This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Find the party that is accountable for its actions.

This week’s topic:

What is the most important factor voters should consider at the polls?

When Kathryn’s submission arrived in my email, it was clear that while we come from different positions on the political spectrum, she felt the same responsibility as I did. I was impressed with her thoughtful commentary. It’s both a privilege and a tremendous responsibility to share our opinions in a publication read by so many people the day before a provincial election.

With no lack of rhetoric and fear-mongering tossed back and forth between political opponents and supporters alike during this campaign, it can be confusing to determine what is fact or fiction. For me, it comes down to two factors when I vote: trust and accountability.

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A wise man once said that you should never believe someone who is in love, drunk or running for politics – pretty good advice when you look at past platform promises of the BC Liberals. The difference between what they promised, and what was actually delivered, is stark. They said the HST wasn’t on the radar before the last election, but that wasn’t actually true. Current leader Christy Clark has been called out in the media many times on misleading and inaccurate statements she’s made over and over in her campaign.

And when you look at the NDP, they campaigned against the carbon tax in the last election, while this time they support it. Dix said he was not going to take a stand on Kinder Morgan, using the principle of waiting for the process to play out. Then he took a stand during his campaign, pleasing many, but confusing others. Things like this do raise questions for many voters…

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8 thoughts on “This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Find the party that is accountable for its actions.

  1. For two long years we have been enduring the charade that is Christy Clark. She has zero credibility. Her election message as well as her party’s message hasnt dealt with the lies, mismanagement and corruption of the Liberal party’s last 12 years. The best the Liberals can do is try and scare the voters with what the NDP will do to the economy.

    I dont care.
    I dont believe anything they say.
    I’m voting NDP for the first time in my life

    Just to get rid of

    Christy Clark and all the scum that are associated with her.

    Thanks for all your hard work Laila, its almost over. Then we can focus on the NDP….


      1. Classic!
        Proof that two can play at that game.
        At least the NDP didnt try and “mock it up” as “News”


  2. ….And to prove WHY the The Province “newspaper” deserves its plummeting subscription rates and thus it’s inexorable bankruptcy proceedings.

    The election day, online editorial, to be followed in todays print no doubt.
    Arguing as to why Christy Clark would make the better premier.

    On election day.

    So much for objectivity.

    Well, Main Strean Media, its been a profitable ride for all of you, The Sun News chain, Global TV, CKNW, have all earned MILLIONS of dollars over the last year ( yes, so much for the “official 30 day election “law”……What a farce.)

    Now its time for the voters to have THEIR say.

    I have two wishes.
    1. All these previously mentioned media whores are bankrupt withing 2 years.
    2. The Liberal party has bankrupted itself over this election.


  3. Its all about the money. For the last ten years the BC government has been on a spending spree. Some would suggest it has all been about investing to make our province a better social and economic place to live and work in. There is some validity in such a representation it is just that it has been done to an extreem. There seems never to have been any questions of affordability for the taxpayers, as a consequence we have nearly $100 billion of contractual obligations that the government has tried to ignore in the days ahead of today’s election. These P3 and IPP contractual obligations are long-term so should be formally recognized as provincial debts as the Auditor General has recommended. After all it is the citizens of BC who guarrantee and are supposed to pay them.
    The ugly consequences of all this borrowing and spending, that mostly have not produced “value for money” results according to the BC Auditor General, is a parasitic corporate culture. In our province living off the avails of political insiderism has been the dominant theme for private financial success.
    There is no credit rating agency unaware of our over-the-top spending and debt. Two years ago S&P publicly said so.They in fact then recomened provinces reduce budgets for education and health care as the way of managing into the future, All part of the theme of privatization of Canada.


  4. I do believe that the twelve years of BC Lieberal government will end with this election.
    It is what the BCNDP will find in the books that worries me – too many things not addressed properly and conveniently covered and forgotten.
    John Doyle tried to raise public awareness, but of course the BC Lieberals even interfered with that.
    Heres hoping the BC Liberals get totally wiped out – it would make my day.



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