This weeks column from 24Hrs Vancouver : Female political content needed to help candidates

Who wins this week? Columnists Laila Yuile and Kathryn Marshall battle over the issues of the day.

This week’s topic:

Are gender quotas in politics outdated?

Kathryn and I come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, but on rare occasion worlds collide and we actually agree on something. While it might surprise you, I think she’s right on the money when she states gender quotas are undemocratic, and I’ve been highly critical of the BC NDP’s own policies regarding gender equity in the past.

Kathryn makes a good point that in B.C. if a female NDP MLA retires, that spot must be filled with another female candidate. But what if the best candidate for that riding happened to be male? For voters it’s a case of too bad, so sad. In my opinion, that’s not only wrong, it’s downright offensive. As a progressive female voter, I’ll vote for who I think will represent my community best, male or female, and I think most people feel the same way…..

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5 thoughts on “This weeks column from 24Hrs Vancouver : Female political content needed to help candidates

        1. Think ?
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