“Democracy is the best revenge.” ~Benazir Bhutto

Very early Saturday morning, in a divided vote, Surrey city council turned off the lights to Gateway Casinos south Surrey gaming proposal. It was an epic evening with passionate presentations, and on twitter, excellent debate and commentaries. Although I was nearly propping eyelids open with toothpicks by the nearly 2 am vote, I stayed up to follow and hear the council and mayors closing comments prior to their votes. Pros and cons  considered objectively, I believe the right decision was made.

Clearly, Rich Coleman doesn’t agree.

While reading his petulant comments in The Province story by Sam Cooper yesterday -more befitting in tone to a toddler temper tantrum than a government minister –  I couldn’t help but shake my head at the arrogant sense of entitlement he demonstrated.

“B.C. Lottery Corp. has lost confidence in Surrey politicians and will not “waste time and money” coming to the city with new gaming proposals, says Rich Coleman, the provincial cabinet minister in charge of gaming.


It was Surrey that originally approved casino zoning on the site, Coleman said, and the city asked B.C. Lottery Corp. to include amenities such as the hotel and gaming centre.

Surrey would have received about 10 per cent of annual profits, or $6 million per year, and would also benefit from an increased tax base, Coleman said.

“We met the conditions they asked us to, and the councillors still decided they didn’t want it,” he said.

Coleman said the government will not propose the gambling complex for another site in Surrey, and there are other municipalities that will likely be approached.

“We won’t have any confidence [in council’s decision-making], so we won’t waste time and money,” Coleman said.”

ColemancountryI’m sorry, but what kind of pompous ass, government minister, no less, makes this kind of comment ? Oh wait…what was I thinking… it is Rich Coleman after all…. So, what is the big problem here Rich? Why the outrage ? Did the city of Surrey rain on your parade?

Get an umbrella.

It’s a sad day when a government minister insults municipal politicians because they listened to the people  who voted them into office in the first place.

They call it democracy Rich. Something your government has demonstrated, time and time again, to know little about.

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  1. Don’t have confidence in council? Is that a insult? I applaud council for respecting the wishes of local citizens, something the lieberal party could take a lesson or two from.
    Christ, what the hell is wrong with me? Only a thoughtful, caring, self respecting true Canadian would understand the lessons to be learned.
    Congratulations to Surrey Council for being respectful of and to the voices.
    Well done.

  2. great post.

    democracy is never a flawed process, some may not like it, or the decisions hence we have a house that does not sit as often as it should.
    we have order in council instead of debate. i still remember dave barrett being carried out of the house singing o canada ,that was democracy.

    berating any council or any elected official for due diligence speaks volumes as to why he has lost his moral authority to govern. ,as well as that of his party

    it is up to every one of us to ensure that we have a democracy our forefathers fought and died for it and we as a people are growing complacent. ,and that is why we are losing our democracy.

    • Thanks harry. My thoughts exactly. He makes it sound like he was spurned, or promised something, or like a jilted lover. Seriously, what is his outrage personally, or even as minister?

      Public process is just that.It makes me question ever more about his work on this file and others. There is more to this story, I think.

  3. I comes as no surprise that Rich Coleman’s comments about Surrey’s decision are really rich considering the BC Liberal’s near dictatorial run in BC these past years.

    The only thing that could be better is for BC to be granted workable and binding DIRECT DEMOCRACY so that buffoons like him can have their office held in check by the people.
    ALL politicians need to be held in check.


  4. Ditto to you both! These days I am always looking for the ulterior motive..especially when there is such a reaction. Seems he was sure he had it in the bag. Bravo Mayor Watts!! I hope you will ALWAYS represent your people and not fall into the political black hole!

    • Yes, a clear case of he doth protest too much!

      Council was interesting as well. Tiredness reveals a lot about a persons character, in my opinion. It’s worth a watch at the last moment to hear the rationales of each council member before they cast votes. Hepner and Mary Martin in particular.

  5. While none of Colemans utterings from the dark side surprise me……..
    totally off subject
    Coleman looks TERRIBLE ! He needs to starting dieting and or seeking medical help because he looks like he’s abouts 6 months away from a “jammer”.

