Irony at its best

The Harper Conservatives have enough money for this:














And this:










And as hard as it is to understand.. even this :










But public safety ? Not so much :

Coast Guard





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  1. Re: Coast Guard Closure..Wondering if Land is owned by BC & leased by Feds..If so – This may be why Christy is so quiet on the whole thing..Hmm Wonder also what Harper has up his sleeve for her ??

    On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, No Strings Attached : Laila Yuile


  2. Where are these People! Where are they? What are they doing for B.C.?

    John Weston? Wai Youn? Alice Wong? Mark Warawa? Mark Stralh?
    Andrew Saxton? James Moore? James Lunney? James Lunney? Randy Kamp?
    Nina Grewal? Ed Fast? John Duncan?

    Next time you see them, ask them, “Where were you?” “What did you do about this?”



      February is spring in Vancouver,” said Young, when asked about the timing of the closure. “Quite frankly, some politicians have politicized this when it was all over the news and everyone knew it was set for closure.”

      The Conservative government announced last year the Kitsilano base, which has 12 staff and two search and rescue vessels, would close this spring as part of an estimated $900,000 budget cut. The government said the Coast Guard could rely on the Sea Island hovercraft stationed near the Vancouver International Airport and a new “inshore rescue boat” during the summer, as well as continued work with five Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue units.

      Spring begins March 20 on the 2013 calendar.

      Young rejects arguments the closure could result in loss of life. She said during a surprise drill last week using the new system, the Coast Guard also received a real emergency call and handled both incidents successfully.

      “They’ve had more than six months to prepare for this,” said Young. “The Coast Guard are experts on search and rescue and as far as I know no one from Vision Vancouver is. So I find it really interesting people like [Vision councillor] Kerry Jang is commenting.”

      Young said she’s received only had a handful of phone calls from constituents regarding the closure, including several from residents in favour of the move.


      1. Good on the Courier for jumping on this. Ms Wai is insufferable as well as stupid. February is Spring in Vancouver? Hello! How about March 20? And to suggest the VPD and and fire departments should be mind readers, not even the courtesy of a heads up to prepare in case something happened. Absolutely reckless and arrogant.She says she hasn’t had complaints? Well readers here can take care of that.Also contact Saxton who I believe is a boater. I would like to see the City do some cost analysis as to how much more this will cost them in overtime and personnelle. Just think of what will happen during the festival of fire.Another example of off-loading $$$ to other levels of government.As well, while Harper was here, plans had already been made for a new station in Newfoundland.I don’t begridge them-it is a treacherous area.
        And finally, the 5 million being spent on The department of Religious Freedom, an announcement made on the same day as the closure of the station and the provincial budget speaks volumes about thr cynical style of Harper.


  3. I wouldn’t ask them where they were, they’re all in Ottawa with their noses so far up Stephen Harpers ass they can’t see the light of day. What about all the science DFO has against fishfarms, same shit different pile


  4. Expect to see a for sale sign up shortly and then the sold sign It wasn’t closed for a lack of money. They had money for the ads for the War of 1812 and they have money now for the dept of “religious freedom”???????? No I expect some one the slimers know wants the land for development purposes. It does have docking rights and is going to make some one very happy when they build a hotel and marina there. If you go back and read “On the Take” about the Mulroney yrs. it makes sense, at least to me.

    If it was about the lack of money then why didn’t the feds offer to down load the Coast Guard station and its expenses to the City of Vancouver and Burnaby, West Vancouver, and the Province of B.C. Just the freighters, cruise ships, and boaters would have come up with the money. No there is another agenda and its not about deficeit reduction. some one wants that land.

    When people start dying because of this decision I hope some one goes and arrests Stevie slime for murder, premeditated murder


  5. I met Mike Duffy several years ago in Charlottetown.
    I was walking down the street in the midday. beautiful , sunny July east coast day.
    I was talking with one of my cousins, …and I spotted Mike Duffy walking towards us.
    As he drew near I smiled and said,” How are you Mr Duffy?”
    He barely glanced up and said ‘ FINE!” and kept walking…… a hotdog stand…..where he ordered 3 hotdogs…….it was 10am in the morning!

    I’m getting heartburn just remembering it!

    My cousin said, ‘He’s a always been a miserable prick, dont worry about it……”

    Nuf said.


  6. and if i may humbly add…..
    The canadian senate is a grotesque manipulation of taxpayers money.
    It should be abolished.
    It is absolutely useless.
    Nothing more than a “rubber stamp” on Parliament’s legislative bills….

    No elected senate.

    Abolish the senate

    Put the financial savings into alzheimers research….that way ‘former” senators may still benefit from the money……..


  7. What truly amazes me is, how can anyone in their right mind, support a monster such as Harper? Perhaps there is a lot of truth in? Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. His bizarre behavior certainly fits in with, the other Dictators of yesteryear. His control, lies, deceit and he certainly uses underhanded tactics.

    Harper has many degenerates working for him. Campbell, Carson, Boessenkool, Duncan, Brazeau, Wenzel, Parker and, I likely missed a few. Robo-calls also came out of the U.S. Now, the robo-call scam has spread to, the Saskatchewan Tory’s.

