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The definition… of desperation.


 “John Doyle, the tough Auditor-general who has taken the B.C. Liberal government to task on everything from access to documents related to the Basi-Virk political corruption case to B.C. Hydro’s highly controversial use of deferral accounts, appears to have been denied in his bid for a second term.

On Saturday, a legislative committee charged with deciding if Doyle’s five-year term should be renewed, ran a series of newspaper advertisements seeking a new candidate for the job, a clear sign they have decided to find a new Auditor-general for B.C.

The committee gave applicants until January 25 to apply.

Members of the five-person bipartisan committee are bound to secrecy, but New Democratic Party caucus chair Shane Simpson pointed the finger directly at the B.C. Liberals.

“We’re very disappointed. We think it was petty and vindictive on the part of the Liberals,” he said in an interview, adding he strongly believes it was the committee’s Liberal members who were responsible for the decision.

Simpson said he cannot speak to the two NDP members of the committee — Bruce Ralston and Kathy Corrigan – about what happened, but said the two were “well aware” the NDP caucus strongly supported Doyle’s reappointment.

He added the advertisements are a clear sign the committee has rejected reappointment and has moved on to an external search.

“I don’t know specifically what they did but I expect they represented our caucus’ interests,” he said, adding it would have taken a unanimous vote for the committee to re-appoint Doyle.”


    • All unknown at this time.

      I just read this, and to be honest, still digesting the impact of this decision.

      I am not often short of words,but this… wow…..


  1. If the NDP are that gung ho for Doyle’s re-appointment….I will patiently be waiting for Dix to jump in and criticize the committee and express his concern for the needless replacement( and cost) of what appears to the public to be the most valuable bureaucrat in Victoria.


    • Me too. : ( I am always interested in seeing the votes considering the NDP votes in the past, at times voting with the libs. Yes, they are outnumbered by libs on the committee but certainly one would expect to see a vote against the move on this one. This is the problem with closed door meetings.


      • Dix publicly has come out and asked the premier to intervene on the committee’s decision. I would argue that Dix has not gone far enough. Firstly, I am not sure that Clark has the authority to change the committee’s decision. Secondly, according to the act Dix could promise to install Doyle with a simple resolution should the NDP successfully become the next government.

        Appointment of Auditor General

        2 (1) The Auditor General and an acting Auditor General are officers of the Legislature.

        (2) The Legislative Assembly, by resolution, may appoint a person to be the Auditor General.

        (3) An Auditor General holds office

        (a) on being appointed to a first term, for 6 years, and

        (b) if appointed for a second term, for a period of up to 6 years as specified in the reappointment resolution.

        (4) The Legislative Assembly must not appoint a person under subsection (2) who has not previously been appointed Auditor General, unless the committee unanimously recommends the appointment of the person.

        (5) The Legislative Assembly must not appoint an Auditor General for a second term under subsection (2) unless

        (a) the Auditor General notifies the committee at least 6 months before the end of the first term that he or she wishes to be considered for reappointment, and

        (b) the committee unanimously recommends the reappointment within 60 days of being notified by the Auditor General under paragraph (a).

        (6) A person must not be appointed under subsection (2) for a third or subsequent term.


  2. I am not surprised. Dismayed, but not surprised. Who will they replace him with, Wally Oppal, Craig James, or Phil Hochstein? That, is the question. Now watch for the election to be moved back a year, due to a crisis. Or something equally corrupt.


    • All bets are off right now. This is so transparent.Doyles team was investigating many things,along with the BC rail payout. Clark lawyers up. Election coming. Suddenly we see Doyle gone.

      Wow. You can’t write a better political script for a movie if you tried. Deceit corruption intrigue… court cases,police….. and now…..



  3. The way the Lieberals have operated in this province in the past decade, this move does not surprise me in any way, shape, or form! John Dolye did his job to the best of his ability, and the Fiberals were called to task. John Dolye, we the 99% applaude you, for believing in Justice for all. Thanks for a great job, well done! They can’t call an election soon enough for me. Time for the traitors of Canada to be held accountable!