  6. Every time Coleman opens his mouth he proves he is more out of touch with the people , I will not miss him when he is voted out of office,
    After May Coleman will probably move to Alberta where is fiends with deep pockets live.. If that is the case I thought I would get in line first to wish him and his fellow BCLibs good bye.

  7. “There was no horse-trading here, and we acted in good faith,” Coleman said.
    Yeah right Rich! Good faith is a virtue the BC Scoundrel Party hasn’t seen since Carol Taylor left.
    No horse trading Rich? How then are you going to procure enough horse heads to slip between the bed sheets of Mayor Watts and the eight councillors?

  8. What an awful example for our young voters to see/hear. I don’t mean his pompous, porcine personage (which should limit the amont of plunder he gets after his best before date 05/14/13) but his arrogant, egotistical rants about (his) entitlements. OMG!

    • It was suggested to me via email that considering the insulting and unprofessional nature of his comments, the premier should ask him to step down from his position. Not a bad idea. Clearly he is unable to maintain an objective or professional approach on this file.

      • Ain’t goin’ to happen considering the very unprofessional nature of BC Christy’s prattle ‘n’ banter, and the fact that Coleman and Bloy were the only two who supported BC Christy’s leadership aspirations.

        • yes, I guess when you chit chat about Mr. Skin on a radio station in your role as premier of BC, it is hard to take a minister to task for unprofessional behavior…

      • Laila, Mr. Coleman should undoubtadly step down from his position as Minister of gaming.
        He has shown with absolute clarity that he cannot consider the people of this province in his decisions but must consider and promote the wants of corporate interests.
        His words are in fact threatening to those foolish enough to put the concerns of citezens against his. Truly unfit to represent the public at any level!
        Glad to see that the people spoke and someone listened and that Al Capone type tactics were not tolerated. This man is an embarassment to us all!

        • I absolutely agree. He seems to have contracted the same viral diarrhhea that Harry Bloy, Kevin Kreugar, Bill Bennett and Christy Clark all have.

          If you ask me, it’s nearly reached epidemic proportions in the Liberal party.

      • it is sad, i have worked with him in the past with providing social housing. and i am a resident of his riding.
        i used to respect him i now do not.
        he used to be a fine mla and man regretfully in my opinion he is no longer fit to hold elected office..
        is his behavior a symptom of burnout or arrogance it does not matter to me he needs to take a break from cabinet

        • These comments smacked of arrogance – how dare the politicians vote against his wishes!!!

          I’m surprised he didn’t shout: ” Off with their heads!”

  9. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals seem, a never ending nightmare. They are full of, hate, spite, malice and so vindictive, it turns your stomach. Mayor Watt’s, had better watch her back.

    There is a rumor, Christy will not call an election in May, if it looks as though she won’t win. Christy has the option, of delaying the BC election. Seems Alberta’s so called Liberals, are raising money for Christy’s re-election. So much for Christy and Premier Redford’s silly little spat, over the Enbridge pipeline. We always knew Christy works for Harper, just as Campbell did before her. We know Christy’s job plan is not for BC people. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

    Christy’s ad scam is laughable and beyond pathetic. May they all have a wonderful meal at their, Liberal fund raising dinner in Alberta.

    • She’ll never ever win especially if she delays the call, people have had enough and 12 years with next to no social housing built has left a social deficit of gigantic proportions that someone else has to fix. Shame on Rich Coal Man…

      • I don’t buy into the call for a fall election. Instant political suicide. Although…. she’s such a wild card – goes back to what I call a reactive leader, not a proactive one – that anything is possible.

  10. The taxpayers in Surrey spoke loud and clear. The taxpayers of the province will speak loud and clear in 3.5 months.
    I will also be going for a nice long walk now I can see the sunshine.

  11. Kind of reminds me of our very own version of Rob Ford. Funny how the other conflict of interest involving the brewing just seemed to like, presto, disappear.

    • Meant brewery and to add to disappear, just like Christy Clark seems to be doing these days, disappearing.

