British Columbia… this is your premier.


Credit: for this graphic… well done!

But…carry on to see the real comparison it brings to mind…I’ve said it before, and I will say it again… I think these two might be related.











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9 thoughts on “British Columbia… this is your premier.

  1. Thank goodness I never voted for her! My choice for interim leader ( yeh, she’s done like toast ) is Kevin Krueger!! And about the NDP’s promise to the education and health systems? Just go for it! What’s a billion here or there when we have a $ TRILLION coming in over the next 30 years (ref. Christy’s Throne Speech). Let’s see, a trillion divided by 30 = ? (There are 3 kinds of mathematicians : those that can add, and those that can’t). Anyway, not to worry, LNG will be our salvation!
    Oh, about Kevin Krueger? I meant Harry Bloy.
    Have a good evening. I am!
    John’s Aghast


  2. We have known since Gordon Campbell’s time in office. There are no morals nor ethics left in this province. We live on a daily dose of, lies, deceit, thefts and corruption. They lie, deny and, the sloughing off of their bizarre behavior, is identical to Harper and his Cons. They steal our money, there is an arrest warrant out for Porter and four more. Harper says, that’s no big deal. Harper is caught red handed thieving our money. That’s fine too. Harper and Christy’s job action plans are also identical, there are none. At least not for BC people and Canadians.

    We know exactly how Christy and her Liberals will behave, by watching Harper’s bizarre behavior. Harper uses every dirty tactic in the book, to pit Canadians against Canadians. I read, this is a strategy Hitler used, to gain total control and power. He too had a huge problem of lying.

    The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper and his so called Cons, use dirty tactics, every-day of their lives. Stealing our tax dollars, for their own corrupt use. Cheating to win is the highest priority on, their list of things to do. There is ample evidence of that. All of them, can look you right in the face and lie. All of them are pathetically easy, to see through.


  3. I would think that the two Independents who voted ‘for’ the budget, now have to credibility to criticize, question, or make any negatives comments against our present Government and it’s unelected Premier.


    1. I haven’t heard many recently. Have they ramped up their venom to try to counter CC’s stupidity and calous attempts to bury what she has been up to? Seems money is being spent only to shore up the morale their own inner circle.


  4. When Christy Clark opens her mouth she ultimately comes across as a vapid, disingenous, schemeing idiot.
    How, in Gods name, did her handlers never see this?
    If she had called a snap election 2 years ago, immediately after winning the leadership, she’d probably be Premier elect.
    However, the idiots in charge didnt want to recognize what was quickly becoming apparent to the voters of this province. The longer she stays in the public eye, the greater the public loathing and disgust grows for this attention grabbing, overrated, conniving, university dropout .
    Personally, I hope she stays to the bitter end.
    The entire house of cards she has lived in torn down one card at a time. Until she’s left on the podium, under the glare of the spotlight, blinking and gulping in fear, a deer in the headlights…( or is that dear?). Get your “Loser” speech ready Ms. Clark………..
    And on election night, the final results in, “Her” party in utter ruins. …The dawning realization that her narcissistic dreams of grandeur were just that. Dreams of fantasy.
    Go away little girl.
    You’re way out of your league.

    Oh, and those pesky little investigations like “ethnogate”, BC Rail, BC Place Roof, etc.etc.etc. They’re gonna hound your for years to come……….


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