Please be advised, my tweets and DM’s are not my own – accounts hacked. **update: All accounts are now secure.

Good morning all,

I am terribly sorry to inform you that my twitter account and my gmail account have both been compromised, as per messages I am getting from friends and some colleagues.

Please do not open any tweets or emails from either account – I am working to rectify the situation immediately.

Please accept my apologies for this inconvenience, this is taking a bit longer since I am not at my computer right now

Laila Yuile

**update, as of 2pm,March 26th, all accounts have been secured and tweets and emails are now my own. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

11 thoughts on “Please be advised, my tweets and DM’s are not my own – accounts hacked. **update: All accounts are now secure.

  1. And here we thought the tweets about limp wieners and the Sun media comments were a precusor’s to an exciting editorial, lol


  2. Hi Laila, gremlins have been trying to hack my email and site, fraudsters pretending to represent my internet provider, ashing for dates, passwords, they even copied the website of service provider…I saw through these tricks, SAME WITH MY SITE, Government forces trying to gain access…

    Also getting virus/trojan horse emails, be very careful..BC Liberals(iMO) are trying to gather up email accounts, looking for inflammatory things or statements uttered or leaked by NDP to use against the party..We are talking about some serius shit here Laila..Be careful .


  3. One common technique of the hackers is to gain access to one Twitter account and use it to send out messages that may invite the reader to look at a picture of that person. You are told to click on an included link that takes you to what looks like the Twitter log-in page. It is not a Twitter site of course and as soon as you enter the log-in details, the crooks now have access to your real Twitter account.

    The message is to NEVER follow an emailed link an enter user names and passwords. The same technique is used to harvest log-in info for banks, Paypal and other sites. You should always go directly to internet pages by using your own inputs. If you direct your browser to Twitter, you’ll see this on the address bar:

    Make sure https is there, it stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), You are then better protected against eavesdropping and tampering with and/or forging the contents of the communication.


    1. Other simple protections that every computer user should follow: run free anti-virus programs: ( for example) and malware protection programs ( for example) Use the FREE versions; they’ll try to up-sell you, even mislead you to click on the paid versions but the free coverage is fine.

      Run the anti-virus and malware scans regularly, perhaps weekly.

      The RCMP publishes a worthwhile page about protecting your information and systems:
      E-mail Fraud / Phishing

      Forward suspicious emails to


    2. Yes, I have received quite a few of those lately,but know the trick so have always deleted the DM’s or tweets when they come. But good advice to everyone.

      The good news is that everything is fine now on both accounts and everthing is secure. But my deepest apologies for those who received nasty emails and tweets.

      I suspect whomever the culprit is, that they hate Sun Media from the looks of the tweets.


  4. This must be hoax to get some attention. Who would anyone bother, unless you smashed someones heart to smithereens hahahahhah This is way too funny!!


    1. I’m sorry,but that is quite a ridiculous statement.Considering everything I have on the go right now during spring break,it was a big inconvenience to have my morning interrupted to deal with this nonsense.


  5. Gee, the Liberal election machine cranking up?
    Ms Isinger keeping herself busy “causing trouble” (her words in her Facebook account).
    Doesnt make one bit of difference.
    Stick a fork in them.
    The Liberals are toast in less than 2 months.
    I ….. can’t……. wait


  6. Given Harper’s latest behaviour, I would not be surprised to learn that the RCMP and/or federal government is doing something about the “radical extremists” and the “child pornographers” who don’t agree with the government.
    Hello, it is supposed to be a democratic country and yet we have Orwellian behaviour by the so called “elected” government, trying it’s hardest to control everything and everyone. That does sound so familiar – just like our very own Pinnochio Gordon “long nose” Campbell, the disgraced former premier of BC.
    I have been having trouble getting onto a few other blogs – for no reason that I can determine. Hhhhm, things aren’t what they are supposed to be is my opinion.



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