  12. Coleman has been the Minister of Pork Barreling for a long, long time. Once the selfish arrogance kicks in, it is time to go.

  13. I’m so glad the Mayor and Council listened to South Surrey residents by saying no to the casino. Look what happened to Downtown Langley. It became skid row because of that ugly Cascades. Guess that’s why the value goes down. Keep your chins up, the Liberals days are numbered.

    • News flash Mikey. Downtown Langley was in dire shape long before that Casino came in – the casino plays no part in Langley city Councils poor decision making for its constituents. Douglas Park Elementary is an inner city school, in the suburbs at….that Save On foods was bringing day old bread to for hungry kids and families years ago. Value was supposed to go up because of that Casino… but it never happpened.

  14. Yes, absolutely – Surrey council did the right thing. Too bad that Coleman didn’t like the decision – he is finding out not everyone is bought out be the BC Lieberals and their cronies. There are a lot of people who are having second thoughts and who voted BC Lieberals in previous election, will now vote for other parties to seperate BC from the dishonest government it now has.

  15. How many more nails can be driven into the BC Liberal coffin before it sinks into the ground on May 14, 2013?

  16. The profits he boasts of would not have covered the policing and medical costs a casino would create. Not even close.

  17. Coleman has a problem with democracy because in his world I suppose projects and decisions are bought and sold. He thought the fix was in.

    The money, spin and dubious promises didn’t work this time and like a spoiled brat he throws a hissy fit. What a disgraceful performance from an ignorant buffoon.

    • It is disgraceful, very unprofessional, and indicative of an entitlement and expectation that no minister should display. Does he work for the government, or the BCLC… or the men who make the deals behind the scenes?

  18. I forgot – he and the rest of the Liberals campaigned on a platform on
    “No Expanded Gambling” . I guess how it’s supposed to be mandatory to accept a casino anywhere they want it.

  19. Mayor Watts to the rescue, deciding vote. I said on another post, and IMO, it is part of the plan. Time will tell. Cynical? You bet.

    • Or she realized that the majority of voters DIDNT want the fracking thing !
      Hmmmm a politician that actually listens to her constituents, how rare.

      • They now have to deal with the issue of the slots they allowed to be placed in the Newton Bingo Hall, which is in the middle of a very low income neighbourhood, right in front of a BC Housing complex. Gateway was allowed to have them installed temprarily, pending approval and building of this now slammed proposal http://www.surreyleader.com/news/175326461.html

        • We at NoCasinoSurrey will do our best to help Newton fight expanded Gamblng there. The license for Slots in Newton expire in 18 months. Gambling is not wanted there, and fortunately we have a mayor and 4 councilors who listen to the people. We would also be pleased to help those other 4 councilors who voted for the Casino to find other venues for their talents along with Rich Coleman, come election day. Karma is coming.

  20. Curt,
    I agree, Watts is simply getting some undeserved browny points for her future ambitions. She seems to have been involved in this for quite some time, first she voted for it and then she casts the deciding vote against it!! Call me cynical too, something stinks here. Watch your back when she’s around. She is only looking after her own interests, not the citizens of Surrey, she never does. This is not over yet.

  21. Creepy Coleman is pissed off, no gravy for him. He has shown in he past as well as present, that he, along with many other lieberals, do not have the best interests of the people of BC. He likes the lolly from others. Sorry Bluto Coleman, go tell your “partners” that you have failed. Maybe you might get the ‘horses head” in your bed. Corruption at its best…Gordo, Crusty, and Bluto, etc. Tar and feathers for the damn lieberals!

  22. He will likely (may even now) realize he was way out of line, and MAY(?) apologize, saying something to the effect that it was a heat of the moment comment. Won’t matter now, he insulted that city’s people and politicians, not to mention the fact that while ‘it may not be horse trading’, his anger and comments sure made it sound like someone not to be trusted in government. If you tune into the Legislature channel occasionally during question period, it follows much the same thing we’ve seen before. I don’t know if that’s a recent pic of him, but he looks like someone who knows his government is up to their teeth in gaffes, arrogance, all kinds of doodoo, and fed up by the people in B.C.