    Christy also works for Harper, as Campbell did before her. Christy’s job action plan, is identical to Harper’s. The jobs aren’t for Canadians nor for, the people of BC. Christy is even brazen enough to keep stealing our tax dollars, to pay for her lying TV ads.

    Dictators place no value on human lives. The Kits Search and Rescue Base, does not benefit Harper. What ever he can’t use to line his own coffers, he gets rid of. Harper idolizes Communist China. He likes China’s Human Rights for their citizens because, they don’t have any. Harper also knows, China’s resource workers earn, $800 per month. Harper has permitted all of his giant corporations, to hire that dirt cheap labor.

    Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, work hand in hand to destroy BC. Perhaps, Harper promised Christy a cushy overseas post, as he did for Campbell. I wonder if Christy knows Boessenkool has, had the gall to resurface?

    Harper is the Mafia boss of Canada. To save Canada, we have to be rid of Harper and his henchmen.


  8. There are numerous times we’ve seen the petty, vindictive side of Harper. Perhaps this also has something to do with west coast opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline.


  9. The job of a news journalist, broadcaster, reporter is to gather and report news based on fact in a completely neutral manner, with no attachment to any side, no bias, no favoritism, no agenda. It puzzles me greatly how these former news people wind up with appointments to a body such as the senate. Typically, the Prime Minister, no matter which political party they belong to, makes appointments to the senate as a measure of thanks to the appointee. It certainly isn’t because they know how to be a senator. Which makes me wonder, what story(s) did this appointee not report, or report favourably, or what timely interview did they grant, or to what matter did they turn a blind eye, to end up with an appointment to the trough?
    Because these people in the news recently are definitely exhibiting traits of porkers at the trough.
    What are they doing to earn these salaries, benefits, perks? Not a damn thing that I can see.
    It’s sickening at a time when we can least afford these extravagances.


  10. The unelected pretend preemie Clark says BC may be suffering because we are so far away from Ottawa, invites any member of parliament to tour our coast and that she’d be happy to show them (photo-op) so they can see how many citizens use it. Brilliant.
    People will die/be murdered here so the unelected Clark can boost her campaign woes by “fighting to save Kits”.
    Psychopaths all of them. Time to separate and stay far away from Ottawa and keep our taxes far away from Ottawa.


  11. well we all now know why the Kits Coast Guard station was closed sooner than expected. Stevie slime is selling it along with the Jericho lands and the former RCMP E division lands. Guess the Chinese government wants more land to build more housing for the foreign workers they plan on bringing into Canada.

    It just didn’t make sense to close the Kits station, but as of this evenings news we know the feds have been negotiating to sell the land for some time. As I expected. Between the lieberals wanting to sell of our assets and stevie slime doing the same there may not be much left of B.C.


  12. This whole thing is getting increasingly confusing.Early reports suggest that the coast guard property belongs to the feds who are eager to sell valuable parcels of land, Then on NW, we learn that the coast guard land is owned by the province and leased by the feds.Did the lease run out? If the lease was broken, how much will that cost us? If the land is indeed owned by the province and may be sold…?The news is piecemeal and at time contradictory.Nothing to be found in the G@M..
    Has anyone else found another link othere than The Province that can clearly spell this out?


      1. Hi,
        I saw this after I posted.Did Jas get this wrong? He seems to imply the Kits property is part of the secret negotiations going on with a First Nations group.DFO says the province owns it on NW. Jas does his homework, so…?Am I having a blond moment? What am i not getting?


        1. What I think is that we dont have the full story yet. It may be that someone has already expressed interest and there is a plan for the property already…. and in order to appease which ever First Nations group holds claim to that land, will get an equity share so the developer can go ahead with whatever plan, unfettered.

          I’m not absolutely sure, but it could be something similar to the deal the city of Richmond wrote with the Musqueum in order to have the River Rock Casino go ahead.


        2. Makes sense. Thanks so much for another perspective.If the timeline on Global is right, we will know what the feds are doing with their properties in June, perhaps.So I get this right,who owns the Kits property? If negotiations are going on with First Nations folk it will be the province that is involved only or both levels of government?


    1. Lovely to hear that Duffy has regained his memory and is paying back his expenses….

      I wonder if Pamela Wallin will follow suit. No word on Mac Harb who seems to be thinking silence is golden…

      Top ten spenders in the senate:

      Surprise Surprise…. BC Senator Gerry St. Germaine comes in at #1 — the man known for his annual Kevin Falcon Fundraiser Beans and Jeans event….


    1. 3 Federal NDP MPs have launched an online petition to save this service. Here is a link for those who are interested:


      1. I would say since the land is provincial, the provincial MLA’s should be all over it asking what Clark knew and when, and what the plans are. In particular since Bond has said there might be a possiblity for the province to run the station….

        Seriously, this is another case of Who’s on first? The province owns the land, leases it to the feds, the feds state they are closing it, cost savings etc among other reasons, the premier states she is very upset over this…..

        Ridiculous, all of them!!


        1. I’ve emailed Adrian and a few others. I hope this comes up in QP as people are really still angry.The feds could have clarified this yesterday in QP when Fin Donnelly asked who the land belonged to. He was ignored.What would this have taken by the minister in charge? Silence sounds as if the feds had something to hide.How arrogant and disrespectful.


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