I guess the message from our premier is…. ‘ It’s ok to do it as long as you don’t get caught.’ ?

I absolutely had to pick my chin off of my desk this morning when I read Jonathon Fowlie’s feature on the premier.

In particular, the portion where her son ( I do hate bringing anyone’s child into politics,but damn it, Christy, you keep doing it yourself) dares her to run a red light, at an empty intersection, at 5 am in the morning.

And she does.

And her son’s response is: “you always do that.”

“At times, the two seem more like sidekicks — siblings even — than they do  mother and son. And especially so the morning when the two were on their way to  Hamish’s goalie clinic.

“Let’s see you go through this red light,” Hamish challenged as they pulled  up that morning, at 5:15 a.m., to an abandoned Vancouver intersection.

“I might. Don’t test me,” Clark replies.

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“Should I?”

“There’s no one.”

“Would you go through? You shouldn’t because that would be breaking the law,”  she says.

And with that the car has already sailed underneath the stale red stoplight  and through the empty intersection.

“You always do that,” says Hamish.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Christy+Clark+politician+first/8303089/story.html#ixzz2RgQ1jb3h

So, going through a red light, even when there is no one around and no one can see it… is a good message and habit to be passing on to your child? Something the premier and her son clearly have enough experience with they joke about it? That she always does it?


Perhaps no one would get hurt, but it’s still against the law Christy. I called and confirmed with a member of the traffic division of the RCMP this morning, that no matter what, it is still illegal to run a red light in the province of BC, at any time, regardless of your perception of risk or not.

In fact, the penalties can be serious for willful disregard of traffic control signals. http://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/tickets/paying-disputing/chart-offenceswithfines

But I guess if no one see’s you breaking the law… it doesn’t count.

Or does it, Premier Clark?

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  1. Snap! No comparison between this action on Christy’s part and Adrian Dix and his Skytrain ticket (or lack of) incident. chrsity’ s action could lead to injuries or deathjust by setting a precedent for future risk taking by herself or Amish. She’s setting a pattern and given tacit approval. To my knowledge, no one has ever been injured or killed by a lack of a transit ticket.


  2. Or the law doesn’t count if you’re Christy Clark or a BC Liberal. A callous disregard for her own son’s safety as well as others on the road. Isn’t she supposed to uphold the law and set a good example? This is why people hold politicians in such contempt. Christy and the BC Liberals think they’re abouve the law and that’s why I’ll be glad to see their backsides on May 14th!


  3. The thing that seriously makes me question her ethics, judgment, entitlement and common sense is, she not only put her child at serious risk (that “empty” intersection is exactly where the most serious collisions occur and at that time impaired drivers are often speeding around) but she did it with a reporter documenting it and STILL didn’t care.

    Judging from her kid’s comment she is habitual with his “you do that all the time…” I guess she learned her rules of the road from Gordon Campbell.


  4. I agree.

    The question is, will someone be asking for her to step down as a result of this appalling admission and joking attitude about it in the paper?


  5. Easily explained…
    It’s wicked but the very first victim of politicians is always the truth.
    Strange but Clark and Dix really do believe everyone lies exactly as they do, and so they can deceive with clear consciences.
    BC always pays a high price for Liberal and NDP ‘sins’.


  6. It’s ironic that the Liberals make hay over Dix losing his skytrain ticket, which has happened to me a few times, and yet the premier, a BC Liberal, drives through a red light with her son on board, with a reporter to document it all, and her son says she always does it … which is a traffic offence punishable with hefty fines and possibly points and … the supporters on twitter say ” It must be a slow news day.” … and ” The media is incompetent.” .. 🙂


      1. Can we expect her actions,if they go un-ticketed,unfined… to set a precedent for those fighting red light tickets in the courts?

        ” Well your honour, the premier did it,she always does it, she did it with a reporter in the car, so it must be ok!!! “


    1. Too bad ….that boy is going to grow up believing that he can do no wrong….he has such a good parental role model…..I wonder if that is the way his mother was brought up…anything is ok ….as long as you don’t get caught !! Amazing….la Clark has time to be a GOOD mother….driving her son to hockey …or whatever………is that why she had a reporter in tow ?????


    1. Brilliant.

      Based on this, and her running of a red light, she would be considered a dangerous driver..lol..

      From your link :

      “The installations constitute the second phase of B.C.’s program, which will add 43 cameras in Vancouver and 140 throughout the province by the end of the year.

