From 24Hrs Vancouver : Clark ( Clarke) settles accident claim out of court.

clarksunA long-standing Supreme Court lawsuit naming B.C. Premier Christy Clark as a defendant was settled out of court just weeks prior to the upcoming provincial election, 24 hours has learned.

A statement of claim for an accident that took place in 2008 alleged the plaintiff in the case was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Clark, then a CKNW radio talk-show host. Mark Marissen, Clark’s ex-husband, was also named in the action as the leaseholder of the vehicle, along with Volvo Canada.

Court documents show Christine Joan Clarke and Mark Allan Marissen admitted in the course of legal discussions that Clark did hit the car, but disputed the injuries of the plaintiff among other items. It was countered that the plaintiff was also negligent and contributed to any resulting injuries suffered from the accident. Court staff confirmed the defendant was Christy Clark in 2011, when the story was first reported because of a difference in the spelling of her name on the documents.

In the statement of claim, Clarks name is spelled Clarke, not Clark.

The documents also show the defence had requested a trial by jury, scheduled for May 27 prior to the adjournment dated April 8.

When contacted by phone, counsel for Clark had no comment, while counsel for the plaintiff did confirm a settlement had been reached with no further details.

Earlier this week, Clark came under strong criticism when the Vancouver Sun revealed she drove through a red light with her son and a reporter in the car. Clark initially made light of the infraction when questioned by a Global reporter and apologized the next day, saying her actions were wrong.

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30 thoughts on “From 24Hrs Vancouver : Clark ( Clarke) settles accident claim out of court.

  1. Classic!
    Clark settles out of Court BEFORE the election.
    And her name was “accidently” misspelled?
    Gee, having a Premier hitting my car before an election would be like winning the lottery.
    One wonders the amount of the settlement………..
    ‘RED LIGHT”!
    Ok, I’ll stop…….


  2. What surprises me about this is that it was ’24 Hours’ that brought it to our attention. After yesterday’s front page ad by the BC Liberals, I thought we’d never read anything derogatory about the ‘Comeback Kid’ in that bird cage liner.

    I was more than a little disappointed when I found that 24 Hours is actually a Sun News Network publication. Sorry, Laila, I won’t be reading that rag or anything related to it in the future.


    1. I have to agree with you Gini, I too will not be reading 24 Hours any-time soon. I am surprised at the silence from Laila on the front page headline “Comeback Kid”.


    2. Why would it surprise you Gini?

      An ad doesn’t mean this is a Liberal paper. Neither Bill or I are Liberals or Conservatives and I appreciate bringing a national audience to my work, in fact many of my 24Hrs readers have become regulars here and I get positive feedback from them on my work in both venues – for all of us, that is a good thing because I have a wealth of stories here they are enjoying discovering.

      I do understand and respect your views and understand completely.However quitting would simply assist in the BC liberals in not having my opinions and stories in front of over a hundred thousand commuters.


    3. Well, Gini, maybe if you knew how newspapers worked, you would realize that advertising and journalists are two different things. I pick up the 24 often because it kills metro in terms of stories that actually matter and I have NEVER found it to be a paper tht favours Clark. Clark paid for an ad, people are allowed to buy ads in a free society. Was it a good idea from the paper’s perspective? No. But I somehow doubt you’d be sitting here acting so righteous were it an Adrian Dix ad instead.
      Meanwhile papers like the Globe and Mail and Vancouver sun openly endorse Clark, at least 24 made her pay for the ad and put “Paid advertisement” on it. Did you notice the sun, province, or any of the other papers that got all self-righteous about the whole affair HAVEN’T covered this accident story?

      Have fun paying for the papers who decieve you rather than the ones who let you know what’s going on.


  3. Hi Laila. will you be giving us the run down on the Lieberal ad that 24 Hours accepted payment for ? I am sure that everyone that frequents your blog , would like to know how you feel about this. We all understand that this incident is not your responsibility ( we know you much better than that ), but I am sure that we are all curious how you feel, and how this will affect your writing for them.


  4. Wow ! love the pic of the bobblehead. Can you just imagine how ugly she will look after we turf her out on the 14th ?


    1. Gary, let’s keep this civil and clean.It seems as we get closer to the election that the comments are getting nastier and nastier. Let’s not go there.


      1. Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself, after the abuse the neediest people in BC have suffered at the Liberal hand.


        1. I get that Gary,I along with several other bloggers have been there for years documenting all the items so many in the media have not….

          But still. Keep it classy. 🙂


    1. The question should be: Is this an incorrect spelling… or her actual name? The statement of claim for the plaintiff showed Christina Clarke, the Defence showed Christine Clark.

