What did the premier actually announce? The announcement on notionally imaginary non-announcements of money that might exist but not yet

Forgive me.

stunnedchristyThis is the most unbelievable bit of utterly insane nonsense from the premiers mouth and bizarre does not even come close to describing the interview and tweet sequence linked to below.

Please, BC Liberals, I am begging you on behalf of fellow British Columbians, stop the insanity now.

Do not allow your leader to continue this bluster and fluff all over the province because quite frankly, it’s embarrassing for the entire province.

I am ever so tired of having to explain to friends out of B.C. how she became premier. They just don’t understand how this could have happened.

Quite frankly, neither do I.


28 thoughts on “What did the premier actually announce? The announcement on notionally imaginary non-announcements of money that might exist but not yet

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    1. Fabulous NVG, I wouldnt like to think CBC would pull such a great interview exposing the blunders of our premier!!! Up dated the main story.


  2. WOW!!!! That was fast. I posted it on facebook and twitter and many people saw that link and heard it.

    I found a cached version that works for me but when others try the link is broken.
    Trying to see if they have moved it.

    I certainly hope not. Why would CBC post something from their show for people to read and listen to, and then pull it….


  3. Absolutely Clive! I havent seen any emails from you, they could have been caught in spam – I will give you a shout shortly! Also removed your comment to protect your privacy. 😉


  4. Laila, my brain hurts after trying to follow the labytrinthine “logic” of our Premier.It reminded me of the classic farcical “Who’s On First” by Abbott and Costello where the straight man in the routine was nearly reduced to tears of frustration trying to follow the conversation.By the by, that routine originated in a radio show called “It Pays to Be Ignorant”. For Ms Clark and the good citizens of Penticton,one hopes not! In fact, one doctor stated that she would have been heartened to see a substantial cheque and was not holding her breath until she saw shovels in the ground. As for the reporters, they must have thought they were in a Python sketch with all the absurd and incongruent comments from Ms Clark and her office.


    1. Oh I know Judi, I listened twice because I could not believe my ears the first time I heard it, and ended up with a bit of a headache myself… 😉

      My father always said its better to remain silent and let people think you are a fool, rather than open your mouth and confirm it…. Clearly, that was never passed on to our premier.

      She is an absolute farce.


  5. Here’s the direct audio file (MP3) of the CBC Daybreak South interview with Clark.

    Right click to save a copy before it’s removed from the CBC site or just click and listen in amazement.

    [audio src="http://thumbnails.cbc.ca/maven_legacy/thumbnails/15/81/daybreaksouthbc1_20130322_98065_uploaded.mp3" /]


  6. Judi, The premier’s ‘labyrinthine logic’ (as technique) consists largely of this – don’t fight questions, ignore them. By stonewalling, deny them weight. Next, overlay whatever scam is in question with a front of enthusiastic self-congratulations.
    Under normal circumstances a proactive media would satirize such Monty Python narcissism. But BC hasn’t enjoyed normal circumstances for at least 30 years – the media has become a Monty Python ‘what-elephant-on-my-foot?’ skit..
    Example of whats missing: Alex Tsakumis interviews MacLaren and Fehr.
    Example of what’s wrong: CBC’s Really Big Story that day? “Save on Meats sandwich sign allegedly stolen by anarchists”
    Now is that riveting and must-read news, or what?
    Mr Tsakumis offers readers an informal deposition. It perfectly undermines the elaborate lib fictions of Plywood Palace Truth. As Journalism goes – it is a blockbuster. Anyone here hasn’t read the story? Take the time.
    Who else reports what Tsakumis has to say? Nobody.
    That Thursday’s top story?
    The Sun: [Supreme Court rejects Carol Berner’s request in impaired driving conviction]
    The Province: [Vehicle speeds off B.C. Ferries ramp on Gabriola Island, plunges into water]
    Times Colonist: [Body of ex-Oak Bay parks official recovered from deep Yoho crevasse]
    Next day, the CBC announces the results of an Angus Reid poll.
    48% = NDP support
    28% = Lib support
    11% = Con support
    11% = Green support
    The Greens reach 11%? Unreported elsewhere.
    Who reports the poll? The Tyee.
    The Sun’s Big Story: “Save On Meats sandwich-board theft shows depth of debate over future of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside”
    Times Colonist: “Body of woman, 32, recovered from car that sank after plunging from Gabriola Island ferry”
    Here’s a headline we’d benefit from seeing. “Media’s willed ignorance shows depth of debate over future of BC”


    1. Gotcha. I have some sense of how political spin is supposed to work but CC is hardly a master of any of this.She is no student of Machievelli! I will do some digging in the links you have given-cheers!