      Premier Christy Clark said in a statement that “the cameras will make intersections safer by holding dangerous drivers accountable.”

      Police report that intersection collisions are often more serious because vehicles are moving at high speeds and hitting each other at right angles”


  7. I seem to remember that the traffic cameras on the intersections were cancelled by the government/courts some ten years ago. I know I stopped at a red light at around 5am and after checking that there was no other traffice, drove through as I was late for work that day and worried about theoutcome for weeks afterwards (nothing was said or done even though the camera flashed). I am sure that most pepople have been in similar situatiopns.

    However, to be in Crusty Clarks situation begs the question – is anyone really at home. You don’t teach your children to break the law and you don’t go around trying to impress newspaper reporters if you are premier.

    I do recall Crusty Clark bragging about “bottles, beer and breasts” to another reporter and she showed just how bright she is. I guess Crusty Clark will never learn eh ! Crusty for premeier – I don’t think so !



    1. Photo radar speed cameras were cancelled. Red light cameras at intersections are being added every year precisely because running red lights is so dangerous.


  8. Sorry, LY. Wrong. I hate the shrew as much as anyone….well, I pity the fool, really………..but the ‘red-light at 5:00 am when there is no one around is not a story. Sorry. Just not.


    1. I don’t agree – yes, many people might do the same thing,but regardless,in her role as premier, with her son and a reporter in the car,it speaks as yet another example of hypocritical actions in the face of such high values and principles that she talks about often.

      Dix losing a skytrain ticket is a huge story for the libs and their supporters… yes indeed. Not like anyone who takes transit regularly hasn’t had the same thing happen,including myself.

      Clark running a red light, apparently something she does all the time according to her son, isn’t a story?

      Hell,its illegal, it carries a fine of over $150 dollars and points depending on if you were speeding as well.

      Too bad there wasn’t one of the red light cameras in that intersection..lol.. but I bet you she doesn’t run those red lights!


  9. Hmmmm….

    I guess this is what you could call a ‘pattern of behaviour’.

    Thing is, despite the projection (she kept accusing Mr. Dix of engaging in a PofB yesterday), I am of the opinion that Ms. Clark is willing to do (or say) pretty muchanything, even if she knows she will be (or has already been) caught.

    How else can one explain why she was willing to kick the Bogus Bollywood awards up another 400 million notches after the secret Quick Wins strategy was exposed, or why she keeps stating that the Bond rating agencies have vetted her faux budget after that claim has already been thoroughly debunked, or that her jobs ads/facebook strate(r)gy is number one in the country when, of course, those crazy socialist behaviourists with a pattern of numbers from StatsCan keep pumping out reports that demonstrate it is anything but?



  10. At this point even the straw man from Wizard of Oz could do better than CC/Libs in running BC. For all its warts the NDP is the lesser of the evils to run BC after next election. Both parties record is less than stellar in running the province but personally would like to see if NDP has learned any thing since the last time they had their kick at the can. At least the fire sale of crown assets to balance the budget would slow down.


  11. As I just wrote on Twitter, I always thought that the mark of a true Vancouverite was stopping at unwatched empty street corner red lights. I spent some time in Montreal in my younger years and was astounded to see people drive and walk against red lights.
    Apparently that red-light rule now does not matter in Vancouver if you are the premier or it is 5 AM.


  12. As I understand it (…yeah, well, tell that to a judge…) you may go through a red light if there are no vehicles coming through…but you gotta stop first, just like at a stop sign. “Running” a red is the same as running a stop sign, potentially a T-bone mistake.


    1. “You may go through a red light if there are no vehicles coming through… but you gotta stop first,” ONLY IF YOU ARE MAKING A RIGHT TURN! Something the BC Liberals did a long, long time ago.


    2. Section 129-1 Full stop until light turns green
      Red light
      129 (1) Subject to subsection (2), when a red light alone is exhibited at an intersection by a traffic control signal, the driver of a vehicle approaching the intersection and facing the red light must cause it to stop before entering the marked crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or if there is no marked crosswalk, before entering the intersection, and subject to the provisions of subsection (3), must not cause the vehicle to proceed until a traffic control signal instructs the driver that he or she is permitted to do so.

      (2) The driver of a bus approaching an intersection and facing a red light and a prescribed white rectangular indicator may cause the bus to proceed through the intersection.