  23. One of my Twitter followers linked me to this as I was ranting about EXACTLY the same thing! It’s pretty unreal. I was actually thinking a radio piece could be put together with the lede “Reaction today following Surrey councils decision to nix a massive casino proposal”…then open with Coleman’s clip and something like: “That’s not the proponent of the project, but you’d be forgiven for mistaking Minister Rich Coleman for Gateway Casino’s and Entertainment.”

  24. You nailed in a nutshell here, Laila:

    They call it democracy Rich. Something your government has demonstrated, time and time again, to know little about.

    Good job, as usual ! ! ! !

  25. “Unavailable for comment.”

    heh. Quel surprise, eh? “Unavailable” unless it is in a scripted response with a choreographed media presence.

    The LINOs still don’t get it, do they?

    I’m looking forward to May when I get to cast my first Canadian vote in opposition to their sham government . . . .

    • Unavailable..lol… gotta love it. News 1130 is covering the story this morning,as Watts defends her position. I’m curious to see how long Coleman in unavailable for….

      Hey I forgot this will be your first official vote here!! Cause for celebration, there should be a soiree after to watch the results!!

  26. All comments are bang on here!

    Cry us a river Rich(“I’ll put a meal on every childs plate”) Coleman, you and your buddy Mary can weep together in harmony. What other Municipalities Rich? Vancouver’s got one, Burnaby’s got one, Coquitlam’s got one, Richmond’s got one……..what other Municipalities? A paltry $6M for the money that these places bring in? Cry another river!

      • Chilliwack now has the Upper Fraser Valley and Canyon covered with its new (no cards) slots and bingo casino, near the airport. BY the looks of it, they are drawing very well every day — despite what looks like a weathered-then-varnished exterior.

  27. Btw, Bob Mackin has a great story this morning…. Remember those Bollywood Oscars everyone has been hearing about, after Christy made the invite in India last year?

    Well, turns out we are not getting the REAL Bollywood Oscars…. they’ve said no,it’s not them….. we are getting COPYCAT Bollywood awards… : ) I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. It just keeps getting better… http://2010goldrush.blogspot.ca/2013/01/copycat-indian-oscars-coming-to-bc-place.html

    • What’s one to expect? Second rate Premier. Second rate Awards. At $11M with our tax money, for her little plaything for four day’s. Yet, they can’t fork over $50 at Christmas for disadvantaged youth. Go figure!

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  29. Coleman is just the tip of this iceberg. The other week I heard Kevin Kruger call in to CKNW…he wasn’t a guest, he called in, to say that anyone complaining about the new ads during NFL games involving the dominos and BC Jobs plan “must not be looking for work.”

    Yup, so if you have a complaint about the government wasting your money on partisan advertising you’re a workshy freeloader. What contempt for the public. Disgusting.

    Resubmitted for typo***

  30. Richie is upset with Surrey council because they jumped ship to save their own a*s. BC Liberals are supposed to take one for the team and steam roll right over the democratic will of the people. That’s the Campbell way.

  31. Sorry for the late reply,I’ve been working a tip on this gateway casino story all morning. Hope to have it posted soon!

  32. it was nice to see the surrey council listen to the citizens. it happened in vancouver also. a casino is not necessary to raise money for taxes. the side effects of a casino will cause that money to be spent on social problems the casino causes. gambling addictions are a problem. the money spent in casinos could better be spent on things llike the mortgage, food, cloths, etc. Casinos are big business that don’t do anything for the community at large. the jobs are service sector so there are just more low paying jobs, which don’t offer people enough money to pay for housing and food, hence the food banks in Surrey.

    Some may say Watts voted for career/political purposes. who cares, at least there is one less casino in town. Good on the people in Surrey who came out & made their voices heard.

    Coleman just engages his mouth before his brain. I don’t know whose interests he really represents but they aren’t mine and they don’t seem to be in the best interest of B..C. or its citizens. Let him rant and rave. It just makes him look like an idiot.