This week’s column for 24Hrs: “Premier’s fallacies will haunt this province for years to come “

This week, I bid goodbye to my duel partner, Kathryn Marshall… and talk about why the election results are bad for BC.. even though I never thought Adrian Dix was the man for the job.

Were the results of the election good or bad for B.C.?

If you had told me five months ago I would be sad to see a conservative go, I would have laughed — outrageously. However, it was not without some sadness that I sat down to pen today’s column because, unfortunately, it will be my last with Kathryn.

After two years of dueling, Kathryn is hanging up her literary sword and moving on to new ventures. I’m not going anywhere, though, so you can look forward to many more duels with my new opponent in the weeks to come. I wish Kathryn the best and know she will succeed in everything she undertakes. Although we fundamentally disagree on many issues, surprisingly we found that we actually agreed several times. This seems to support the theory that most people are only a few degrees between left and right — politically speaking that is.

Without a doubt, the election results were stunning for many. But was the BC Liberal win good for British Columbia? Absolutely not.

I’ve been open about my opposition to Adrian Dix as the leader of the NDP, even prior to his taking over the leadership of the party. I didn’t think he was the right choice then, and clearly the people of B.C. felt the same way. Even with the right campaign, I think the result would have been the same.

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That being said, I know with everything I value that the better option was the BC NDP…”

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6 thoughts on “This week’s column for 24Hrs: “Premier’s fallacies will haunt this province for years to come “

  1. Here’s an idea; teacher’s salaries, no, union salaries should indexed to the premiers and MLAs salaries or vice versa.
    Remember when Campbell recieved a 48% increase while MLAs and cabinet ministers, and the leader of the opposition received a 20% increase about 5 years ago? Then there’s the golden pension tax payers are funding for them.


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