      (3) Despite subsection (1), and except when a right turn permitted by this subsection is prohibited by a sign at an intersection, the driver of a vehicle facing the red light, and which in obedience to it is stopped as closely as practicable to a marked crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or if there is no marked crosswalk, as closely as practicable to the intersection, may cause the vehicle to make a right turn, but the driver must yield the right of way to all pedestrians and vehicles lawfully proceeding as directed by the signal at the intersection.

      (4) When a red light alone is exhibited at an intersection by a traffic control signal,

      (a) a pedestrian facing the red light must not enter the roadway unless instructed that he or she may do so by a pedestrian traffic control signal,

      (b) except when a left turn permitted by this paragraph is prohibited by a sign at the intersection, the driver of a vehicle facing the red light at the intersection of not more than 2 highways, and which in obedience to it is stopped as closely as practicable to a marked crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or if there is no marked crosswalk, as closely as practicable to the intersection, may cause the vehicle to make a left turn into a highway on which traffic is restricted to the direction in which he or she causes the vehicle to turn, but the driver must yield the right of way to all pedestrians and vehicles lawfully proceeding as directed by the signal at the intersection, and

      (c) a pedestrian proceeding across the roadway and facing the red light exhibited after he or she entered the roadway

      (i) must proceed to the sidewalk as quickly as possible, and

      (ii) has the right of way for that purpose over all vehicles.

      (5) When a red light is exhibited at a place other than an intersection by a traffic control signal,

      (a) the driver of a vehicle approaching the signal must cause it to stop before entering the nearest marked crosswalk in the vicinity of the signal, or if there is no marked crosswalk, before reaching the signal, and

      (b) a pedestrian may proceed across the roadway.


  13. Now I understand why Postmedia’s fishwraps couldn’t cover destruction of Therapeutics Initiative in real detail. They were focused on a puff piece that reads like it came from one of Premier Photo Op’s minions.


    1. Liberal supporter, eh?

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I was a Lib supporter until they slowly went towards conservative and brought Christy “Cleopatra, Queen of Denial” Clark in.

      However, yet another example of her hypocrisy and lack of caring who knows it? Always a good read.


    2. Total agreement Norm. That article was an embarassment to all the real “news” in the Van Sun. I guess the ‘reporter” that did it is still on the Clark Christmas card list for another year…….


  14. Now if that was Dix being outed as a consistent red light runner, our medias would have that as the Headlines for breaking the law, being in a position to hurt or kill someone, for immorality and lack of ethics, proving how unfit to be a leader this behaviour is!

    And being so sociopathic as to do it in front of a reporter thinking it’s ok? Instead it is mentioned in passing near the end of the long article. From SFU on, consistently.

    Did you notice.. no mention of her security detail. If she and Campbell are so great why did they need ‘protecting’ from us? Love that Dix goes freely about his business… trusted and respected.

    She should step down. Van Dongen had to over speeding tickets and this is quite frankly worse.

    Isn’t there any way to report Global, CTV, CKNW etc for really being a propaganda press release arm of her gov’t?


  15. Christy Clark lacks all kinds of judgement. She is so far out there that she thinks the admission makes her look cute or hip or something. I suppose BC’s worst drivers will vote for her. Something to celebrate? I cannot wait until this woman is a footnote on the toilet paper of history.


  16. The pattern of “I can do what I want, say what I want, fabricate what I want, spend what I want where I want to and screw you all” is on record and there for all to see.
    Such an immature, petulant school girl who does not deal in reality.


  17. Laila I think this has gone long enough. Try going through some of these lights on a motorbike. They won’t change. You have to go against the light. I think Scotty is right and whoever you talked to with the rcmp could be misimformed. Otherwise I love your blog.


    1. You are wrong.

      It is an offense.

      I guess I shouldn’t be surprised some drivers, including the Liberal leader with her impressionable child in the car think it is all right.


    2. Still no excuse. You don’t HAVE to go against the light. It is a choice. If you really want to stay legal then you’d make a few turns to go around the block.


    3. Actually the RCMP member I spoke with said the best alternative is to turn right on red where allowed. But you are free to check for yourself. It’s not legal.


      1. The only times it is legal to go through a red….after stopping…is if you are making a left turn onto a one way street. The other is when the red light is mid block and there is a pedestrian light. You still must stop, but if there are no pedestrians, you can go through. They are in the provincial motor vehicle laws. They are little known and seldom used. The other of course is if all lights are stuck red then the four way stop procedure is used.


