Liberals select another star candidate for Sea to Sky corridor

sturdychristyJordon Sturdy…. the  Pemberton mayor who made headlines for ripping Anti -HST signs out of the ground and stuffing them in his trunk….  despite the fact they were legally placed.sneaking




We can only hope he keeps his hands off political competitors signs in the run up to the coming election.

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    • Apparently so. This is generally a pretty safe Lib riding, but I wouldnt place my vote with someone who felt it was appropriate to snag signs and move them….

  1. Heh, heh. I realize that this is a pretty safe Liberal riding, but are the Liberals this tone deaf? They just handed any opponent the issue that keeps on giving, especially if Tsakumis is right.

    • Indeed they did. How long is it taking on that HST ? It never fails to amaze me how fast they can implement a new tax…… yet claim that it such an onerous process to reverse it.

  2. Laila, you will be thinking for quiet awhile, there may be one or two at the most, but even those have supported the fiasco of the last few years unless of course they are brand new. An aside, how about adding to your blog role, All the best to you and yours.

    • Always nice to hear from you Jack! Great link and I hope you and yours are doing well… spring is a coming!

    • Last Thursday at 8: 58 pm, I posted this to facebook, which is followed by extensive comments:

      Laila Yuile
      Thursday at 8:58pm ·

      ..I can say with all certainty, that the current government will fall on Tuesday. Done deal

      So, no, I am not surprised to hear Alex’s news.My sources have been saying the same thing.

      However, the wild card is still Christy.

      One word : Prorogue. She might be saying one thing to one set of people but planning something else entirely. I hear she’s as up and down as a see-saw the last week behind the scenes. Everyone is walking on eggshells around her.

  3. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of just one BC Liberal MLA who would fit the category ‘ethical’, and the only one I can come up with so far is John Slater, who when begged by Her Horribleness to vote in favour of the budget, refused.

    But then he doesn’t really count, since he has either quit or been fired, whichever version you want to believe.

    • Gordie Hogg also has been putting himself out there againt Coleman,not once but several times.

      • Hi,
        I know the dynamics of the Liberal caucus are” fluid” and after reading Alex T’s account of Foghorn lambasting members to stay onside, almost having a meltdown and people leaving or laughing as Ms Clark tries to smooth troubled waters ,anything is possible when the budget or some form of it is tabled. What do you think it would take for Mr Hogg to leave the party and run as an independent? There are rumours too that the writ may be dropped on Feb.28 so that could prove to be interesting and a test of Liberal MLAs as to where they really stand ethically.

  4. Most of the BC Liberal Ministers that backed Campbell during his reign of terror, are still here today. There is very little left of BC, that hasn’t been thieved and sold. Even the BC mining jobs, have been given to China. Our BC mill workers, were given a kick in the face too. The BC Liberals are still raising the cost of living, every year Christy has been in office. She hasn’t protected BC jobs. She permitted Chinese miners to take those BC mining jobs. That should be telling the people of this province something?

  5. Why do I keep punishing myself? After finishing some gyprocking in the reno of dining room, which I truely hate doing, I decided I needed some humour while I absorbed a cold one to wash down the dust, so I turned on the “Love-Fest”, between Shawn Leslie, and John Les, that is on the “Peoples Radio” every Sat. afternoon. Yes, the John Les of Real Estate Fame, and Kinsella/Glenn Todd/Gaming Permit fame.

    After the infamous Les stated that he hoped a vote would happen this next week to show that the rumours of caucus, and all the other innuendo’s would be put to rest, o’l Shawn slipped up and admitted, “I do too!”
    What a biased fool.(15:52 of Feb.16/4:00) This after 15 min. of total denial of the Lib’s previous budgets, and other assorted topics that only a con man could say with a straght face, errrrr..voice.

    I do hope old Gordy Hogg show’s some of the fight he had in him in his youth, it’s time some of these people stood up and get counted.

    • And now Pat Bell is going to announce he wont be running… I guess getting government money to pay for upgrades to snowmobiling clubhouses wasnt going to cut it for him this year 😉

    • Yes, a lot of people are talking about this RossK.I’m not so sure about this,considering what I’ve heard, but the situation is very fluid right now and Pat Bells announcement is not surprising – there has been a lot of talk about it in PG. Shirley Bond as well.

  6. Sturdy says the Liberals have momentum.

    Does he realize momentum works faster down than up?

  7. I’m waiting for the liebs (and friends) to postpone the election. Let’s face it, they’ll do ANYTHING to win. Laws/legislation (you can change that) mean nothing to these arrogant, self serving, greedy, deceitful, incompentent, buffoons.
    Just my opinion.