This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: “No free pass for Dix,even if Liberals need turfing.”

In this weeks column, Kathryn and I tackle the question : Does B.C. need a change in leadership?

This column, was the catalyst for yesterday’s post here, because the closer I was to reaching my column word length, the more I realized there was so much more to be said.

 I have a confession.

Even though I am more left than right on most issues other than finance, I have never been a member of any federal or provincial political party.

Why? I can’t stomach partisan party politics of any stripe. Call me naïve, but I actually believe the people of this province and country matter more than any party agenda, whether it’s Liberal, NDP, Green or Conservative. I believe we must balance the social needs with the financial requirements of the province in its entirety.

I don’t like the restrictions on elected MLAs, whether they are BC Liberals or BC NDP. What am I talking about? Simply put, MLAs elected for both parties are required to vote and support whatever the party caucus presents – whether the constituents in every riding agree with it or not.

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Considering our province is at a crucial juncture for future generations, where does that leave independent, left-leaning people like myself? As the popular song says, “stuck in the middle with you.”

Read the rest of this weeks column at the following link, and vote for who you think should win this week’s Duel:


2 thoughts on “This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: “No free pass for Dix,even if Liberals need turfing.”

  1. My thoughts on the partisan wars: 1-The partisan hacks out there are recognizable…and you’re right. They damage their parties more than help. They also create a situation where I get sucked into fighting back in the war when I don’t have to 🙂 2A- One of my interests is media coverage, more dangerous than the partisans, because we have a “free press” or so the average person assumes. Failure to cover stories that reflect badly on the preferred party in any depth happens too often. 2B – I will remember the media, and the bloggers who have been fair and non-partisan after May 14. I will look to them first for information. It will not help the next government for us all to go to sleep. 3 – Establish a relationship with your MLA post election. Let them know what’s important to you constantly.


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