“Canada, we stand on guard for thee.” ~ Round two, 2013. Nothing changed for the better in the last year, so what exactly will it take to get you off your ass, folks? Eh?

“As opposition leader, [Stephen Harper] wrote in the Montreal Gazette in the year before he came to power: ‘Information is the lifeblood of a democracy. Without adequate access to key information about government policies and programs, citizens and parliamentarians cannot make informed decisions and incompetent or corrupt governments can be hidden under a cloak of secrecy.’

When he became prime minister, his attitude appeared to undergo a shift of considerable proportions. It often took the Conservatives twice as long as previous governments to handle access requests. Sometimes it took six months to a year.”
―     Lawrence Martin,     Harperland: The Politics of Control    

No kidding, EH?

That Stephen Harper government, oh my gosh, what the PEI potatoes happened there, EH? Where did all that access to information and honesty and transparency go?  ( actually, did they ever give us that? )

Canada the land of the free, we’re different up here and all that schtick – and yet we seem to be uncovering more and more corruption, collusion and unethical behavior than ever lately.

Well we have le jambon, Mike Duffy. http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/search-warrants-issued-in-rcmp-s-probe-of-mike-duffy-s-expenses-1.1345232

We have le gros jambon, former ‘journalist’ Pamela Wallin – disclosure, I used to love her work on  The Fifth Estate and W5- what the hell happened there, I do not know, but I think she needs to go back to her roots and do a full investigation into the this senate scandal herself… 🙂 http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/pamela-wallin-denied-health-coverage-in-ontario-and-saskatchewan-she-told-senate/article12818916/

Yesterday however, was not such a funny day in BC.

In case you didn’t notice, Christy Clark is still holding the role of premier hostage, since she lost her own seat as an MLA  in Vancouver, and is now trying to steal find a seat in wine country in  Kelowna.

Let’s not comment on the irony of that, ok?

Today, I watched the BC legislature live. Barring Dix – because in all honesty,he just has to go, I cant listen to him,or watch him, with any credibility because of the NDP’s performance in the last election – the rest of the NDP speakers were right on task.  ( Is this the real NDP, or was the election NDP  the real NDP? Who knows? What I do know is, you can’t fix Dix. Step aside now, and mitigate the membership loss. )

But I digress.

The BC legislative session today was revealing in many ways. Horgan called out “an unelected visitor” on the back bench who was passing notes to the MLA’s on the Liberal side. Discussion ensued after Horgan refused to back down. Reid didn’t want to deal with it and Horgan called her on it again. Clearly, Clark still does what she wants even when the rules say otherwise. She thinks she is above reproach. I am not convinced democracy will prevail even if she remains unelected and can’t enter the house as anything other than a visitor.

The BC Liberals, via Mike De Jong, revealed their budget is essentially crap, and that you can all expect cuts to come… yet kept to the Liberals claim the budget is balanced.  There was no talk about the pay raises Clark tried to give all her appointee’s, nor the PHSA scandal, but hey, it is the last day of school for many in BC, and a long weekend, summer vacation is here already for many…so Christy and crew know very well that not a lot of people are going to be watching.

Well, sorry Christy, I was watching. And it was incredibly not funny to watch the powerpoint presentation  of Mike de Jong of how the economic outlook of BC that you campaigned on, is not happening, hasn’t happened, and doesn’t look to be happening anytime soon.

For what it is worth, this is what I think.

I think, that in 4 years, people are going to be so upset in BC that Christy Clark will have to move to Ontario to save her behind. I think that while you can fool some of the people, some of the time, you cannot fool all of the people, all of the time. Eventually,something is going to give.

You can’t fool all the moms, Ms. Clark. You can’t fool all the workers. You can only fool yourself when you look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself you are doing this for the future of the province. We know what you are really doing this for. It’s power. Let me remind you of those raises approved right after you were elected…. and the stark reality of your budget update today, Ms. Clark.

Either you admit you knew that drastic cuts were needed and approved those raises regardless… or you admit you are a clueless leader without a seat in the house because your own riding didn’t support you enough to elect you as their representative.. and that you didn’t really care about the budget but wanted to have your cake and eat it too…

On that note, I leave you with a re-post of last years Canada Day post that garnered national attention….because quite honestly, not much has changed since then. I still love this country more than anything, and I still love this new anthem written and composed by Priscilla Judd.

