Yet another definition of irony?

Tomorrow, many patients visiting Surrey Memorial Hospital might notice that for one day only, parking is free in many designated areas around the medical facility.


However, don’t get too excited.

Ironically, it’s only so people who want to have a sneak peek at the new emergency room that won’t be open until October, can do so free of charge. Come Sunday, it’s back to pay parking.

Which makes me kind of wonder…. why is it ok for Fraser Health and the politicians to waive the standard when it suits their needs… in this case, extolling the virtues of a long overdue hospital expansion… and not when it suits the people who need it most?

15 thoughts on “Yet another definition of irony?

      1. The fact that Hospitals require sick people and their families to pay to park is revolting. A reimbusement program at the hospital OR a tax break/refund at the end of the year might be options,(but I’m not holding my breath). However, if they charged nothing, with acres of free parking. How long before workers and/or commuters would fill the lots with their cars. No easy solution when the Cities are squeezed and they need revenue……..


        1. All they need to do is show an admissions slip that could be easily printed out for only those who are sick and in treatment and their families- SKU’s are on everything these days– – the technology is there, they refuse to acknowledge what the BC Medical Association has to say about this.


  1. Hi Laila,
    Free parking for one day open house…… what would you have said if they charged parking for the open house). Don’t get me wrong, I’m still of the opinion that hospital parking should be free for patients and visitors.


    1. I think that if they recognize that people won’t come to see the wonderfully artistic new emergency room that was promised for… well, how many years did it take to get this expansion done? …because they have to pay for parking…. they might see the point that when people are sick, injured and possibly dying, paying for parking is just as much of an issue. In particular in Surrey, where there is a very large low and middle income demographic.

      This is all about tooting horns and patting backs.Let’s not pretend this is about anything else Mike. Yes, we have needed this for a long long time in Surrey… and how long did that Liberal gov wait to kick in the money needed to do this? Shall we travel down memory lane? Personally, I hope I never see the inside of the new emergency room, but if I do, I can guarantee you I wont be concerned with all the artistic architecture… 😉


  2. Oh look, a freebie from the Libs! Wait, oh maybe not.

    It’s all politics all the time here in BC. Park for free while you drink the kool-aid, delivered by the overly compensated talking mouth piece, Christy.

    Most people in Westside Kelowna may like her free flowing bullshit, but most of us don’t. How do we move on from here besides boycotting that city?


    1. Most people in the Westside-Kelowna riding are idiots who will find out soon enough that they made a huge mistake by electing this fraud. The fact that she’s now advertising for a non-smokong, no pets home just proves the kind of person she is. What kind of person doesn’t like dogs? I’ll bet dogs don’t like her either. Unlike humans, they can immediately discern whether a person is good or bad.


  3. Well Island not all of us West Kelowna ites like her free-flowing bs. As with any recent election, she won with a tiny smidget of the eligible voters which is hardly indicative of the real support she has. That said, a great many people here seem to drink the kool aid she offers but the honeymoon will soon wear as Clark’s idiocy will soon shine through.


  4. What I wonder is….what kind of people go to an Emergency Room open house? Are these people expecting to use it soon and want to familiarize themselves with the amenities? I avoid Emergency Rooms at all costs, regardless of the reason.


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