BC Liberal members decline and ignore requests for interview with leading LGBT blogger and advocate as ‘too risky’.

News today that Liberal MLA Mary Polak’s campaign manager has  resigned over anti- gay comments might surprise some, but not many in the LGBT community in BC.

The entire story brings to light the issue of lesbian,gay, bi and transgender rights in the province, and why for many youth and adults, this is still a big issue to be addressed by the families first, anti-bullying Liberal party.

CBC is reporting that Todd Hauptman  resigned because:

 …the very base of voters who will likely help Mary get re-elected in just one-week’s time are made up of individuals who hold hateful attitudes towards the community I am a part of.

“It is knowing this that I simply cannot in good conscience support a campaign made-up of people who think of me as less of a person because I am gay. It is for these reasons that — after considerable thought and deliberation — I have decided to step down from Mary’s campaign effective immediately.”

Mary Polak was well known for her role in trying to ban books depicting same sex parents  from the Surrey school system.

Following this story today, I spoke with Brian Webb, Mr. Gay Canada 2012 People’s Choice, and owner/ editor of www.mywebbsite.ca, and he had this to say about Hauptman’s resignation:

“The BC Liberal Party has had 12 years to secure equal rights for all British Columbians and to protect youth.

Today’s announcement of Todd’s resignation is unfortunate and a clear sign of the BC Liberals lack of commitment to LGBT issues.

I’ve offered the BC Liberal party multiple interview opportunities to clarify their position and they have declined, citing it is ‘too risky’. LGBT and bullying  should not be a risky discussion for any political party.”

Brian has been a strong advocate for LGBT rights and anti-bullying initiatives in the province, and is one of the biggest independent LGBT bloggers in Canada.


While Spencer Chandra Hebert of the BCNDP took time recently to speak with Webb, along with Alberta premier Alison Redford, the BC Liberals have declined or ignored all requests, Brian told allisonme:

“I have been in contact with members of the BC Liberal party for months now with multiple interview requests, and they have all been ignored or been declined, citing it’s ‘too risky’ to do an interview with an LGBT blogger.”

Kind of gives an entirely new twist to Christy Clarks Pink Shirt day, doesn’t it?

13 thoughts on “BC Liberal members decline and ignore requests for interview with leading LGBT blogger and advocate as ‘too risky’.

  1. I think it is interesting to note that Ms. Polak, as reported in the Georgia Straight, rather than just thanking him and leaving it at that, she had to stoop to casting aspersions on this fellow that perhaps he was sharing info and stategizing with someone in the NDP. Considering how gracious he was with her in his remarks, it truly makes Ms. Polak look very poor in comparison. The sad part I guess is that she will likely survive the onslought next week.


    1. I just have to shake my head. Classic Face-palm moment.Kudo’s that she was honest in what her religious beliefs teach, no props on her trying to save her career nor standing up for the many, many bullied and harassed gay and lesbian youth in schools in this province.


  2. Should make Langley Mary Polak voters proud. Is this really 2013? We should ask Ms. Polak, “Has Armageddon started?”


  3. Mr. Webb might well say to the Liberals, “We don’t want to sleep with you, we just wanted to talk.
    And anyway, have you never heard of “safe” interviews?”


  4. Isnt “uber conservative” Cummins running against Mary Polak?
    Hmmm. talk about a conundrum for the anti gay voters……….


  5. I am so so proud that I live in Maple Ridge, and extra proud of our son who wrote a poem titled it’s okay to be gay and read it in school district #42, my self and my wife watched as our young man read this and recieved enormous applause from the crowd. This is for you Todd please listen to the words.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCdJxD_Vc1A the video is not great but it sends the message.


    1. Terry, that was beautiful. Give your son a hug for me,the words brought tears and that mom surge of pride happened too, even though he’s not my son. Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us.:)


  6. Laila you are more than welcome, he is a very special young man with an compasion that will take him very far in life. He has always spoken from his heart and never been afraid of sharing what is right. We are very lucky parents!


  7. No time for that because their so busy selling us out to oil,gas, drug,gun,privatization interests .whos gonna tell them”get away from our sandwich”


  8. Totally off subject here but this is an excellent Youtube video of the the Clark govts deceptive answers to questions from the media.
    Watch, enjoy, and share with liberal voting friends….. it may change their vote.


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