    4. Absolutely an offense to go through a red light, even after stopping. It is different from a stop sign where you stop, then go, in that any cross traffic, pedestrian, bike or car is EXPECTING you to remain at the red until it goes green, even if you do not see them in the dark of 5:15 AM. THAT is why it is the law and important to teach your kids/nexgen drivers to seriously always obey this law. I feel sorry for Christy too, but the lack of judgement exhibited here is frightening. Especially as the future of BC will require crucial decisions regarding the security and safety of BC watersheds, coastal waters, drinking water, sustainable green development. This is NOT the time, if there ever is a time, for a leader who demonstrates poor judgement with regard to potentially catastrophic risks.


  18. That’s pretty silly U R and not always possible when you get stuck at one of these weight or magnetic crossings. Anyhow this is mostly off Laila’s topic.


  19. No, I have to disagree. It’s right on topic for Laila. The Premier showed the bad judgement to flaunt the law with a child in the car and treat the incident as a PR opp. She broke the law, same as Gordon Campbell did in Hawaii.

    Also, the Fowlie piece was unabashed cheerleading for Clark, completely ignoring the salient points and unfailingly interviewing her handlers for justification. It makes me sick.


  20. Why are we paying for an RCMP officer to accompany the Premier on all her flights in BC…. who probably ensures that the Premier never violates any laws on his Watch…. and then the “one” time she has a reporter riding shotgun…. she breaks the law.

    One can only guess that any news is good news even if means admitting that laws are being broken. John Van Dongen lost his driver’s license for excessive speeding… Premier Christy Clark appears to be above the Law, above the New Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.


  21. I driver that ran a red light 40 years ago that ran into me thought it was also safe to do so. I believe that there are many other victims in BC that have a heard a similar from people that hit them. She just recently admitted that is was a MILF on public radio and now this. Whats next Christy?


  22. Well, I must admit I’ve done this, but never with my son or anyone else in the car. And I’d like to point out that I have never been, nor will I ever be the Premier of B.C. (even an unelected one like our very own Ms. Pussy Galore). So I have never felt guilty for my rebellious little indiscretion (crime?). It’s just something you do when you’re a cab-driver on your way to pick up a fare who is going to be late catching her bus at 5 a.m. if you don’t do something to decrease your travelling time.


  23. I remember years (and years) ago, when my dad was driving me and my friend to hockey practice at 5:00am to the old PNE Forum, when we came to a cross street, looked both way’s, nobody coming, continued on through, and suddenly BAM! hit broadside. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and my friend and I, walked the rest of the way to practice. That was in an era when the buses didn’t even run at that time of the morning, and the population, and cars, were nowhere near the numbers they are now. It can happen so fast, and out of nowhere.

    So, what kind of example is she setting? How may stories have there been in the last year of young teenagers, racing on a dare? Speeding for so-called fun on the Sea-to-Sky, or more recently the racing on the freeway and ten cars being pulled over and confiscated? Or people being killed going through a light by a speeding driver running a red light? It can happen so fast. She is totally nuts if this done on a regular basis. The streets might look like they are empty, but they are not.


  24. Wouldn’t it make a great opening punch on the televised debate!

    “Ms. Clark, did you seriously run a red light with your son in the car — and do you make a habit of this, as your son says in the Sun news article by Jonathon Fowlie?”


      1. It’s a bit ironic. I don’t think things like this are negative campaigning. This is a premier who broke the law,clearly does it all the time, and thought it would be funny to do it in front of a reporter. It’s yet another failed attempt to endear herself to the public,much like mommy blogs and bloggers, much like doing the sun run with all the publicity of her pre run stretching, much like her bouncing around on a horse in the infomercial that used every lame trick in the book except giving away shamWoWs at the end…

        Adrian Dix is wrong to not simply state the obvious. There is a very good reason why it is a violation to go through a red light. Period. Making a joke of it in the Sun article is an affront to commonsense.


  25. This Vancouver Sun “news article” should have come with the warning.
    “This is a paid advertisment from our sponser”

    What a load of sugar coated garbage.
    Was the repeorter even there or did one of Christy’s speech writers mail it in?

    And the Province and Sun newspapers wonder why their subscription rate is plummeting like Christy in the polls……..


  26. I think this is the most basic demonstration of BC Liberal policy : there are rules and laws that apply to everyone else…but us. We don’t keep records, we use private email addresses, we award bids to our friends, we accept donations from subsidiaries of casino companies…. The list goes on

    Her drivers license should be suspended…. After she loses the election.