      1. Judi, Thanks for the prompt heads up. Forgot to include detailed links to the Angus Reid poll.



        What Alex wrote? First rate.

        I’m pushing 70 and can well remember when Journalism still was regarded as ferocious. Small wonder it was. Canada’s population, and its public advocates for justice (journalists) were outraged by the financial wreckage and human despair caused by The Great Depression and then WW2.

        These reporters were relentless. Often drunk, demoralized and depressed, these people may have been – but toadies, liars and sycophants? Not a chance.

        Who could equal them?

        Among a surprisingly lengthy list today I rank several writers (Alex, Laila, Rafe, Simi Sara, Bob Mackin) in a hierarchy of those who will not be compromised.

        The continuity? As near as I can tell, no sooner is a region plagued by a destructive political\economic cartel than people who put justice above personal advancement start fighting back to restore equilibrium.

        If you liken Democracy to an immune system, where messages tell the brain – there’s a crucial problem needing to be addressed – you then understand why democracy is the only political system that works, self-restoratively.

        I think that history makes clear why autocracies fail. By steadfastly refusing to acknowledge any significance to the reports that could have saved them of self-induced trouble, they choose instead to ignore corrective medicine [aka: reform] in favour of swaddling themselves in propaganda, behind the high walls of a Green Zone.


        1. Nice analogy.By the way, I did read Alex’s piece on the PG fiasco.However,I doubt that Mr Fehr is willing to talk to any more journalists in the near future.Always tricky for the MSM to publish a piece without verifying sources because of legal concerns.I find Cassidy Oliver has been a real terrier, breaking some big stories of late.Solid and tenacious digging.


  7. It absolutely makes my brain hurt to listen to this stupid person twist, spin and otherwise totally bullshit her way through a conversation. Her going to Penticton to make this “announcement” was a complete and total waste of time and money. She knows full well that not a penny has been set aside to build a new hospital in Penticton but she would certainly have everyone believe that. I don’t think she even remotely knows what a business case is let alone a project.


    1. I think it shows a tremendous lack of respect for voters in that area,many of whom wholeheartedly believed her and now from my emails this morning, clearly feel quite deceived. I have a lot of readers there and it doesn’t look good on her in their eyes, having heard this interview. The word “shocked” came up several times, as well “blatant deception”


      1. unfortunately ….CC has been able to BS her way through life….
        Only now has she been called to task.
        Bloggers such as yourself and AGT are the few voices in the wilderness because the MSM is either too lazy, too stupid or too complicit in the political horseshit posing as ‘news” or as “debate”

        I have nothing but utter disgust for what the MSM has allowed itself to turn into. Whores to the almighty God “profit”. The MSM desreves nothing more than our contempt. They do not deserve our viewing time or our patronage.
        The sooner these “ET” info-tainment drecks are bankrupted off the air or out of print, the better for democracy.


      1. This picture gives us a glimpse into the 24-7 reality show that is Christy Clark, and I can only imagine the drunken, potty mouth nonsense that she spewed when it was taken.


    1. Gary, I must remind myself not to try to drink an adult beverage and read your posts lest I fry my mother board laughing.You nailed it!


  8. For people my age the Kafkaesque metamorphosis of the CBC into one more preemptively ‘fixed’ poodle is beyond remarkable. Let’s consider a nice example of New Journalism.


    HEADLINE: “Suzuki charity denies benefit from game with pipeline bombs”

    “The developer of a controversial video game that included depictions of pipeline bombings had said a portion of any proceeds of the game would go to the David Suzuki Foundation, but the organization has denied any relationship with the game maker.”

    Get it? There were these wicked “depictions..” And that justified.. “a portion of proceeds”.. that “would go”.. to the Suzuki Foundation.. “the developer”.. “had said”.

    But get this: even after being nailed on CBC’s Page One, that diabolically duplicitous world-honoured Suzuki Foundation still “denies” the story is in any way relevant, to scientific inquiry, the public interest, or what devious Physicists call Local Reality…

    Isn’t Suzuki’s coy “denial” Very Suspicious to you?

    Hmmm. Wait.

    For a brief moment I may have experienced some of the nausea and dismay the Russians felt, for decades, while reading Pravda and watching everything that mattered to them buried under a landslide of lies, corruption, incompetence, greed and sycophancy.

    Nah. that couldn’t happen here.

    I mean, look at how terrified our pols still are when the media pleads with them to respond, chop-chop, to brutal interrogations like: “OK, sweetie. Was The Sorbonne as groovy as you thought it would be compared to Burnaby High?”


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