Budget 2013 Highlights, Close Captioned for the Truth Impaired.

Dan Murphy does an excellent job on the fudge-it budget with his latest offering.



I’ll have some more serious commentary on the not so funny impacts of this punitive budget this afternoon – right now there are some interesting developments I have to follow up on with the SNC Lavalin story below.

8 thoughts on “Budget 2013 Highlights, Close Captioned for the Truth Impaired.

  1. I have NEVER enjoyed a presentation of the budget, more! LMAO! Otherwise, I would have never stopped crying. The Election can’t come soon enough to get this gang of horse-thiefs out of office. To bad we are not allowed to , you know, like the good ol days, find a good solid tree ———-! Just wishful thinking on my part—————


  2. BC and the people are in a lot of trouble regarding, the HST being canceled. We are also in trouble for, our supporting the F.N. and, their fight against the Enbridge pipeline. The fight against the dirty diseased fish farms, killing off the wild Salmon. Fighting for the BC mining jobs. Actually, I guess we are in a lot of trouble, for many things we are fighting in BC.

    Harper actually shut down, the busiest Search and Rescue Base in Canada. No warning what-so-ever. Thank Heaven nothing happened, no crafts, fishing boats nor freighters caught on fire or ran into trouble. I was told, ten minutes is a long time to reach a craft on fire? Harper’s opinions are very similar to China’s. Neither place very much value, on human lives.

    We know exactly, the underhanded tactics used by corporations and Campbell, to keep the HST. We people are being blamed, for the so called high cost to reverse the HST. It certainly didn’t cost that much to force the HST onto us. We are blamed when, Campbell’s election lie said, the HST wasn’t on his radar. The BCR wasn’t for sale either. That was Campbell’s first election lie.

    The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper, worked hand in hand to destroy BC. The theft and sale of BC’s assets and resources? How is that the peoples fault? Anyway, this budget fits right in with the rest of the crap, going on in this province and, throughout this entire country.


  3. Full judicial inquiry implemented by the people into the theft of our assets and those whom they were fronted to.
    No one allowed a lawyer.
    Perjury punishable by 10 years in jail, no parol.
    All found guilty of theft by fraud of our assets will have all their property seized under proceeds of crime act.
    RCMP will be expected to uphold the peace and protect everyone from intimidation during this public judicial inquiry.


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