If anything, it hits harder home now, than ever.

Happy Canada Day, everyone. United we stand. We must not fall.

Canada, we stand on guard for thee…

Tonight, I have two special items for you, at least special to me because of where they came from, and why.

They both concern Canada. Our country – for some like myself, a birthright, for others a choice to find a better life. There was a time, not that long ago, that I outright admit I took our liberties and freedoms here in this great, amazing land for granted. And why not? This is Canada, after all, where as Pierre Burton once said, you know you are one when you can make love in a canoe…without tipping. Beavers chomping, moose munching and kids playing hockey on frozen ponds… the clichés abound when it comes to Canadians and our country.

I love them all, I really do. But to me, what really makes us Canadian is our endless strength and our convictions. Right now, both are being tested, and sadly, by our own government – a government who many say, and I agree, is selling our country out, putting it at grave risk and forgetting the wonderful people who made this country what it is.

Our arts are being killed, our scientists muzzled and silenced, our environment mismanaged or sold to foreign interests, our personal rights and freedoms are being eroded every day. Our government seems to have forgotten what country this is, and I think I have become a nationalist(eek) – someone who advocates political independence for our country. I love, and will defend my country, and will do so using my pen and paper… or computer as modern times dictate.

We aren’t politically independent in Canada, nor are we in B.C. When you have corporate friends who have great influence over political leaders, when you have foreign governments who are paying for educational supplements here, actively lobbying and shaping policy and impacting government affairs,when you have a prime minister who openly tells his country he will overrule due process to make something wrong, right…. I am telling you we do not have political independence.

The wonderful thing is, there are thousands of others just like me, and we are finding each other, and talking and informing everyone we can.

One person at a time if need be,and you know something special is happening when a reader,( whom I also consider a new friend), stops on her road trip across Canada to send you a photo, from the Gordie Howe campground in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan because she knows exactly what I will think of it. ( doesn’t get more Canadian than driving across the country in a camper..)

Here is her email from today:

 ”Hi Laila,

I just thought I would send these not so great photos to you… the one with Harper quoted re: Dief! What a total joke for Harper to even be quoted for one thing and to call himself a Tory! I grew up thinking the Conservatives knew what they were about due to Diefenbaker but those days are long past and only a few good old boys are trying to call Harper into line…

Anyway…how one man can change a nation so quickly…for the worse!

Keep writing…my husband and I are doing our first trip in a small camper across Canada …and reminiscing about Canada along the way…and hope to be in Ottawa for July 1st and I will be wearing my anti Enbridge T-shirt with my save our salmon hoodie! “

Best, Barb

Well, the photos were all great, and here is one photo that I think speaks volumes!!The irony is clear and I am sure old Dief would be turning in his grave if he saw this.

Clearly Harper didn’t learn a hell of a lot from Diefenbaker, now did he? That’s all I am going to say about that. ( I will be featuring more photos from Barb and her hubby’s trip across Canada, since I asked her to continue to send photos to me of things that really stood out for her along the way,things she felt were really Canadian)

The second special item for you comes from Priscilla Judd, whom I met while covering the No Prison for Lumby story. Her heart is good and spirit strong and talent…immense.

Priscilla writes:

 ”Life is very much better in Lumby without the fight over a prison but this Federal Government (supported by BC Liberals)  is tearing apart our country – fast. I’ve been busy working lately and writing songs. Anyway, my husband made a video to help me share one of them.I’m sending you my song URL in hopes that first: you like it and second, I’m hoping you will share it.

It’s easy to sing… I have performed it at two protests and it seems to unite people. I hope it goes around in your head and you can remember it if you feel like giving up – I know I do – times are bleak… So let me know how the song works for you – many thanks

in peace


I opened the link, listened to the song and cried. Yes, it really struck me, the beauty, the truth of that song, and if I had my way this would be our new anthem because it speak to all we hold strong , true and free in Canada.  Yes Priscilla, this works for me just fine!!

Listen. Reflect. Enjoy. Will you stand beside me, and stand up for British Columbia, for Canada when they need us most? To remain, the true north, strong and FREE.