  27. I absolutely love the irony that Fowlie’s corporate puff piece contains the one morsel of Clark’s decision-making thought process that is more damaging to her and party’s political career(s) than any decision they made in the legislature. It completely blows the CCforBC attack ads out of the water (wasting millions) , destroys the whole “mommy blogger” persona (as noted by LY above), while making the Sun look particulary bad.

    I wonder if Fowlie and his editor are now first in line for “volunary severance?”


  28. Dear Laila, our very own E.B. (Erin Brockovich)

    Was this a conscious or unconscious pin-prick into the balloon by a Corporate Media that has thus far inflated her, but can foresee the implosion if not explosion of the BC Liberals on May 14th? I hope I don’t get flagged or arrested by the ever-watchful BC Liberal Moles for using the word “explosion”. Just kidding about the explosion. But the WRIT of SUMMONS will be served, one way or another. The A-Team is a sleeper cell. My Letter to Mr. T will soon be declassified. Hope the counter-illuminati got the joke and a chuckle or too.

    Joe Canuck, The People’s Artist


  29. http://www.theprovince.com/health/Christy+Clark+changes+tune+says+running+lights+wrong/8307439/story.html

    “A day after making light of it, B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark on Sunday stood before the TV cameras with a more serious face and admitted that running a red light while driving her son, Hamish, to an early-morning hockey practice in April was the wrong thing to do.

    The driving infraction, detailed in a Vancouver Sun profile piece on Clark that ran Saturday, generated a wave of online condemnation over the weekend from political pundits, as well as a diplomatically worded response from one of Clark’s own Liberal candidates.

    When initially asked Saturday about the incident, in which Clark accepts a challenge from Hamish to run the red, Clark told reporters: “I told him he shouldn’t do it,” before adding with a half-smile that “it was 5:10 in the morning,” according to a Global B.C. newscast.

    But Clark was not smiling when asked about the incident again on Sunday at an otherwise upbeat campaign stop in North Vancouver.

    “I shouldn’t have done it and I certainly shouldn’t have done it with my son in the car,” Clark said. “But you know what? I work hard to be a great parent and I’m not a perfect parent and so I shouldn’t have done it.”

    Clark added that running red lights isn’t something she frequently does. In the newspaper story, Hamish says to his mom: “You always do that,” after Clark passes through the empty intersection.

    “No,” Clark said when asked if she’s a habitual red-light runner as suggested by Hamish. “That’s not true.”

    Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/health/Christy+Clark+changes+tune+says+running+lights+wrong/8307439/story.html#ixzz2RoijHyab


  30. So now we are supposed to believe her son is a liar, but she is not, after she is caught lying about what she said the day before. Simply incredible.

    And what does she mean, “I told him he shouldn’t do it?” SHE is the adult and SHE was the one driving. Does this woman ever make sense?


  31. “At times, the two seem more like sidekicks — siblings even — than they do mother and son”

    Therein probably lies the problem. Parent’s are parent’s, not ‘best friends’ as so many try to do in today’s world. Parent’s are there to love their kid’s to death, nurture them, protect them, educate them, guide them, discuss issues with them, teaching the difference between right and wrong,to give them space and privacy when needed, and, yes, discipline them, and so-forth. “Not to be their best friend”. There are thing’s you would never tell your children, and there are thing’s your children are never going to tell you. Being their ‘best buddy’ is an illusion that will only backfire. You may become their ‘best friend, after they have grown up, but be a parent first until that time.


  32. I read the Vancouver Sun article.

    How about this?

    11-year-old kid: “Hey Mom, here’s a list of how I want you to run the province of British Columbia.”

    Just a normal working mom: “I might. Don’t test me.”

    11-year-old kid: “Yeah. Go ahead.”

    Just a normal working mom: “Should I?”

    11-year-old kid: “There’s no one to notice and the MSM has your back.”

    And with that, the pretend premier sails underneath the media radar who are being paid money to try to convince us all that she is just a normal working mom.

    A REAL working mom would clobber an 11-year-old kid who felt entitled to tell her to go through a red light while driving.

    A REAL working mom would question the 11-year-old kid’s upbringing.

    A REAL working mom is what Christy Clark is NOT.

    This is just another reason why REAL women hate her guts.


