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Don’t worry Kitimat, it’s all just part of the BC Job Plan.

Christy Clark told the world last year, Kitimat is where it’s at and now the press is heralding the transformation of the ‘doom-town’ into a ‘boom-town’…. boom shaka laka laka… that is.

Now it seems like the entire world is heading to Kitimat looking for a job, and a new business is trying to set up shop in town… much to the chagrin of Kitimat’s mayor and council.


  1. Sign shops in Kitimat should do very well…

    Ace in the Hole Saloon & Gambling Room

    For the safety of our patrons, all guns and knives must be left at the bar.

    Escorts: All rooms must be paid for in advance.

    KITIMAT: The New Frontier


    You are entering BC Christy country

    ‘n’ on ‘n’ on ‘n’ on…


  2. Will Christy be joining one of these escort services after the election?!? She’s already such a political whore as it is!!!


  3. An interesting story is how water from lakes in the Nechako watershed is drained down to Kemano, to produce power at Rio Tinto Alcan in Kitimat. That water is taken out of the Fraser river system. Ootsa Lake was flooded for this, I believe in the early 1950’s, by the Kenney Dam.

    BC Hydro buys power from Alcan, which is the largest IPP. The cost of the power is relatively low, but Alcan still makes lots of money selling power to BC Hydro.

    There’s a book about it here:


    • I visited my sister at the Kemano townsite back in the mid 1980’s ( before the town was closed and the houses were burnt! Google “Kemano town fire” and watch the youtube videos).
      Ive was all through the generation facility. Like a trip back in time….
      The electric generating station was built inside a mountain the 1950’s to be Nuclear Bomb Proof . The US govt wanted electrical generating stations to “survive” in the event of a nuclear war. Its remote location garunteed its security and the aluminum processing plant in Kitimat was a profitable off-shoot of the hydro electric “dam”. The workers at the plant used to spend summer weekends boating in the man made lake behind Mt Dubose(?) but the lake has its dangers to this day. Trees that were covered when the lake was created can have the unnerving ability to break free when boats are motoring past and come rocketing out of the water! Most people try and avoid the “shoreline”.

      As for the ocean inlet from Kitimat to the open sea that the super tankers will ply….. I took the Alcan passenger ferry from Kitimat to Kemano …..and during that particular trip we experienced 40-50km incoming gusts with an outgoing tide….. It was a rollercoaster , vomit filled ride of crying children and queasy adults. 10ft standing waves, we almost hit a small fishing boat from one of the indian villages along the way.
      10 ft waves, now you see it, now you dont….
      So when I see the Enbridge animated tv commercials of Devastation Channel ( yes, thats its name! ) I shake my head and remember MY boat ride.
      Cause oil spills dont happen on sunny, calm days………


  4. Apologies, this is not the right spot, but:
    Casino defeated. Watts to the rescue.
    Let’s see how all of this plays out. Call me cynical, but imo I believe there is a plan in place. Time will tell.


  5. Curt: If you’re talking a DW for CC switch, it’s got to happen VERY soon… and even then, there’s so much damage done that DW would have a hell of a mess to clean up. She’d be better off to run as an independent and build up for the following election.

    Of course, Mayor of Surrey to MLA of part of Surrey would be a temporary come-down.


    • I dont think Dianne Watts is crazy enough to hop on to the SS Liberal when is floundering on the rocks and about to go down.
      Let the scow sink and rebuild a new party after the election. Hopefully with all new people after most of the rats abandon ship…..


  6. Don’t think it’ll be happening soon, maybe, but don’t think so. Let the NDP inherit the disaster awaiting them, give them the 4 years (which isn’t enough time to clean up the disaster left by the current bunch) media does its job like before and now, then someone in the next couple years (if a lieberal is elected as an MLA in Surrey) steps down for “personal” reasons and guess who decides to get involved provincially?
    Just saying. Time will tell.


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