Have the BC Liberals provided dictionaries with a new example of attempted bribery or bribery itself ?



1. Something, such as money or a favor, offered or given to a person in a position of trust to influence that person’s views or conduct.
2. Something serving to influence or persuade.

v.  bribed, brib·ing, bribes


“The NDP hammered BC Liberal rookie multiculturalism minister Teresa Wat and finance minister Mike de Jong in Question Period on July 15 over an alleged bribery attempt that was uncovered in the nearly 8,000 pages of Quick Wins scandal documents.
A heavily censored Sept. 18, 2012 email originating from multiculturalism communications director Brian Bonney says:

“Have Harry Bloy meet with her and explain how doing anything would damage the Premier and the party. Have him say how he will try to find her work and get her back involved… Assess her response and advise… Have Brian (Bonney) meet with her and do the same… Assess her response and advise… If need be, offer x dollars per month to do non public work up to election (developing her database of potential supporters).”

The identity of the disgruntled staffer is not evident, but speculation is already underway.

I’m awaiting the breathless denials of any knowledge of any of this from Premier Christy Clark…


10 thoughts on “Have the BC Liberals provided dictionaries with a new example of attempted bribery or bribery itself ?

  1. What?? Bribery in the Liberal govt works!!!! Who knew you could fit bribery in alongside the lies, deception, tax favours to govt donators, anti-democratic behaviour, corruption, coverups, illegal behaviour, interference with public enquiries, rewards for bowing to the Party line, parroting the Preem, did I miss anything?…


    1. Very well written article. It’s become so easy to blame Adrian for the failure, which certainly we could hold his feet to the fire for not pummelling serial liar Clark, but so few spend any time pointing out the blatant deceit that has just put a corrupt government back into power.


      1. There have been a lot of people pointing it out for years bcwaterboy- these pages and those of others have been doing nothing else. Don’t let up on the NDP now because of yet another example of the Liberals lack of ethics. The NDP supported Dix during the election and handed a victory to the Libs. Holding all accountable to their actions on both sides is what is needed right now. Too often the tunnel vision holds back any real progress. 😉


  2. Wow! The Clark Govts new “elected” Preem in her seat what…..? A week?
    And a bribery scandal is ” a brewing”?
    Say it aint so!
    Our Christy involved in a bribery scandal? Never!
    She’s whiter than white, purer than driven snow, able to leap judicial investigations in a single bound.
    And the news media knew absolutely NOTHING about this until AFTER her election………
    How very very convenient.
    Hang them all.
    The media in this province deserve the eventual bankruptcy that’s coming.
    As for the Preem.
    Can ya blame her.? It pays better than slinging beer at the Blue Boy.
    Until you go to jail.


        1. An intense exchange of eye contact at that venue….look at the facial expressions, the tension in the face muscles and the hands.


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