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Some special Valentines Day messages from Christy Clark, and her pal Stephen Harper.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about gender inequality and how women in politics are treated differently than men. Thankfully, here on, we treat everyone the same! The edgy folks over at Deep Rogue Ram have created a very special Valentines satirical video from Christy Clark, who is well known for acknowledging every single tiny event and moment via a video message to British Columbians…. ( and she really, really, just wants you to love her!)  and to Dan Murphy, for a really, rather… disturbing Conservative Valentine featuring Stephen ‘Let’s get it on’ Harper.  (… shudder)

Terms and Conditions is not responsible or liable for any damages, injuries, or incidents arising from the viewing of these videos. Warning: Do not watch videos while eating, drinking or holding sharp utensils, or implements. Viewing Stephen Harper in bondage wear may cause permanent vision damage or injury. By clicking on the button below, you deem to accept all risks and release said host from all of the above.



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