“I’m proud to call her my personal, and close friend…” ~ Sukh Dhaliwal, 2011 – congratulating Christy Clark in Parliment, during his last days as an MP.

sukhchristyChristy Clark with her close personal friend and star  candidate, Sukh Dhaliwal at a fundraiser in Surrey last weekend.


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  1. Mr Dhaliwal is having his own problems this week being charged with tax evasion.The trouble never ends for thid party.

  2. David Berner is killing me this morning…. http://thebernermonologues.blogspot.ca/2013/02/vive-vito.html

    “The most hysterical thing about the latest Sukh Dhaliwal fiasco is that the name of the company for which he has been accused of not paying taxes is Genco.

    Genco, of course, is the name of the olive oil business that Vito Corleone used as a front for all his other activities in The Godfather.”

  3. Yet with all these delicious stories swirling around Christy Clark, Rich Coleman, and many more BC Liberals, Michael Smyth of the Province decides to write a column applauding their attack ad against Dix and something that happened in the last millennium. Sheesh!

  4. What are the chances he will be asked to step aside as this is investigated? The party is in the glue either way as they knew about this before he got the nod as candidate. Says a whole lot for their own ethics. I wonder how much pressure was brought to bare by Ms Clark?

  5. Just when you think the Bobble Head and her minions can’t sink any lower, they find another way to do just that. No wonder the Lieberals are in favor of open pit mines, they are expert at digging deep holes.

  6. The story obviously has legs. The Vancouver Sun has just updated Kim’s earlier story. The Liberal party has suddenly gone silent on the issue. The gentleman in question, however, has said he is working to resolve and fulfill his obligations. The campaign director McDonald is not talking. Mr Dix, however, has observed that he guesses that this wasn’t an issue for Ms Clark and that she was happy to have him as a candidate. He did, however, hasten to say he hoped mr. D would be able to resolve it. The most telling part of the story so far is the deafening silence from campaign headquarters.

    • Another “run and hide” moment for the “Preem”? She doesnt seem to handle ANY bad news about her own party very well. Thus, deafening silence.
      I, for one, am loving this. Could the Liberals self destruct any quicker than having their own people implode 13 weeks before election day?
      My God. They should be kicked out just on their studidity alone. Never mind the stench ofcorruption that hangs around in the air like some 5 day old road killed skunk in the middle of August.
      I will be watching the election results in May with gleeful expectations. My only fantasy would be Christy Clark and Rich Coleman to be the sole Liberal election survivers to sit in the Legislature for the next 4 years, side by side. As the Howling NDP caucus sitting all around them rips the flesh from their very bones.

  7. So, if he is elected, then found guilty and acquires a criminal record does that mean he can’t hold office? Or is that an old fashioned concept?

    • With the Lieberals ?? Look at Gordon Campbell. In order to be anyone at all in this party, a criminal record is a ” must have ” item.

      • So here’s a great example of why the BC Liberals are so done in this province.

        Today, the BC Liberals are claiming they just found out about the charges on Dhaliwal the same day as Kim Bolans story broke.

        Shane Woodford of CKNW, on twitter states that Sukh Dhaliwal told him yesterday that the party was informed of his charges and seemed to insinuate they were supportive…..

        So who is telling the truth? The alleged tax evader, or the BC Liberals ?

        I find it very hard to believe that Dhaliwal didnt tell Clark in particular, since they are such close personal friends and he has been a well known, long time supporter of hers.


        • So not terribly surprised to hear him stepping down.

          Unfortunately for Sukh, he won’t get another chance to feed at the public trough and earn a chance at a provincial pension….. In this case,his inadvertant truthiness/lies/spin didnt work out. By stating he had told the party and they were supportive, he effectively put his dear friend Christy into a very difficult position – one that no party could deflect or spin.

  8. Yes, another fishy excuse. The party goes silent for a day prepping either the excuse or Dhaliwal to back their story. Seems impossible the party didn’t know or he didn’t tell since there were just two weeks between being charged and getting the nomination.

    I wonder if this will be another Liberal investigation that will be all verbal, too.

  9. I hope I’m being fair. Either Dhaliwal hid this from the party until after Bolan’s story broke on Wed., or he did not.
    In the first case the party should have been furious and visibly forced him to quit for holding out on them.
    In the second case, the party itself has to wear it for holding out on the good people of Surrey Panorama and hoping nothing would hit the press until after he is cleared. (he might be cleared, after all).
    Doesn’t look good either way…because if Dhaliwal withheld the information, the campaign office response has been weak to say the least. If the party sat on it, that’s even worse.

    • And the plot thickens. Former Surrey mayorlty candidate Mr Bajwa (sp) has just stepped up to the plate to offer his services as candidate. Astonishing to see the short term around time the party needed since it purportedly only just found out about Mr D’s troubles…

      • Bajwa? As a Liberal? LOL!!!! ok, I am so killing myself laughing now……. Bajwa will never happen… unless he has changed his mind about Watts and half the council in Surrey.He was more adamantly against Watts in the last election here than anyone. Can’t see the Liberals touching this man,unless they value connection that run deep into India more than values for the community. Not to mention this offer negates everything he purported to represent in his run against the mayor here.

        • I did some digging after the tip inThe Province. What a nest of vipers this segment of the South Asian community can be but it does provide interesting political theatre! Keep us posted on the rumblings you are hearing as an insider here. But how many more sleeps until the Coleman story? God! This man is a male Medusa!

    • I do not believe for one moment that Dhaliwal hid this from the Libs. I really dont. He is so close to Clark,so incredibly close, an ardent supporter as this video shows,the dinners, the trips, the connections for years……

      This speaks volumes to the values of the team behind the Liberal brand. Volumes.

