What’s it like working with Premier Christy Clark? “She’s a role model for the next generation…” ~ Rich Coleman, minister of everything.

Thankfully, I’ll never have to find out. However, Rich Coleman, minister of everything under the sun has, and actually likes working with Christy so much, he made this video on YouTube just to prove how much he likes working with her.

Hmm…  ok….is it just me, or does Rich Coleman look like he’s in an interrogation room? Did someone make him do this video? Is there a bomb under his chair ? Why does he look so nervous? Why is he blinking so much?

Hmm. let’s think back… we have Milfgate, the Boessenkool botched investigation,Christy’s spending,spending,spending, nonstop pandering ( In her heart, shes a Filipina) which has now been revealed as part of an elaborate plan to make some quick wins of the ethic communities…. and she’s a role model for the next generation ?

No wonder the poor man looks like a deer caught in headlights.

Now.. while you are chewing on that bit of gristle ( and there are more, and I refer to all of them as gristle because they are really, really hard to swallow )… I’m working on two items for you… a new blog for the Huffington Post BC on the leaked emails and Clarks reaction… and an item for a new venture I am working on.

Enjoy… or…laugh… or … run for the hills… take your pick.

(And I apologize for the lack of posts, I’ve been quite sick and only doing wee bits here and there. )

26 thoughts on “What’s it like working with Premier Christy Clark? “She’s a role model for the next generation…” ~ Rich Coleman, minister of everything.

  1. The good Mr. Coleman forgot to mention how great it is to work with someone who is really, really great at NOT apologizing for things after, say, non-emergency, emergency meetings on a Sunday.

    Things like….


    And a new ‘venture’?….Gosh Laila, does this mean that we will be to forced to do the old participaction flexed arm hang while we wait to find out what’s up…Ha!



    1. “…I sincerely apologize for the language that was used in that document.”

      That’s like Oscar Pistorius apologizing for the noise his gun made, or Bill Clinton apologizing for the mess on Monica’s dress.

      The apology doesn’t address the actual transgression.


  2. Oh, don’t get me started on this stupid meeting today… I am wondering how many more of these scary Taliban style videos are out there? He looks terrified, even for Coleman !! What is going on behind the camera???

    And yes, sorry, you will have to wait RossK… but.. if all works out well… its going to be worth it!


  3. The first thing I thought when I saw this was…. what the heck does she have on Rich Coleman to make him do this video segment? …. followed by… wow.. he must really want to keep his job if somone managed to get him to read this script!

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  4. Leadership qualities? Christy tends to run and hide when the heat gets turned up.

    I don’t know how many takes this video took — but Coleman did pretty well not to smirk (or gag) in this one.


  5. Has anyone checked out the Comment page on CBC Clark says B.C. Liberal cabinet is ‘united’ Emergency meeting called over ‘ethnic vote’ scandal
    Over 1300 comments, and counting, for just today, as of seven pm with a LARGE majority giving the thumbs down to Pro BC Liberal supporters, of Christy Clark……..
    “Eighteen Liberal cabinet ministers ….. “This group is absolutely united and we have a lot of work to do on behalf of British Columbians,”” Yeah but what about the Backbenchers?


    1. Now that should be a dandy caucus meeting later this afternoon.Kash Heed is so mad he’s spitting nails;Hogg has damned her with faint praise but I suspect she’ll get the votes she needs to pass the budget-tomorrow?It will be interesting to see if anyone can’t stomach supporting it-and her -and her will stay away.They must be terrified about what else might be leaked.I would imagine there will be a round table of questions to tease these out so they can get ahead of the fallout-unless of course more is to come from CC’s office.I imagine as well that Yap is in for a grilling.So much for plausible deniability in the Ethnogate mess.There are lots of pictures of him with his outreach workers on numerous dates.


  6. First of all Laila, so sorry to hear that you have been sick, hope things are better. We missed you! Take good care of yourself, hugs! Now for the Rich Colman Video, supporting christy? One of the most superficial interviews I have ever seen. I don’t know who he was trying to convince more, us, or, himself! OMG, never seen anyone soooo uncomfortable. He was like an ol tom cat choking on a hair ball! What one won’t do for power!


  7. With all the experience Coleman and most of the Liberal caucus have in lying this video must have been a ‘piece of cake’.


  8. I’ve done a few interviews. One of the keys to establishing deception is to watch the eyes of the interviewee. People (like Coleman) who are practising deception constantly avert their eyes when they are saying things they know to be false. Lots of REM in that video


    1. Can’t bring myself to hit the play button. I’m so tired of having days ruined by being insulted,Rich Coleman does not get one more second of my time.


  9. Looks like Rich Coleman’s been sent to Christy Clark’s re-education camp similar to the one he’s inflicting on smart meter refusers. Re-educate until you believe in the brainwash.


  10. Hi.Yetch! Not your comment but Mr Coleman.It was wonderful to see him eat humble pie delivering CC’s “apology”, one she was forced to issue.
    A while ago you had hoped to have more on Coleman while the casino debacle was unfolding?Is it still on simmer?


  11. Did any one really think Coleman was going to say anything different? Of course the cabinet and caucus will stand behind Christie. If they don’t they loose their well paid jobs with all those perks. Then where would they be? As long as no one in the lieberal party tries to dump Christie they can all continue collecting their salaries until after the election. It is that simple.

    Many have choosen not to run again. Many know they will not be re-elected. Every day they remain in their positions they gain another day’s pay.

    I do not expect anything new from the lieberals except perhaps a withdrawl from the fixed date for an election. They will then try to brazen out another yr. so they can continue to collect their salaries and get ready for unemployment. There is still so much to sell off in this province. So many of their “friends” to reward.

    It has been all about the money from day one and it will be on the lieberals last day. We the voters are simply an after thought and a means to an end, to get elected. This is what the voters of B.C. did to themselves. Hopefully many will think long and hard each and every time they vote for any politician. If you don’t like what you see, run yourself as an independant. It isn’t that hard. Most people could do a better job and more honestly than many politicians out there today.

    Right now I’d vote for the Hell’s Angles as a replacement for Christie. At least they know how to manage a business.


  12. Maybe PaddyK was pointing the finger and Coleman knows after botching the Liquor distribution holdup, he’s on his last legs, so to speak.


  13. Methinks Puppetmaster Patrick Kinsella pulled the strings on this dreadful “performance”.

    However, if one considers that when Christy Clark walks into a room that automatically makes Rich Coleman the SECOND most unpopular person there.

    This video kinda makes sense in a weird warped way……..


    1. Haha…. wow… maybe I shouldnt laugh. I think we have become the embaressment of the country with our current governments non stop antics!


      1. I agree. If you are going to lie about something, you damn well better have your story straight and stick to it.

        She falls apart under pressure. You can clearly see her brain working but she fails to find the right answer at the right time. Imagine her on the stand in a court of law. A lawyer would rip her to shreds and the cleaning crew would be working on that mess for a month.


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