But I thought we are all safe, Chief Supt. Bill Fordy?

In January of this year, I wrote a post highlighting the ridiculous, public relations driven position Bill Fordy had taken with regards to yet another shooting in Surrey.

While other police spokespersons in the lower mainland were making clear the inherent danger the public faces in any brazen shooting, Fordy was telling the people of Surrey they were all safe.

 “Residents are safe, he said, because “the overwhelming majority of (Surrey) residents are law-abiding citizens with no involvement with criminal activity”

My, what a difference a few months and a total of 12 murders in the city  makes.

Or is it, simply that this latest brazen shooting happened in the middle of Morgan Creeks tony shopping district where many of the cities well-heeled residents like to hang out at “urban” suburban places like U Lounge and shop in store outlets also found in Vancouver on Robson ?

Today after telling residents for months we have nothing to worry about, because these incidents in Surrey are targeted hits, for some reason, Bill Fordy thought the brazen shootings in South Surrey were:


“Let me speak very clearly. What happened last evening is not acceptable. The  fact that somebody would sneak up on another man in a public venue… in the  presence of children, men and women that are going about their business and  enjoying their evening is disgusting,” he said.  “The impact of this brutal  event extends beyond that of the victim who also has a family and people who  love him. It impacts on every man and woman who lives in our society and enjoys  the fundamental rights and freedoms of our country.”

Fordy said he has deployed his officers to gang hangouts around the city to  let those involved in organized crime know they are not welcome in Surrey, where  11 people have been murdered so far in 2013.

“I am also asking owners and managers of businesses that these persons  frequent to stand beside us and deliver a very clear message to people that  attend these restaurants, bars and gyms. And that message is simply this: you  are not welcome here and we do not want your dirty money,” Fordy said.

“Simply put, we’ve had enough. It is time for us as a society to stand  together and to stop this violence. This is in part a policing problem. But in  its totality, it is a community problem.”

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/shot+dead+Morgan+Crossing+shopping+centre+identified/8291096/story.html#ixzz2RXbACXwU

No kidding. But let me share something with you. Brazen shootings,stabbings and murders are always disgusting Supt. Fordy. Always. Not just because this happened in South Surrey, they are disgusting when they happen in Whalley, or Newton, or Fleetwood or anywhere where local residents who are out and about or in their homes, are also impacted by the crime. Like the Surrey 6 murders.

Reality check.

Please tell me what is going on in that new million dollar bunker just built in Surrey, that the RCMP can’t get a handle on the number of guns on the streets here, coming across our borders.

That the  RCMP have not been able to effectively make an impact on the gang issues.

That the RCMP now have to ask defenseless business men and women to refuse service to known gangsters, quite possibly putting them in the line of retaliatory fire, simply because the RCMP haven’t been able to deal with it ?

Seriously? Are you willing to ensure the safety of these business people Supt. Fordy?

Perhaps the millions spent on the new E division headquarters would have been better spent on more police on the streets, so men like Bill Fordy don’t have to get civilians to do their jobs.

15 thoughts on “But I thought we are all safe, Chief Supt. Bill Fordy?

  1. In fairness to the RCMP the court system in BC is totally screwed up.

    What is it now, SIX YEARS since the Surrey six shootings and they still haven’t come to trial. Probably even a chance they could be tossed on a Charter challenge.

    That is unacceptable. The police and courts have to work in conjunction to deal with gangs, but there is nothing but obstruction from the judicial system. Judges like Peter Leask always take the word of accused gangsters over police.

    The current government shut down courts, refused to fund Crown Counsel and didn’t replace judges which just made things worse. The police always get the blame, but there is plenty to go around.


    1. In all fairness, you are absolutely correct. But in all fairness to the people of this fine province, what the hell are they doing asking people to turn then away,when in the past they’ve always advise anyone and everyone not to get involved,not to approach criminals, ” CAll the police, let us deal with it.”

      How about stemming the flow of illegal weapons on our streets?

      Why is it that the RCMP, are only now deciding to bug these gangsters in the places they hang out and frequent,letting them know they aren’t welcome…. when Delta police have been doing that on the other side of Scott Road for years?


  2. hmmmm, perhaps time for a Regional Police Force?
    Oh wait! The Libera;s signed a 20 year contract with the RCMP. Silly me.
    Looks like we’re stuck with the Gendarmerie for 20 more years.
    Wonder what the gang situation will be like in 20 years?
    Hopefully I will have moved from here well before THAT anniversary.