“O Canada we’ve all agreed to stand for the true north strong and free with glowing hearts from sea to sea we stand on guard for thee

O Canada on Native land we wash the oil from tar and sand from pipe to power this darkest hour from sea to shining sea

But who stands watch for the earth below? stands for the ice and the melting snow? who for the land to call our home? Oh Canada I don’t know

O Canada with fossil soil we frack the gas and mine the coal for carbon power this darkest hour from sea to shining sea

but Who looks out for the prairie sky? stands for the air so none of us die? who for wind and the birds that fly? where the planet goes there go I

O Canada from forest green we ship the logs and cut the trees and there for the river that meets the sea with mud and logging debris

O Canada O Canada who stands watch from sea to sea? who for a lost democracy? who for the true north strong and free?

if not you then let it be me”

24 Comments on ““Canada, we stand on guard for thee.” ~ Round two, 2013. Nothing changed for the better in the last year, so what exactly will it take to get you off your ass, folks? Eh?

  1. Clark’s out of the gate decision to give those pay raises needs to be called out for the hard slap in the face to the BC electorate that it is. It was not- a- mistake. It was more of the same nonsense we’ve become accustomed to. While most praise Clark for her “brilliant” campaign, I call it a massive fraud, built entirely on lies, a massive deck of cards, a spaghetti house waiting to fall, a ponzi scheme whatever, non of it was true. And so it goes, she will likely win the West Kelowna riding. So happy though that I’ll get to cast a vote, and as her merry men came to my door to sell me a glass of Kool Aid, they quickly learned that not all residents like her. Happy Canada Day. Bets are on that Clark resigns by next summer.

  2. Good post again, Laila. (As usual). Your comment on the pay raises (she is either arrogant or ignorant) is spot on as there are really no other choices.

    Slightly different topic: I note that for their very good and personal reasons, Norm, Ian and AGT are having a reduced presence in the blogosphere, leaving yourself, RossK, Tielman and Rafe as my go-to for my news and opinion. Are there other up-and-comers in the blogosphere that you would recommend to diversify my sources of well-researched, well written material?

  3. Canada has become a, deep chasm of corruption. Harper’s majority is in question. Mayrand said, Harper was the only one to stonewall and block the investigation of, the robo-call election fraud. The other party’s co-operated in the investigation. Harper’s hate, spite and malice towards Trudeau is backfiring on him. Another good friend of Harper’s, Nathan Jacobson was arrested for money laundering. However it does seem, many Con supporting bloggers have vanished.

    We certainly know Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too. I noticed Campbell glued to Harper’s side, while he was in England.

    Was there actually a time, Christy didn’t lie? Christy’s T.V. ads were, out and out blatant lies. We know Christy is all for the Enbridge pipeline and was, right from day one. She is giving David Black $16 billion of our tax dollars, to build a refinery. How does Christy get the oil to the refinery? Some country’s oil tankers, have to pick the oil up. Christy didn’t raise a finger to fight for the 200 BC mining jobs, Harper gave to China. Harper’s Omnibus Bill gives China permission to sue Canada, if anyone blocks China’s intrusions into our country. It is in our faces obvious, Christy works for Harper, as Campbell did before her.

  4. I too watched Question Period yesterday, Laila, and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Her Perkiness sitting behind Mike de Jong as he babbled on about the budget. I wasn’t aware at the time that she would be allowed as a ‘guest’ there, and when I heard John Horgan complain that she was passing notes to the BC Liberal Ministers, well, I wasn’t surprised. The woman has no respect for anyone or anything.

    She has not progressed past elementary school antics, IMO, and she is an embarrassment to British Columbians. Those fools who voted BC Liberal in the last election should be ashamed, both of her and of themselves. If she wins that by-election, I will have completely lost my faith in humanity.

    Another 4 years of this corrupt, inept party is going to completely bankrupt and disfigure our beautiful province, I’m afraid. And God help any British Columbian who doesn’t ‘earn’ over $200,000 a year. I may have to relocate to another province……..or country.

  5. An excellent assessment Julie. Thanks for that.
    It was obvious by the Clark note-passing in the house yesterday, and Reid’s response to it, the the Liberals have adopted and are employing a “We’ll make the rules as we go and don’t get in the way” philosophy. Blatant, in-your-face abuse of what is supposed to be a system of democracy.

