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“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed.” ~ William Faulkner

With a coffee in hand, and two children sleepy with flu settled to ride out their fevers cuddled on the living room sofas, I was finally able to sit down for a few minutes to try and write a quick post of things that came across my desk this week.

Except that instead of posting immediately, I headed over to RossK’s place first, where his small font postscript in his latest offering, really caught me off guard…

“Finally….Here’s the really important thing…Our great and good friend Mary Mackie passed away one year ago this week…I’ll be back with more to say about that, later, as well, including the van Dongen stuff in considerable detail (eg. what happened immediately AFTER Ms. Clark attended the June 18th 2003 Cabinet Mtg involving BC Rail) which I think would have made Mary and her Anon-O-Mice very happy indeed…”

And of course, the tears flowed because after a year of her being gone… really gone…and finally not really getting used to her absence but reconciling oneself with it instead… it was all fresh again.

And yes, RossK is absolutely right –  Mary would have been very happy to see the latest by John Van Dongan, because while it clearly shows consistent inconsistencies with Christy Clarks statements surrounding any involvement in the BC Rail deal... like a snowball rolling downhill, one inconsistency tends to lead to another … and perhaps eventually.. the truth.

Which leads me back to International Women’s Day, and Mary’s  strong support of others to question everything, to find answers, “to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.”  If the word driven had a picture beside it in the dictionary, it would show Miss Mary Mackie.

I’ll never forget a particular post that to this day, is held close to my heart.

“British Columbia by Laila Yuile

 BC Mary comment: my political boycott is over. I say let’s send Laila Yuile to the BC Legislature.

Here’s why …
Laila sent me the LINK for her interview yesterday with Guy Gentner. She is breathtaking! 
The first 1/2 of the broadcast talks about the financing of significant “P3” projects like Sea-to-Sky Highway, the Port Mann Bridge, and the South Fraser Perimeter Road. Detailed, impressive. But that isn’t all.
It’s when Laila takes the conversation into a new issue — the recent, secretive,  apparent “revitalization” of The Consolation Prize once rumoured (2003) to be on offer to OmniTRAX … remember that?

Well, now it’s Kevin Falconer, current  Minister of Transportation, causing the diminished BC Rail to take up a new mandate of buying prime agricultural land along the route to Roberts Bank — so far, 150 acres of prime A.L.R. — thus breathing new life into “The Consolation Prize” that was once reportedly offered to Omni-TRAX …
Here’s where Laila is spectacular. I think she has caught Falconer with his pants down …

To hear the broadcast (with another interview coming up soon), here’s what Laila said to me this morning:

If you missed the live broadcast [Friday, Feb. 4, 2011], you can listen to the podcast at the following link:
The broadcast will begin  automatically on the above page. [End of quote]
This is the first time in recent years that  I’ve felt the slightest inclination to promote anyone for election to the BC Legislature.

I’m still totally disillusioned by political gangs who can barely keep themselves awake, or on the right side of the law. A pox on them.
But Laila’s podcast conveys something entirely different — the kind of voice  which we’ve been desperate to hear  speaking for the province.
So … I’d like to see Laila Yuile in the BC Legislature.

I don’t know her plans for the future but if (in a perfect world) I had a choice, I’d like to see Laila Yuile take on the role in the next election of an Independent M.L.A. representing citizens of all political persuasions.

Enough squabbling … let’s get our teeth into the real issues which are killing this province. And that’s precisely what Laila Yuile does, in this interview.
Of course, Big Media wouldn’t publish very much about her efforts but maybe, just maybe BloggerWorld could take up that task, too.
I wish good luck, good health, courage, and lots of help to Laila Yuile if she’s willing to take this gigantic step into our future.

You’ll see. Listen to that podcast.”

It makes me smile… seems like longer than a couple of years ago to be honest, more like back in the day. Mary was always there, poking and prodding all of us to help find the truth….Her faith that I could do good in government was heartfelt, her words rang strong and loud inside my head like churchbells on a fine Sunday morning.

Indepedents.  Independence…

I’m lucky, I think, to have found so many people who support my work, my writing,  and my voice, from across the political spectrum. We don’t always agree on the way to get things done, and we definately might argue or debate political strategies, but at least we get the conversations started that need to happen. There are people who’ve coached me, urged me, advised me and yes, even scolded me when needed, and I thank them all. I wouldn’t be where I am now, without them …or without you.

Even though it’s Womens Day, I wanted to recognize the support of many wonderful male colleagues and readers who’ve helped me learn the ins and outs of the transportation sector, highway/bridge building, and procurement and without them I couldn’t have written some features the way I have. You know who you are.. thank you.

I think it’s also vitally important to recognize that it’s not just about women supporting other women on this day of recognition, but also about women taking charge of themselves, and their choices. I’ve worked hard in my life and nothing’s come easy… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t wait for something to come to you, go and get it. Get to where you want to be, because of what you’ve been through… not despite it.Be an example for others.

Mary definitely was an example for me, in many ways.

Happy Women’s Day to all my wonderful,strong, passionate female readers, friends and colleagues .. and to Mary… thank you for seeing,understanding and nurturing that independent spirit, and voice.

One day Mary, I promise, we’ll cross the Legislature threshold together, in spirit.


  1. Hear, hear Laila! Happy Women’s Day, in honour of you and Mary, my Heroines! And so many other women who work tirelessly to improve the lives of people everywhere.


  2. You didn’t warn us we needed a tissue. Sniff..sniff.
    R.I.P. BC Mary. Much Love to you Laila.
    Happy International Women’s Day to you and all the ladies out there.


  3. I don’t recall ever hearing you say “and you heard it first” to which I have such respect for the work you do on behalf of the people of this province. Appreciate all the due diligence you do for the articles you write without the grandstanding. May your health and circumstances make it possible to stick up for the people that have no voice in the destiny of this province except on that one day based on false promises which we are required to vote on. Thank you Laila..


    • Many thanks for these kind words. I’m confidant time and circumstance will be on my side, when the time is right.

      Right now though,I can do far more good right where I am.Someone has to hold everyone on all sides accountable!


  4. I often think of our BC Mary. I especially enjoyed her somewhat, naughty wit.

    You do such good work Laila. I have appreciated every article you have posted. The truth is always there, no matter who or what the situation. Whether what you say, will be popular or not? It gets posted anyway.

    You are your readers, very special gift. Happy International Women’s Day to you Laila.


    • You make me smile Julie! It’s true I post it whether people like it or not, or if they even want to hear it or not… well, you know what I mean.

      Thank you dear.You are a very passionate woman as well.


  5. Happy Women’s Day, Laila and all others who comment here. I have just signed the Power Vote BC pledge for a clean energy economy that’s fair for all British Columbians. I believe this is very important to all of us. All you have to do is go to the page and read all about it. I think we need to do everything we can to have our voices heard leading up to May 14th.

    Thanks for all you do, Laila. Had it not been for you and BC Mary, I would still be in the dark about BC politics.


    • Thank you Gini! BC Mary turned a lot of women onto the political scene in BC,many of whom never paid much attention. She continues that tradition with her site that is part of her legacy.


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