    • I absolutely agree. This is a sad day for British Columbians, whether they realise it or not. Doyle is not one to back down on any issue. Uncorruptable I believe would be the correct word. We would do well to have him as a finance minister!




  5. Absolutely dispicible!!! They know their gig is up and will do anything and everything to try and ward of the inevitable. I hope that the word Liberal is never heard again in this province and if so it will always be remembered along with greed and corruption from the top down. Dear God how much more can we take?
    Thank you Laila for holding their feet to the fire… we owe you a big debt of gratitude.


  6. Stop the Insanity!!!!!! After driving home this afternoon and listening to the ‘People’s Radio, the (N)ew
    (W)orld’s All-Canadien, Apple-Pie, Sean Leslie’s lovefest with Mr. Les, and Mr. Bell, desperately and
    successfully controlling my rage at the ‘it’s all fine’ conversation, I popped an Ice Cold Super-Pop and a jig of ApfelKorn. Settled back and read an excellent article on another blog regarding Ms. Polak’s Double Speak of the crash’s on the Port Mann, and trying to pass it off as the fault of motorists. “Class Action?” ???? Certainly is worthy of it.

    Then I read this!!!!! Unbelievable! But, thinking about it, you can almost predict the next step. Appointment of a Lackey, followed by some other little crises (Christy not meeting Big Business Poll Results by Feb.), (small ‘l’)eadership change, delayed election, and a possible scorched earth policy if things don’t change in the Lib’s favour. Unbelievable, another roadblock in B.C. Rail situation, not to mention many other situations. Let the screaming commence people!


      • Funny conversation but a real problem for some readers. Sly, you should be able to increase the size of the writing on your computer settings – do you have anyone who can help you do that? Should be a little magnifying glass in the lower right hand corner you can click on to make print bigger!


  7. One small ray of hope: Doyle’s term isn’t up until October. Hopefully, he will be able to continue his investigation into the Basi/Virk affair, and the other things pertaining to the BC Rail scandal. Once the BC Liberals are thrown to the curb in May, who’s going to throw up those roadblocks that he’s been battling all this time?


    • I look at this as just another stupid mistake by the Liberals under poor leadership. They have laid down their hand far too early on this! This is the work of John Les who sits and controls that commitee, a complete imbicile while Mr. Doyle is very respected by all.
      You are correct Laila they are very desparate and coming apart.
      I choose to beleive they have awoken a sleeping lion and will now have to deal with it. They are fools and are now showing this on a daily basis, do they beleive they can govern people beyond this?
      They as well as you and I know ,there is always plan ‘B’.


  8. Do you know when is the Legislature set to resume?
    It’s January. I thought they were definitely going to have a Leg sitting this time. Should be interesting. . .


    • I look forward to hearing the coming session… if Christy doesnt decide to hold it hostage again. Shes so flighty, in my opinion there is no telling what could or might occur before then.


  9. The Twitter exchange with David Schreck revealed last night a precedent for re-appointing Doyle if no better candidate is found. That means this decision can be reversed with enough public outcry. So those of us who take the time to write or call our MLA’s better get on it.

    Though the scope of Doyle’s inquiry into the Basi Virk deal is narrow, it would be a great shame if the judge doesn’t allow completion of that one before the election…It would make 3 elections that the public has had to wait for any independent assessment of the BCRail deal at all…3 elections that it’s been stalled “before the courts” .


  10. Corrupt thieving politicians are rewarded in this country, even when they deceive and steal from the people. To lie and cheat to win is totally acceptable in BC, as well as in this Nation. Don’t expect BC’s judicial system, to permit Doyle’s inquiry to be completed. No doubt that’s why the BC Liberals’ are getting rid of him. Christy was Campbell’s Deputy Premier, when Campbell was busy thieving and corruptly selling the BCR, was she not? We all know all about BC’s judicial system, in that farce of a trial. The BCR wasn’t even for sale either. Even the HST wasn’t on Campbell’s radar.

    Just when you think? The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, couldn’t possibly go any lower, they do. The BC Liberals are willing to go down to, the ninth ring of Dante’s Inferno, to stay in office. It’s very hot for the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals above ground.


