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“Severe truth is expressed with some bitterness.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


H/t to Mike Summer for his take on this rather baleful expression.


  1. She can force the peaches and cream ditsy smile and shop it around all she wants. I think this photo captures who Christy Clark really is: a vile, vindictive person who would chew you up and toss you under the (BC Rail) train if you got in her way or were of no further use to her. Once the election is over we’ll see how Philipina, and Indo, and Chinese she really is. One thing for sure, we know she appreciates being called a MILF. She told us so.


  2. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of “this” side of CC in the next few weeks as the poll numbers stay in the toilet…… If looks could kill or turn us to stone……..Either way…..
    God help us all………


  3. I’m shocked that someone actually caught a glimpse of the real Christy. She hides it well in the public eye. She’s had so much practice with the photo op smile that it would be a rare event that someone could snap a pic like this.


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