    1. Here is a great report… issued in 2008. http://www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/policeservices/shareddocs/specialreport-illegal-movement-firearms.pdf

      I think the people of Surrey have already made it very clear we don’t want gangsters here.. but simply pushing them to another municipality to do business isn’t handling the problem,it simply moves it to another jurisdiction.

      I’m still shaking my head this morning.Spoke with a friend who is an officer this morning and they too were shocked to hear Fordy and crew tell businesses to get involved. Not their job. People could get hurt.


  3. I think what happened to precipitate this public appeal by Supt. Fordy, Laila, is that Dianne Watts got on the phone and ripped him a new one. Many of her supporters and neighbours most like do their shopping at Morgan Creek


    1. I agree with the police publishing known gang members pics and names so the public can know who walks,lives and plays among them. But the solution is not to encourage business owners to possibly place themselves in any position of provoking a situation or endangering themselves,their customers or family.

      Do what Delta did years ago. Seems to have had decent results.


  4. And Abbotsford as well. There the police dept. did all the heavy lifting and it worked. Except the RCMP will never adopt a municipal police policy, no matter how successful. Not in their DNA.


  5. Liala,thank you for saying what many of us think,but fear to say publicly.My husband and I appreciate your work so much,but as business owners in Surrey we know from experience complainers of the status quo are generally ignored.Thank you for speaking the truth of many in Surrey who the media never pay attention to.From new business owners of three years in Newton where we are struggling,we thought the cheaper rents would help us,but we lose too much in shoplifting and have worries about our business.Thank you.


  6. Hmmm, the Downtown “Bar watch” program seemed to be fairly successful for the Van PD a few years back. Lots of cops IDing known gansters and their “hang arounds” . Kicking them out of bars and forcing them to leave the downtown core. The result? Less shootings.
    If the judicial system is so pathetically blind then the police should follow these pricks everytime they go out and stop them for questioning.
    Traffic stops, stop them in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and on and on and on.


  7. The problems are:
    1. RCMP is a federal force, HQed in Ottawa, who are designed to deal with criminal code and federal issues. Community policing built upon long serving officers out and about in their town keeping tabs on local activity is not RCMP.
    2. Surrey, like many GVRD municipalities, is growing at steroid juiced rate. Its politicians cannot deal with all the issues because the municipal political system is based upon short term well meaning persons working for nothing wages and running multi-$$billion dollar corporations. Todays’s political system does not reflect the needs of citizens or cities.
    3. 21 municipalities in GVRD. 161 in all BC. Each defining their own little empire. It is gang heaven, better than Mexico where police coming blasting every now or then.
    4. The courts and BC Lite justice have less power than the BC Civil Liberties Assoc. A CCTV network as in the UK would have solved Kelowna, Morgan Creek, and other busy citizen area shootings. There are no rights for criminals performing a crime.
    5. There will be more shootings in South Surrey. It is a major commercial route from the border and important/affluent turf where the big boys do business. Mayor Watts and some of her Councillors live there so expect more impotent huffing and puffing to cover a enforcment/justice system that is inherently impotent.


  8. What never ceases to amaze me about all these “known to police” victims OR the “known to police” assailants…….
    Where, to bloody hell, is the Canadian Revenue Agency?

    ALL these self important posing scum drive around in 100k cars! The latest shooting victims car was an import SUV. 100k or more? And it was a midday ambush style shooting as this thug was leaving a gym workout?
    If I had a dime for everytime I see a steriod monkey gangsta walking in or out of a gym during the day when every one else who pays taxes is gainfully employed……. I’d be as deep in cash as these scum are.

    If I was to have no legitimate means of work and drive around in a car worth 100 grand would the CRA give me a pass?
    I highly doubt it.
    Time to audit these people until they bleed, time to seize assets that are “proceeds of crime” . Or better yet, seize assets that they cannot justify aquiring from legitimate means. The law seems to only apply after a person has been convicted of a serious crime.

    Time for a quantum change in thought.

    Go after the money. Take the money away. Seize the money.

    Does any of this compute to anyone in govt reading this?


  9. The differance between Abbotsford and Surrey is, Abbotsford has its own police department and those working there have a vested interest. Its where they will most likely spend their working lives. In Surrey, the RCMP, transfers its officers out whenever they want or need to. There is no committment to the city of Surrey. They are only visiting. The Surrey RCMP don’t report to anybody locally. Nor does anyone locally have any imput. The mayor can say what she wants but they dont’ have to listen to her.

    As to why the Morgan Creek shooting was considered “bad” was because it hit where the well to do live. If it happens in Whalley the RCMP and politicians don’t really care. They don’t live there. Just poor people live there and who cares about them?


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