One of the best graphic images: The Election Web ( would the person who created this contact me for due credit?)

I started getting hits from this link today, and would love to both share it with all of you:

I would  really love to hear from whoever created this amazing web that tells a story so much better than even my 100+ Reasons the BC Liberals need to Go. It’s quite stunning! email me or let me know in the comments section below!

11 thoughts on “One of the best graphic images: The Election Web ( would the person who created this contact me for due credit?)

  1. Actually I know Kevin,it’s nice to see this done and its also posted in another comments section here. We’ve talked about this issue here on my site several times, in the comments section here

    and here

    And here

    And here

    And one of those agreements, TILMA, has been one of the 100+ reasons list for several years.

    All of these posts and the comments sections are richly filled with this information and more. Kevin did an exceptional job of putting it together in this video.

    What is really interesting is that clip with Horgan and Coleman, talking about the non-disclosure agreements. I’m surprised the NDP didn’t bring that up in the election when the press has been all over every issue both parties bring up.


  2. I’ve seen and read all of the above, but I had never seen this clip before. As you stated, just an excellent summation of the whole deception. I urge people to get it out to anybody they know.

    It has surprised me also, several times, even during the debates, that the NDP did not hit back with this type of info immediately. It beats any type of negative ad and it hit’s the debater face to face. Hopefully this will all come out after the election.

    I have to agree with Harvey O though, I’ve always felt that a minority government work’s best in Canada as it is a much stronger deterrent to the happenings that have occurred in this Province the last 12 years. Your last three post’s have been right on. i hope you continue into the new Government as well.


  3. Hi Laila, I posted the “Election Web” link on a nationally recognized financial blog.
    Lets see what kind of traction it gets now………… 🙂


  4. Hi Laila;

    I’m Richard Giroday ( and the creator of “The Election Web”. Thank you for shouting it out to the many that have seen it. As I spoke with many people in my daily activities I was amazed at how few new of all the things we’ve shared.

    I just felt driven to give people a one stop shop visual with supporting links for those who have not seen or followed what has been taking place in our province over the past 12 years, and especially what has been taking place recently and during the election. You’ll find a broader detailed one on my blog named “The Tangled Web of Intrigue 2.0”.

    Again, thank you for sharing this with everyone.

    Richard Giroday


    1. Fabulous work Richard,everyone has been asking who is the brilliant mind behind it! Well done and I will share the broader on immediately!


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