  11. Just the last line of that article alone raises sooooo many questions.
    “I don’t know specifically what they did but I expect they represented our caucus’ interests,” he said, adding it would have taken a unanimous vote for the committee to re-appoint Doyle.”

    A UNANIMOUS vote !
    Think about that for a minute.
    Two NDP members on that 5 member committee voted to remove the Attorney General.
    Only one dissenting vote was needed to reverse the Attorney General’s “firing”.
    WHY would either of those NDP committee members vote to fire an Attorney General who was investigating allegations of Liberal corruption and interference? Especially when their own NDP caucus wanted a complete , unbiased investigation.
    Unless, perhaps, there’s “something” in it for them? It wouldnt be like a politician to think only of themselves would it? Lets continue to follow the careers of these two “pillars” of society and see where they end up in the years after the coming election.
    After the obsfucation of facts, delays, lies, deceit, threats, manipulation of media, corruption, etc.etc.etc. are we really surprised that a couple of NDP schmoe’s could be either intimidated or bought?
    Fear or Greed knows no boundaries.
    I cant wait to hear their reasons for agreeing to his termination…oh wait….It a private matter that cant be discussed…… sound familiar….its the same drivel we are fed day after day after day And the Media swallows it up like porridge at an old folks home.

    I am absolutely disgusted with this entire political process. This entire matter should be dealt with by an out of province prosecutor, out of province investigator and out of province judge. Because it’s exceedingly apparent that the current status quo in power is so completely corrupted only a blind man in a coal mine couldnt see how pathetic this charade has become.


    • The way it is written is it would take a unaninous vote to re-appoint Mr Doyle not to remove him. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I read.
      The big question is can a Government and it’s courts stop proceedings already in place by simply removing that person from his position? I would think not for if that was the case one would be foolish to start a case to begin with. Mr. Doyle is anything but foolish!
      Of couse their plan would be to cut his funding this way therefore leaving him to make his own way going forward, something I would gladdly help with as much as possible as I’m sure would others .This is only something that if handled correctly will surely backfire on this Government as people see what ends they will go to to avoid B.C. Rail.


      • You’re right Don.
        I totally misread that. I was still “brain fevered” with the flu. Couldnt read a simple statement.
        My apologies to the NDP……..


  12. It’s all good, we know what you meant. Again, this is the issue with closed door meetings and essentially secret committees. The members on that committee need to be transparent with their votes on all issues of public importance so it is immediately reflected to the press. Would be nice to see results of votes posted online so there is no question and constituents can holds their MLA’s accountable.


  13. I am still reeling after reading Jonathan’s article in the paper and then going post haste to your blog. As I understand it, the committee has more Liberals in it.Ergo? Their votes determine the outcome. I believe it operates on a simple majority. Who are the Liberal members of the committee? They are the ones who need to be flooded with messages of outrage. I have given up writing to Clark as her office is protected by a force shield..but if her caucus gets enough flack,who knows? Everyone here should fire off letters to the editor with at least the hopes of one getting published. I’m off to email Vaughn in the hopes of a bigger piece to follow. I don’t always agree with him but he at least writes back with thoughtful comments. I need a Tums after this!
    If he is forced to leave, is he forced to remain silent? Can he take his notes with him or are these the intellectual property of the government? I suspect the latter and fear shredding machines will be working over time. Is there enough out there he has written that can be accessed through The Freedom of Information Act?


  14. This reminds me of another ‘secret committee’ that voted to approve the 15-month transition allowance of approx. $127,000 paid to recalled MLAs.

    I was so incensed about that little news item that I sent e-mails to the two NDP MLAs (Shane Simpson and Bruce Ralston) who were on that 5-member committee, requesting that they disclose which way they voted.

    I received a reply from Simpson only, who without stating directly how he voted, made it clear to me that he agreed with this transition allowance. They apparently considered that an MLA who voted in favour of the HST, for example, was voting on a matter of public policy, not a matter of personal conduct.