      Only Christy Clark can explain or confirm what her real name is or why alternate spellings have been used.


      1. How did her father spell his last name? You know, the guy that left his family debt free. Unlike his daughter.


      2. (Christy Clark’s Wikipedia page)

        Christina Joan “Christy” Clark, MLA (born October 29, 1965) is a Canadian politician who currently serves as the 35th Premier of British Columbia, Canada.

        (from SFU)

        SFU Supervisor of public records at Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus:

        “We have a record of Christina Joan Clark of that specific birth date who attended Simon Fraser University but did not complete a degree.”


  5. I don’t think there is anything left , the Campbell/Clark BC liberals could possibly surprise us with? The BC Liberals lies, deceit, thefts and corruption are pretty much, an everyday given daily fact. I hardly turned a hair as, this new scandal of Christy’s showed up.

    As for 24 hours, I absolutely know, you would never condone what they did. I am just so sorry for you Laila. You must be feeling very let down by 24 Hrs. I feel let down and shocked myself.

    That Christy could lie like that, is of no surprise to anyone. Even more people are now, disgusted with her. Christy has no decency , morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. Christy’s dirty tactics and her lies in 24hrs, are going to sink her.


  6. It amazes me that, according to the polls, the Liberals are tightening the race…. BUT, considering that the MSM has been in bed with the Libs, thus far, I expect nothing less.
    I truly hope this is a rout of epic proportions. I have never voted NDP before but I certainly am this election. Just to get the stench of the Liberals off my shoes….


  7. Therein lies the issue nonconfidence.

    People do want change. I believe that with all my heart. But they want to see the change, not hear about it.

    From every party. Not just the Liberals. Not just the NDP or the Conservatives.

    Show us the change.. now… don’t talk about it like it is a new concept.

    For some of us, change has been the top of the list for years. Real change. Not just a political token.


    1. True enough, when I discuss this election with friends and coworkers….The level of disgust for ALL parties is palpable. No one is interested in the election.
      Everything ANY politician says is treated with cynicism, disgust and then ignored.
      NONE of the political partys have a “hold” on the publics’ respect.
      The general public are either too busy or too lazy to bother informing themselves as to the “real” issues of each of the 4 parties.
      And the Lame Stream Media doesnt do us any favours with biased, sensationalist, info-tainment style sound clips…..
      30 seconds of tv with Christy in a Hardhat at a lumber mill or a factory doesnt tell me how she is actually going to balance the disasterous budget deficit that is largely of her own creation.
      Her constant prattling that “the budget is balanced” is an outright lie. But it largely remains unchallenged in the media…… As are most of her fabrications.
      We, as the voting public, deserve better from the politicians AND the media.

      But until the voters actually get out and vote………we get what we deserve.

      But we can stop supporting the media 🙂


  8. That photo of Christy looks like she’s trying to think of a response to a question from the host of
    ” So you think your smarter than a 3rd grader”?.


  9. The large amount of cynicism toward ploiticians is well earned – more so since 2001 when the BC Liberals got voted in. Unfortunately for us, the public were taken in by the promises that were made and never kept.

    24Hours has sold advertizing to the BC Liberals and none of this is any way, connected to Laila Yuile. Laila does not need to promote any political party and does write about all parties.

    Simply put this was a purely commercial transaction carried out by BC Liberal party and 24Hours. This is what free enterprise is all about and what the BC Liberal party promotes.

    Like or leave it, but the chance for change is within reach come May 14th 2013. Get off your backside and go and vote for change in British Columbia – we cannot afford another term of government selling off the province to overseas interests.



  10. Listened to Billy Bragg on CBC the other day. He said (and I am paraphrasing) neither communism nor capitalism is the problem; cynicism is the problem. And that certainly holds true here. We are cynical about politicians. We are cynical about the press. We are cynical about an electoral system that forces us to vote strategically. No wonder my three 20 something children think it pointless to vote despite having grown up in a family who take elections and the right to vote seriously. Even I am getting cynical and I will be completely disillusioned if the Liberals manage to win on May 14 by cynically lying about budgets and debts and cynically attacking the NDP’s previous flaws despite the massive number of scandals they have foisted on our province.. I have voted in every election since 1972. More than the NDP in 2001, the Socreds in 1991, the federal Liberals in 1984 and 2011, the federal Conservatives in 1993, the BC Liberals of today, need to be told in no uncertain terms that they need to change. Only a defeat will make that happen.


  11. Christy rear-ends while driving just like she rear-ends the province while “leading”. What’s up with BC Liberals and their driving records? Campbell’s DUI, Thornthwaite’s DUI, Christy jokes about running red lights and settles out of court a claim against her.


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