  33. Christy, I’m confused. That’s a state of mind I’m told you’re pretty familiar with, but nonetheless I’m hoping you can answer a fairly simple question for me. Not too long ago, former Liberal cabinet minister John VanDongen – remember him? – was forced to resign. He was caught speeding, I don’t recall the details but I believe the circumstances were relatively serious, while you apparently make it a habit to run red lights, also an action with potentially very serious consequences as proven by that horrendous crash in Surrey yesterday. Please clear up my confusion. Why did he have to resign but you apparently don’t? I eagerly await your reply……


    1. John Van Dongen resigned because of Two Citations for speeding, 41 KmPH over the posted speed limit… plus he was the Man in charge of the Motor Vehicle department. He surrendered his Driving License and was given a Four month suspension….. during the 2009 election. Christy has never been caught, officially, red handed running a Red Light…. although the testimony of her eleven year old son says something quite different…. no police officer, no citations, no suspensions. As for Fowlie, he just sat there on the back seat and took notes for his column. He didn’t object at the time, but only afterwards, and he did it with 4177 words, and he did it as if he was writing an Obituary for Clark. Fowlie used 957 words to describe the relationship between Son and Mother and he even reduced it to three words: “sidekicks, siblings even”


  34. I don’t read a lot of Fowlie’s work, but people say he is normally a creditable writer. I wondered if he was directed to do a fluff piece — which he did with a capital F — but if the red light scene was actually an underhanded dig. It certainly was my favourite part… and it could grow some very long legs.

    Adrian can stay above the fray but the rest of her detractors will likely know her from now on as “Red Light Christy” — with a humourous double-meaning, that a M!LF might appreciate.


    1. Barry, if you used the same kind of over the top sexist disgusting bare faced innuendo at my dinner table in regards to my wife, my mom, my sister, my daughter, to a friend of mine or even to a guest at my table, I can assure you that you’d get a solid punch in the nose. What makes you think that you have the right to speak of our Premier this way? No wonder women are still having problems in the work place. Are you going to hide on the internet or apologize?


      1. No apology necessary, Chris. Christy took being called a MILF as a compliment at Christmas time. Did you miss that memo? I would never — on the internet or in person — use the term for a woman who would not enjoy the term… so my nose is safe from your fist.

        Why the defensiveness, may I ask? It’s pretty clear that the Christy Party brass is sending out hit teams to the public comment sites, to try and lay the smack-down on anyone who dares to disparage the Fair Lady Christy.

        She’s getting her just desserts, Chris. Let her eat some crow pie.

        Say hi to Tim Rice for me. At least he’s only delusional, not violent like you.


        1. You aren’t kidding they are hitting the sites…. I was incredibly busy yesterday,no time to check in and you should have seen what the spam filter caught..lol… Seriously,it’s quite laughable that the only way to make the public think Christy is really popular is by stacking polls and leaving fake comments that are easily traced…. 🙂


  35. The term “running a red light” refers to continuing on through a red light without stopping or even accelerating through a red light on a stale yellow light. This is one of the the most dangerous things a person can do. Coming to a stop at a red light on a deserted street early in the morning, checking for cars coming, seeing no cars, and then proceeding is not “running a red light”. It may be illegal, but it is not dangerous as long a one has a clear view of whether or not someone is coming. I am not recommending it. But it is not dangerous.
    The interesting thing is the way some in the media has handled it and mis-represented it by continuing to use the phrase, “running a red light”. It’s like they have an agenda. I heard that phrase on CKNW all day long yesterday. It’s just “sensationalism” on the part of CKNW and they must really be hard up.


    1. I beg to differ. It is EXTREMELY dangerous, even if you don’t think so.

      Why do you think it is illegal no matter the time?

      I have attended MVA’s where someone thought the intersection was clear and it wasn’t because a car traveling over 100KPH can close a distance of two or three three blocks in a few seconds. People are often killed under the same situation described in the article on Clark.

      Do you know any parent that would be goaded into breaking the law by an 11-year-old rather than use it as a learning opportunity? Then laugh it off? Then lie about what they said? Then blame the child? Then say it was wrong, but not actually apologize?


