thank You for your efforts and energy.

    All the very best to you and yours

    Tom Mitchell

    1. Laila

      Very kind words and many thanks to you, and to Ron !! Very happy to have you on board. I think there is a growing urgency among many people to see beyond what is chosen to be reported in many cases, and find stories that many news outlets dont have budgets to get into, or dont have an interest to get into – most of the series on my Best Of page are examples of that. Corruption, government malfeasence, payoffs and friendly ‘favours’… its all here, and on other great blogs.

      Happy New Year Tommy !!

  13. G. Barry Stewart

    Hi Laila,
    One great thing about “MILFgate ” is that it brought me over to your blog for more than just a quick visit. I’ve put you onto my daily rounds of Alex, Harvey, Norm — and the (p’tooey) MSM.

    How can you be lonely when you’re gaining friends?

    1. Laila

      Haha.. Thank you G., but I’m not at all lonely! Solitary at times, but definately not lonely! My life is full of friends and in fact, as I mentioned on facebook early in December, my site passed over the million mark in visitors,so it’s really not accurate at all to determine numbers of readers by comments, or even subscriptions. Look at how many people read the papers each day and how few comment relative to that number.

      I just received the annual report of my site statistics and it was really interesting to see where the majority of readers come from. Facebook was the number one referring site to my blog,speaking the power of social media in sharing stories. Most visitors come from Canada, with the United States and the UK not far behind, but I have regular readers from a total of 149 different countries.

      The top 5 most active commenters were nonconfidencevote at #1, CanadianBud #2, Curt #3, eaf #4 and Cherylb was #5

      In total,since I didnt blog as much this year as in past years, I posted 151 new posts, adding to the grand total of 1,187 archived posts. Generally in past years, I’ve posted nearly every day or every other day, which you can look forward to this year!!

      Glad to have you on board G! Happy New Year.

    2. WoW!! I was in the “top something” and it wasn’t bad!! yay me!!
      Thanks again Laila, many blessings to you and yours, may 2013 be a year of joy, compassion and empathy for others.. and ourselves.
      Happy New Year =)

    3. Laila

      Haha!!! Yes, thank you very much and I wish I had some swag to send you, but being self funded, you’ll have to just bask in the glow of that you had a lot to say in 2012, and I appreciated that very much!

      Bless you too Bud,I wish all the same for you as well, my friend.

  14. Hi Laila,
    I just got back from a New Year’s visit with my extended family, all the way up and down Hwy 97……well, not ALL the way (it’s a lo-o-ong road, as you know)! It was one of those days that make you glad to be alive. The North Okanagan/ Shuswap was like a beautiful Christmas card, with the snow still clinging to the tree branches. I’m not a winter person, but I do enjoy a lovely snow scene from the comfort of my car.
    Anyway, I’d just like to wish you all the best for 2013, and to thank you for all the hard work you do to give us an honest picture of what is really going on in our political world. I feel confident that 2013 is going to be the best year in over a decade. Corruption and incompetence will hopefully be a thing of the past after May.
    Good luck, and God bless, my blogosphere friend!

    1. Laila

      I do know how long that road is, and often, how dangerous. I am very happy to hear of your safe return gini!

      Thank you, and I really appreciate your kind words my friend!!

      Its been a helluva year, and I didnt blog half as much as I usually do, thanks to illness and projects. Imagine what a healthy 2013 will bring us…lol!

  15. workforfun

    Well, not on subject really, but 2013 is shaping up to be a year of accountability methinks.
    I was happy to see that the First Nation people are about to take Stephen Harper and the CONServative Canadian government to task. Grand Chief Stewart Phillip said in an interview, that 2013 will gain momentum for Idle No More. This might just be the start of the end for the Harper regime !!


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