    Problem is democracy, by its very nature, opens itself to the abuses we are seeing both provincially and nationally. How do you ruin, and take control of, a country so open and free as Canada? You have politicians who bow to corporate masters, who lie, cheat, steal and make promises to get elected which, after election, are tossed out the window and replaced with oppressive measures.
    We are seeing the destruction of Canada through legislation, through the courts, through the theft of elections, through sell-outs to foreign governments and the global financial task masters.
    I sense a dark cloud overhead when thinking in the terms in which I am writing this, but it’s right there in your face every day. Still don’t understand how some people don’t see it. People had better stand up and fight for what they have and what is being taken away, much like some First Nations have vowed to stand up to Enbridge. If you don’t, it’ll all vanish and quickly.

    Happy Canada Day weekend. Be safe.

  6. Thanks for your posts Laila. Blogs like yours are vital to our freedom.

    The CBC online comments section has been one of the primary places I go to get the pulse of the public mood.

    Earlier this week the CBC introduced a new comments format, without consultation, or warning. Apparently earlier stories, and comments have been lost. I fear for the CBC commenting community.

    People are already disengaging from the CBC, and closing their accounts. There is a massive negative reaction to the changes, approx 95% reject them.

    Common concerns are the discontinuation of thumbs down on articles, slow moderation, heavy censorship for no apparent reason, a very confusing thread, and no pages so you are lost at sea in the comments. I am very careful in my commenting, and even then many reasonable comments don’t appear.

    The icing on the cake is that the CBC’s American platform host Viafoura sent me a surprise email containing my new comments. I didn’t open it because I wasn’t sure what it was. Other commenters were disturbed by these email as well.

    I found out from the other upset commenters a great deal more about these changes: Viafoura’s purpose is to monetize the CBC website using commenter data. Underneath the comments, if you are paying attention the CBC in effect says if you decide to comment here, we can use your words were we wish.
    Happy Canada all. Stay safe on the roads and water.

    ps There is something very strange happening, I tried to provide a link to the above story: “CBC Gets Improved Commenting Space” and the link won’t appear, I tried a few times…

  7. Hi Laila,
    While I totally agree with your statements I am wondering if you could change just one word in your statement……
    Your description of Senators’ Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin as gros “jambon” is slightly inaccurate.
    Jambon is french for “Ham”.
    I think the french word “cochon” is far more appropriate for their description.
    Cochon means ‘Pig” in french
    As in this sentence…… Les Senator Mike Duffy est la gros cochon.
    Roughly translated into……The Senator Mike Duffy is a big pig.

    My apologies to bilingual francophones everywhere.

  8. Excellent blog entry. I was asked what would I give Canada for its birthday. I said “A new Prime Minister”.

  9. I was happy to read today, that 51% Canadians think the Con-servative party (read Harper) are not good for Canada (my interpretation).
    So, it seems the people of Canada are finally waking up to the huge “con game” being played out by Harper and his corporate backers and advisors. Lets hope theis discontent continues to increase – I know my limit has long been exceeded over our Dick-Tator Harper.
    It seems that even on the “wild salmon ISA virus”, the Canadian government is practicing coverups and deliberately lying :


    Never has politics sunk so low as it has with the Harper regime. Where will this deliberate deception take us – what will happen to this once proud country where the current prime minister is laughed at because of the extremely poor leadership exhibited and where politics no longer has any integrity. Campbell and Harper – the same negative qualities that really piss people off.

    You are bang on with your comments Laila – please keep them coming.

  10. ” … so what exactly will it take to get you off your ass, folks? Eh?
    Posted on June 28, 2013 12:05 am”

    I have been asking the same question for years!

  11. I completely agree about Christy Clark eventually being run out of the province, just like we did to Drunken Campbell. He still has to sneak into the country under cover of dark for fear of the torches and pitchforks from the outraged citizens of BC.

    In hindsight, I am also happy that the BC Liberals won the last election because they must now perform. Christy can’t blame Gordo, the NDP or anyone else. It’s all on her now. Since she never graduated from university, we know she doesn’t have the brainpower to find her way out of a locked bathroom stall. Her biggest decision each day is generally what shade of blue shirt to wear. She’s a silly, frivolous, emotionally stunted high school mean girl. She wanted fame? She will have it but not necessarily on her own terms.

    We’ve already started to see the disastrous cracks in the BC Liberal pro-business plan. It’s unsustainable on the backs of the middle class. I can’t wait for the implosion, it will be glorious.