    I forwarded the two e-mails to Adrian Dix, explaining to him that an NDP MLA’s vote in favour of the HST when he/she was well aware of his/her constituents opposition to the tax was, in my opinion, indeed a matter of personal conduct, and therefore a reason for a constituent who normally votes NDP to consider other options.

    There was no further response from Mr. Dix.


    • If memory is correct,I recall Ralston stating he voted in favour of that allowance on the Simi Sara show.

      Again, in the name of transparency,votes on legislative business should be public record.


  15. The Auditor General was appointed to a six-year term on October 29th, 2007. Section 6 of the Auditor General Act says he cannot be removed unless there is a resolution passed by 2/3 or more of the members present in the Legislative Assembly or if the Legislature is not sitting, by unanimous resolution of the committee. Mr. Doyle is therefore in office until October 29th, 2013 unless the NDP agrees to suspend him for cause or incapacity.

    In addition, section 2 of the Act says the Legislative Assembly must not appoint a person who has not previously been appointed Auditor General unless the committee unanimously recommends the appointment. So the NDP has to agree to the replacement.

    It seems that Mr. Les will not be able to implement the cowardly wishes of the BC Liberals without the consent of the NDP, and since there is a general election before Mr. Doyle’s current term expires, this should become an election issue.

    Where are you, Mr. Dix?


  16. According to Alex T’s blog, the NDP knew this was coming 2 months ago and instead of getting ahead of the story,reacted after the fact.This is troubling and begs the question.Political expediency on their part so Doyle gets thrown under the bus so they can be whistle-blowers?


    • I can’t speak to any requirements of confidentiality that may have come into play with that, however we clearly know Doyle has been one royal thorn in the liberals side since he arrived. He revealed the extent of mess in legislative financial affairs… on both sides. He has refused to be stonewalled in the BC rail payout,taking the government who appointed him to court to get information.

      We know full well the extent of Liberal cronyism. What else might he reveal if he stays in this postion? Certainly the Liberals could be greatly damaged even as a minority government with revelations coming from the auditors office from their time as ruling party.

      But yes, things do have a way of leaking and if this is true,I question the strategy of maintaining silence.


  17. What’s going on here? Kamloops Dailey News Staff Reporter Sylvie Paillard in Jan 7/13 issue (page A3) : “On a day when the B.C. government was taking heat FOR NOT RE-PLACING ITS OFTEN-CRITICAL AUDITOR GENERAL , the new party representative….was nothing but positive about the party and its leader.” (Capitals are mine). .She’s obviously got HER head screwed on backword! “The Liberal government’s got some great policies in place and it’s just a matter of time and continuing to stay the course with existing programs that are in place now.”
    Pretttttty scary eh?


  18. More wheels within wheels. I just looked at the online version of The Sun and Jonathan Fowlie filed a story at 4:15 about Adrian Dix’s angry reaction to the failure of the Liberals to reappoint Mr Doyle. More players are emerging. Since Christy is on holiday, Ben Chin, her new communications director shut down the issue-you believe in an independent committee or you don’t. Then Eric Foster let a toad out of his mouth. Sounds like the start of a subtle smear campaign. He said he could not comment on a personelle issue but also said he could not comment on Mr Doyle’s “performance”. Intimation? Doyle was not up to snuff? He was doing a shoddy job? How does Mr Doyle defend his reputation with inuendo like that?


    • One of the biggest problems with this government is their continued assumption people either wont understand what they tell us, when it comes to financials, or they assume no one cares. Accounting is accounting. They didn’t like that he was uncorruptable, that he called them out on their shoddy book-keeping and their manipulations of data to serve nothing but a political purpose of misrepresenting the provinces state of affairs to voters.

      The key is in the hansard transcripts posted under the most recent Doyle post with the reports. He calls them on the way they account and they dont like it one bit.


      • Absolutely. Curious that senior bureacrats are becoming our heroes-Kevin Page also comes to mind. Bless them for all the abuse they endure on our behalf but some of the public is beginninng to see beyond political spin. I just hope there will be enough to turn the tide.


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