A detailed analysis of the BC Throne Speech – fantasy vs. reality.

How Christy Clark thought British Columbians would react :


What actually happened after the announcement of the BC Prosperity Fund :


Followed by this, a day later….

15 thoughts on “A detailed analysis of the BC Throne Speech – fantasy vs. reality.

  1. This announcement still won’t make me vote for her. She has shown how she spends taxpayer money…11 million for the Indian film fest…15 million for advertising…no money for transportation…cuts to the medical system, schools…etc. etc. the money she spent on advertising could have been used for any number of more worthy things. She would somehow mange to spend the prosperity money, too.


  2. Let’s not forget all the money spent on promoting Family Day, and Family Day events…

    The funny thing is, and Vaughn Palmer really nails it with this one, is that the entire thing is like a fantasy of nothing!!! There is nothing but dreams and hopes and… well…. it’s all one big Christy Clark gong show of maybes. I was trying to engage Rich Coleman last night on twitter with his inflammatory and rather gassy remarks about LNG and Fracking… it seems he has been drinking the same Kool-aid and it’s making him cranky 😉


    Another point I made last night, via the following link, is that some fear the signing of a recent small supply contract set the bar too low for pricing. Not to mention the really big super contracts needed to actually build all these projects haven’t appeared yet. http://www.biv.com/article/20130129/BIV0108/301299919/0/BIV0121/hitting-lng-milestone-might-have-come-too-soon-to-reap-maximum-market-benefit

    Not to mention her claims of LNG replacing dirty coal…. reality check… a vast amount of the coal we ship to China and the rest of Asia is used for steelmaking and will never be replaced with LNG… http://www.miningandexploration.ca/britishcolumbia/article/coal_is_a_hot_commodity_in_china/


  3. It would be interesting to see how that worked out considering that the LNG wannabes expect billions in subsidies in order to build these plants. I think that the only “prosperity ” funds would be in the bank accounts of the proponents.


    1. They still need the supply contracts, large ones and that isnt happening yet. Does anyone want to bet on a whole lot of “Maybes” and ” Ifs” ?


  4. If there really is more money for the provincial coffers with LNG, I really hope that Dix handles it better than the last 11 years.
    This whole nonsence reminds me of how one manages a piggybank full of coins. Except it’s all pennies.


    1. The biggest hurdle to LNG richness in this province, is the process itself – fracking. We have for the large part, have a self-regulated industry in BC. There is little to no oversight on the many smaller water licenses being handed out that do not trigger environmental reviews and companies have been using that to their advantage – much easier to take out several small licenses than one large one and face an environmental review. And to allow water to be taken from resevoirs for the purpose of this process is intolerable.

      Secondly,it is now known that fracking has caused tremors in BC, confirmed and revealed by the industry itself. And while the chemicals used in the water are being listed, it is not known in what proportions. When you take a look at the registry in BC, it’s clear that there are an extraoridinary amount of wells in operation already and with the Liberals that will balloon. http://fracfocus.ca/find_well/BC

      The NDP promise a review of the industry in BC, which is why Clarks registry was deemed not adequate.Its a provincial resource and the province should be the first one reviewing it, not the feds. When farmers have a hard time feeding their cattle and livestock because streams and water sources have nearly dried up,or salmon bearing streams start losing volume,impacting the spawn, this needs to be addressed. And it is happening in Northeastern BC already.


      1. Fracking is an abomination.
        It should be banned.
        The amount of water necessary to force gas out of rock is horrendous.
        The amount of poisonous chemicals mixed into the water and then pumped into the earth is a nightmare.
        Christy Clark and all the pro fracking lobby should be forced to drink water from a contaminated well…. and after they finish vomitting.
        Asked if they still support fracking.


  5. Just listen to Bill Boring and Sean Leslie just before the 9 o’clock news . The caller lauds Christie and in their own way so do they. It just gets worse and worse on NW.


  6. I stopped listening to NW a long time ago. Brown-noser Bill makes me ill. Regarding your statement, Laila, that the NDP have promised a review of the fracking industry, I sure hope they keep their word. I watched another documentary on the industry last week, and if our politicians (especially Christy) would watch more documentaries instead of shows like ‘Manswers’, they would not be so quick to destroy our province.


  7. Both Christy and Harper are trying to buy, the ethnic peoples votes. They are desperate to stay in power. They want the Enbridge pipeline, the dirty tar tankers and, the LNG plants. Drilling off shore oil wells on BC’s coast is coming next. The giant oil company’s are already planning for that. The Hibernia off shore well is doing considerable marine life damage, in the Maritimes. The Kinder Morgan oil pipeline to Burnaby, is to begin late 2013. Harper is also planning for China, in the rich resources of our High Arctic. I read, the Arctic ice could be gone, within four years.

    The huge Athabasca watershed is contaminated by the tar sands. Most of Alberta’s lakes, now have pollution from the tar sands. Fracking for gas in Alberta has enabled Alberta people to, light the water on fire, coming out of their faucets. Some farmers had to move their farm animals.

    Same in BC. Fracking for gas, uses stupendous amounts of water. Fracking also pollutes the clean underground water, for absolute miles. However, that’s what the Site-C-Dam is for.

    Eathquakes are entirely ignore by, both Harper, his Cons and his satellite party, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Neither of those two are planning jobs for BC people, nor for Canadians. Those jobs are for the Chinese. Asia is in the mix, of the LNG plants. Who gets the jobs? Canadians or, $800 per month Chinese resource workers?

    From blind greed, stems insanity. Man is the most destructive animal on earth and, the most stupid one at that.


  8. I feel like my crooked investment dealer is trying to sell me on this one. On Bill Good this morning it was ‘You gotta act fast, like today or else you’ll loose out….LNG is the place to be!’
    Taxpayers cannot afford this kind of corporate welfare any longer.

    What a joke they have all become.


      1. You better hurry because when Christy gets the boot his advertising value at that station will drop to zero……
        He’s too obstinately stupid to know how biased he really is.
        A complete farce that should have been fired years ago.


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