  12. Good Post and thank you for re posting the other. It needs to be said again and again.

    If cc. is elected in Kelowna, B.C. can look forward to 4 yrs of cuts to health, education, children’s ministry, etc.

    At the end of the 4 yrs. we will look like a 3rd world country, not only politically but financially. Who knows we could be the first province in Canada to pull a Chicago (they are bankrupt). People don’t have money left. They can’t get by on what they make. To ensure people don’t get any ideas she is trying to ensure teachers are also impoverished. It isn’t that teachers make any great amount of money. They are about the second lowest paid in Canada. they look like they are making a lot of money if you are making min. wage. And min. wage and just above it, is what more and more people in this province are making. By eliminating any one who makes a decent living wage, min. wage earners will have nothing to compare their salaries to.

    When you eliminate decent living wages, you eliminate small business. it is those who can afford to purchase more than the basics of life, who keep the economy going.

    There are still some in B.C. whose ox has not been gored. That will end shortly. The $25 a month fee for wheelchairs in government seniors homes, is just the beginning.

    the Canada Harper and c.c. envision is not my Canada. My Canada is the one where children and teachers are valued. Where everyone has a chance to get ahead. My Canada is one where young people graduating from university, aren’t mortgaged for the rest of their lives. My Canada includes decent schools instead of portables. My Canada includes adequate housing, education, and health care for First Nations. My Canada is more like the Canada Piere Trudeau was trying to create, with a U.I. program which was the closest thing we ever got to a guaranteed income.

    • Great link! Blog Borg is a must read.He is the expert on info data-mining.. I’m surprised our law enforcement agencies haven’t tried to hire him yet! 🙂


    Really? This is one newspaper that all should read for it’s forthright and unbiased reporting, imo.
    I believe the church should stay out of this business. Doesn’t speak highly of the clergy now does it?
    To the Terrace Daily, keep up the good work, it’s needed more now than ever especially where you sit in the province and all the “unknown” activities occurring in the north, and occurring to the people of the north.

    • The church should deal with their issues rather than intimidating publishers.

  14. when it comes to “shoulds’ the residents of this part of the globe “should” learn who
    they are

    Canada is a Corporation Under UK Queen

    Check this out. Canada is TRADED in the US Stock Exchange and registered as [ What about the OTHER “ex-colonies”?] :

    “…CORPORATE CANADA in USA. This is Canada’s Corporate registered number. 0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880 American Depositary Receipt. Business Address Canadian Embassy 1746 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036…”

    Hon. Premiers, MLA’s, MPP’s, MP’s,
    MNA’s, & Respected Inhabitants:

    It appears our politicians have a problem defining what a country/nation is: They are both described in the dictionary as being one and the same. Are you all trying to create a mythical name that can be twisted to mean just about anything, so you all can spend the taxpayer money arguing over it, in order to deceive we the people? It appears so.

    It appears that this fraudulent government is trying to find a way to prevent the exposure of their fraudulent corrupt actions, of the past two hundred years, by trying to create a new definition that will be accepted, by the mis-informed inhabitants of Canada.

    These politicians have no intentions of following International Law, that would require them to honour their promises, by International standards for Sovereignty Rights, They have deceitfully created Canada as a Corporation. “CORPORATE CANADA”, by the directions of the UK Queen, that they all pledge allegiance to. We have been ruled under the UK Queen and her corporate rule, Rules that are legislated without representation, a fiction entity.. And fraudulently posing as our government.

    This fiction entity did not request our approval to join the UN, who planed to rule the world, nor did they request our approval when registering Canada as CORPORATE CANADA in USA.

    This is Canada’s Corporate registered number. 0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880 American Depositary Receipt. Business Address Canadian Embassy 1746 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036.

    The political mess we are in, was caused by the deceitful actions of the UK Kings and Queen’s, in the signing of both the 1867 and the 1931 documents, that did not comply with International requirements, for International Sovereignty agreements of Common Contract Law of the Land.

    Quebec has tolerated this deceit for too long, as Quebec maintained her status as a country/nation long before the 1867 fraudulent documents were sign. And was stated in those documents under the BNA, Acts that they would continue to be a country/nation. It is the deceitful rhetoric and actions of the UK Queen’s agents in Ottawa, who has been stating otherwise, to the inhabitants, and our Indigenous people.