On the Huffington Post BC: “Christy Clark stunning example of Blind Ambition,Bad politics.”

Photo credit: The Canadian Press
Photo credit: The Canadian Press

“…Ethnicgate” does not bode well for Christy’s future. Her rosy glow has long since faded as more candid shots of her show the narrowed lips and eyes of a politician who will do and say anything to get to where she wants to be…

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13 Comments on “On the Huffington Post BC: “Christy Clark stunning example of Blind Ambition,Bad politics.”

  1. Her ambition is only one of her many weak spots.
    Never asked and certainly never answered was what would have happened if the memo had not been leaked to the NDP.

    How do they explain the sudden development, expenditure of $11 million and curious timing just before the election of the Times of India Awards sham? Isn’t it part of the very same plan the memo outlines?

  2. Very good question Mosko.

    What would have happened if they had not been leaked? How many public resources would have been used? What about the integrity of ethnic voters data?

    Clearly, Clark is not able to distance herself from this one at all. Knock-off Bollywood awards clearly an attempt to pander, and has been called just that by many in the Indian community, particularly in Surrey where some have openly called it a joke.

  3. During QP today,on twitter, a number of journalist noted she contradicted herself about what she knew when.This will be her undoing as the MSM have her words on film.

  4. I have never been a fan of Christy Clark however I do feel she is not as “bad” or as dishonest as her predecessor, Mr. Campbell. . . . . he had his old boys network to cover for him. Even the media seemed to be unable to print what he wanted kept under cover, particularly in the realm of his romantic relationship….. He courted ethnic groups shamelessly, and remember the B.C. Rail fiasco ? He was mean spirited – remember the two gals in the government NDP elected officials whom he did not recognize financially ?
    i hate to say it but Christy is a woman and that is against her.

    • Hmm, I would disagree- I don’t think this has anything to do with her gender, but moreso her ethics or lack of them as it may be.Like Campbell,up until she proved herself to be entirely incompetant and an embaressment to boot,she was also well covered by her own club.

      They protect their own until they become a liability. Then all promises are off.

  5. I don’t think that in B.C. an apology to ethnic communities for 100 year old injustice is going to matter much as far as votes from those communities.

     If Christy Clark wants to apologize for some thing she should apologize to the children of the poor and working poor in this province for having given this province one of the highest child poverty levels in Canada. That’s it Christy apologize to the children of B.C. for the appalling level of child poverty here in B.C. That is the great legacy the B.C. Liberal government as given us!

  6. You are nothing but a jealous little shrew.Christy is a wonderful example of strong feminine leadership,something you know nothing about.Women who don’t support other women are bitches and you are wrong about her.Even if you don’t agree with her policy,you should be supporting her as a fellow woman in a position of influence,but clearly you would rather make shrewish remarks about her rosy glow being gone.You are just another bitch like all the other women not standing up for our sister Christy.

    • Ummm… wow! Jealous? Of Christy?


      This sounds so familiar…. Seems to me that I’ve heard something similar to this rant somewhere else… I’ll be back.

  7. Fran: You need help. Please get some and take Premier “I’m so cute, and so hungry…….” with you.

  8. If thats an example of strong feminine leadership,I’ll pass, I see no leadership at all. …..it’s all someone elses fault