  10. Are Dave Basi and Bobby Virk still under house arrest? If not, either of them would make a good candidate to replace Dhaliwal, since the only qualification necessary appears to be that he/she must be a ‘personal and close friend’ of Christy.

    • I think most people in this riding( which is my own) are far too smart to attach any connection to a losing horse…. but I am sure the Liberals will have someone up their sleeve.No one I know in this riding has ever heard of the NDP candidate,let alone vote for him,so there is definately an opportunity here. I am eagerly watching to see what happens now.

    • “House arrest”? What are you talking about?
      That trial was finished 18 months ago. Just before their lawyers were going to cross examine key govt people. As per their $6,000,000 “pay out” for “legal fees” they pled Guilty. The conditions of the pay out were. They can never speak of anything involving the BC Rail deal.
      No jail time, no probation, no House arrest.
      Just a gag order so that they would never spill the beans.
      And Gordon Campbell stepped down and scurried off to his London “High Commisinare” posting……
      Rats, sinking ship, come to mind.
      Christy Clark is the self absorbed fool that actually thought this corrupt house of cards would stay standing.

      • “nonconfidencevote”, you might want to bring yourself up to speed on the facts and then revise your comment. Basi and Virk were sentenced to two years less a day to be served in the community, and the judge used the term ‘house arrest” in her sentencing remarks.

        In addition, the Deputy Attorney General said on October 20, 2010 that Basi and Virk were being released from the non-disclosure conditions of the agreement.

        • I did not know that Bond had released them from a gag order. Why would she do this knowing what they could say would be explosive and bring down the whole government? I must look this up. They are now sitting in the catbird seat if this is so…

        • Judi, it was not Bond. It was Deputy Attorney General David Loukidelis, in a public statement on October 20, 2010. Mike de Jong was AG at the time.

        • Ok. Back to google and Ian’s blog. You need a flow chart to keep track of the players and decisions in this saga. I can hardly wait for the bits that Mr Doyle will be able to glean and release after the election.

        • Oh, and the trial ended 27 months ago, not 18. I do agree with your last sentence, though.

        • Lew , I stand corrected.
          “House Arrest” hmmmm there’s a “punishment” to be feared.
          Ankle braclet, electronically monitored, while you’re cutting the grass, washing the car, doing the laundry, helping the kids with their homework, watching tv, surfing the internet,. showering without Bubba behind you…….
          Sounds like a pretty easy “sentence” if you ask me…..

          But i stand corrected.

        • As much as I would love to see Doyle crawl through the underbelly of this putrid, reeking BC Rail “deal” ….He only has until Oct 31st……if he doesnt take his holidays to find a new house, pack up his belongings, get his family set up, etc….. to find out where the BC Rail money went.
          The way this govt works….I’d be surprised if Doyle is able to stir up anymore shit before he leaves.
          He’s leaving this govt because of the totally amateurish way in which they treated him. That, alone, speaks volumes.
          Any more audit ‘bombshells” may look petty and vindictive.

          We should be wondering aloud who the next Auditor General will be.

        • nonconfidence, I’m with you on the sentencing. I would also love to see the Auditor General come up a report containing the answers most of us seek on the plea deal and who really directed it.

          Unfortunately, given the stated parameters of his audit, I’m not optimistic. Given those, and the obligations he has under the Auditor General Act regarding release of information he gathers, the nitty-gritty may have to await a public inquiry. We can dream however, and it would be nice to see him at least conclude that the deal wasn’t legitimate because it contained an inducement to plead, and therefore the original indemnity agreements are in force. Details on his audit focus can be found here under Audit of Special Indemnities: http://www.bcauditor.com/pubs/subject/work-in-progress


  11. Laila, I’m confused. Just read a G@M article mostly about Rich Coleman and his somewhat fading control over fellow MLAs. It also mentioned that Christy had yet to be nominated. When I tried to check this out, all I could google was she P
    planned to run in Point Grey. No one seems to making much of this-yet on Alex T’s blog he stated she was nominated some time ago. Does anyone have the latest?
    Looks like they are delaying the Coleman nomination as a big kick-off just before the writ is dropped. There are still ridings that are being contested.

  12. Cluck Cluck Clark and The Bodyguard(s) that could be pointing guns at peoples’ heads…I don’t recall any provincial government prior to Campbell 2001 and continuing to this day having bodyguards surrounding themselves, their numerous ‘co-workers’, their homes, including vacation homes and personal and family protection, surveylance cameras, etc. 24/7/365. Only crime mobs do that don’t they? The BC Liars must be forced to pay for this huge expense out of their own pockets. Let’s hope if there is a next election we will have more honest people who don’t need this very costly protection security ever again in BC, not ever.
    Must be quiet over at KT’s place. Oh well, if we don’t go there, he will come here….a lot.

  13. It would also be nice, really nice and much less scary if our legislature building is never ever raided again by the RCMP, another first for BC, much like Quebec, again typical of organized crime. The Mob rules in BC.

    • We should throw him a party and buy that man a round. He certainly deserves it, but I will be very sad to see him go. He is leaving very big shoes to fill.

      • I would love to send him a bottle of wine. i will try to susss out a wine store in Victoria that might do that. I am still angry and upset that he was driven to leave. And what an outporing of support. That has killed i hope, Foster’s hopes for re-election. Where are the tar and feathers when you need them!

  14. A stellar piece just filed by Vaughn Palmer questioning who knew what when. He is a terrier when he senses BS being shovelled by Liberal party officials, the candidates, and even the premier herself.

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