This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Time to cut the cord with bloated Senate.

The winner of last week’s duel on the education system was Laila Yuile with 65%.

This week’s topic:

Should the Senate be elected or abolished?

Brent has done an excellent job this week of deflecting attention away from the deeper issues behind our nation’s dysfunctional Senate. He defends a solution — electing senators — that is as rife with the possibility of constitutional challenges as simply tossing the Senate. In doing so, Brent sidesteps the fact that if Prime Minister Stephen Harper were truly interested in an elected Senate as he once claimed, he wouldn’t have gone on to appoint more of his cronies to plum positions, living well on the public’s dime.

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Harper’s current rhetoric is a nothing more than a bleak effort to detract from the Senate spending scandal that continues to grow, as new revelations are brought to light on a nearly weekly basis. It’s appalling that the Senate has become nothing more than a bloated carcass, a shameful remnant of what its original purpose and function was intended to be…

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6 thoughts on “This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Time to cut the cord with bloated Senate.

  1. We already elect MP’s – why have duplicate representatives elected to a Senate? The added expense of elections is unecessary. Abolish the Senate. Let an “Assembly of Provincial Premiers” perform the role of review and oversight instead of the Senate.


  2. shameful that the senators feel entitled to spent and cheat the taxpayers. i have no doubt stephen harper is aware of the goings on ,but keeps a blind eye to this outrage . and i have to remember that he closed the nessessary kit,s coastguard station and increased old age pension to 67 years. that tell,s you in no uncertain way how much he disrespects the average taxpayers


  3. What’s up with “comments closed” at 24 Hours, Laila? Last week, they cut them off at about 4 comments — and this week they didn’t even open them.


    1. Yes they did Barry, but all comments close after 48hrs. I checked with the editor and I checked for myself. Got to get them all in quickly!


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