      1. Mosko,
        A city block is generally 1/5 of a mile long. 2 or 3 city blocks would be 2/5 or 3/5 of a mile. At a constant 60 mph, it would take 30 seconds for a car to cover 1/2 a mile which is about 2 1/2 city blocks. A car would have to be travelling at 360 mph to cover that 1/2 mile in 5 seconds. Not likely. If a your “a few seconds” is 2 or 3 or even 5 seconds, your position makes no sense.If a person stopped at the red light at 5 AM, and looked both ways to check if someone was coming, it would be easy to see the lights on an on coming car. If a coming car was 2 or 3 blocks away, there would be ample time to safely get through the intersection. If there were no cars coming at all, there would have been no safety problem. The possibility is high that there would also have been street lights present.
        You said that you have “attended” MVA’s. Are you trying to tell us that you are a cop or what? Whoever you are, makes no difference. Your math just doesn’t cut it. One thing that I have personally seen is some cops making some very dangerous moves out there with or without their sirens and lights on.
        My sole point here is that the term, “running a red light” refers to accelerating through a stale yellow or actually failing to stop and driving through a red light. Ms. Clark did not “run a red light”. She stopped, looked both ways, saw that the road was clear and proceeded. What she was illegal but not dangerous. The media frenzy by CKNW and others is based on mis-characterizing what took place.
        I personally have never “ran a red light”. It is one of the most dangerous things that a person could do. I also cannot remember stopping at a red light, checking for on coming cars, and proceeding. I would not recommend it to anyone.
        As for Ms. Clarks comments, she did admit on the TV debate that she did indeed go through a red at five in the morning after stopping and checking for cars. She also said that what she did was wrong and that it was a bad example for her son. If that isn’t what an apology sounds like, I guess that I have never heard one.


        1. Apology doesn’t cut it….the law is there….no one is above the law….except drunk premiers in foreign countries….and an appointed premier in B.C. Traffic laws are there for a reason….and on the same day as this incident, 5 people of a family were killed by a person traveling through a red light !! Try apologizing to them !!! Laws are 24 hours a day……….


        2. Chris: if ever-shilling CKNW gets in a media frenzy and dumps on Christy over this red light issue, then the BC Liberals have surely (finally) jumped the shark.

          In the spirit of forgiveness, I’ll accept Christy’s apology. Will you do the same for Adrian’s memo apology?


    2. Red light
      (1)Subject to subsection (2), when a red light alone is exhibited at an intersection by a traffic control signal, the driver of a vehicle approaching the intersection and facing the red light must cause it to stop before entering the marked crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or if there is no marked crosswalk, before entering the intersection, and subject to the provisions of subsection (3), must not cause the vehicle to proceed until a traffic control signal instructs the driver that he or she is permitted to do so.


  36. Barry, I accept Mr. Dix’s apology in regards to the failure to have a sky train ticket. I have never personally failed to purchase a ticket when I have ridden the Skytrain. But, all decent law abiding people do make honest mistakes and they readily admit it when they do, as Mr Dix did, and apologize. He should pay the fine of his own volition, and we should all forget about it.

    In terms of falsifying the memo in regards to Glen Clark, that it another kettle of fish. He knew exactly what he was doing and went in with his eyes open. After what Glen Clark did, he essentially disqualified himself for any future public service. As for Dix, he was an accessory. As for Moe, that’s another example of someone who should never be able to get anywhere near a politics. The stench is overwhelming.

    Politics is an ugly business. We really do need the best of the best running our province. In my opinion, only people with at least significant business experience along with a PHD in a technical area should even be considered or able to run for office. I also think that they should be paid more so that a much better quality of candidate would be attracted. None of the 4 candidates is anywhere near ideal.


    1. A much more reasoned and respectful response, Chris. Thanks for that… though we’ll still have to disagree.

      Of the four party leaders, Dix is the only one positioned to lead a government. Only the NDP and BC Liberals have legitimate numbers in the game — and Christy is going to lose her seat. She doesn’t have the intellect or the leadership skills to truly be a leader.
      There’s also more than enough dirt on her that hasn’t stuck… yet.


  37. Fun discussion on CBC radio, May 3, with Smart and Fowlie discussing the week. At 1:55:30, Fowlie talks about the red light scene. It wasn’t just three of them in the car… Fowlie says the director of communications was in the back seat — but what could he do, with Fowlie noting every word and action. “Christy! Don’t break the law — right in front of your son and a reporter!”


  38. […] 145) Christy Clark thought it was funny to drive through a red light, on the urging of her son, with a reporter in the car. Her son stated ” You always do that.” Clark denied that was true,but the entire incident called into examination her judgement. https://lailayuile.com/2013/04/27/i-guess-the-message-from-our-premier-is-its-ok-to-do-it-as-long-as-… […]


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