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I’ve received quite a few emails this summer from readers wondering why I haven’t been covering the activities of the BC government, considering this years summer session of the Legislature, and a variety of scandals and stories that have emerged.

Quite frankly, summer is yet another silly season for the news, when the majority of people are interested in anything but politics. Kids are out of school, people are camping, at the cottage, or simply enjoying the endless beauty of all this sunshine at local parks and beaches. Even those who are stuck working are more interested in coming home to spend an evening on the patio or in the yard, than worrying about what the government is doing….

This is very likely why a summer session was held in the first place. A very strategic move, politically, for the new premier and her government, to escape the scrutiny of the public.

Recognizing that by far, the majority of people are not poli-geeks like most of us,my strategy has been to compile a list of all the important stories and scandals that broke in July, and will likely continue throughout August.  When September arrives and the spell of summer is beginning to wane,many BC residents will once again start turning back to the news and blogs to see what’s been going on… and at that time, everything old will be new again. I’m sure everyone will be quite surprised to see what their new premier and her government have been up to over the summer!

In addition, the results of a variety of Freedom of Information requests submitted and received over the summer will make for an interesting post on spending at the municipal level of government, also in September.

For now, I’m picking and choosing my stories as interest and importance dictate. On Monday of course, you’ll find next weeks column for The Duel with Brent Stafford.

On Tuesday, I will have the follow-up to the post on the BNSF bridge in South Surrey, with some interesting data and information I’ve located and some that the best data-miner in the country sent me, the man affectionately known as North Van Grumps.

Following that, will be a story I’ve been sitting on since last year about a company whose activities in B.C. I’ve written extensively on – Kiewit. That story will be of interest to all Canadians, in particular those who are in Alberta.

And somewhere in all of that, I’ve got some thoughts on one of the biggest threats to Canadian sovereignty.

Today however, and for the weekend, I’m going to do what everyone else in Canada is doing, and enjoy the lovely weather!  I suggest you try and do the same. 🙂


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  1. Not sure if there is a story for someone on this subject but there is huge environmental impact going on with a mine expansion in Greenwood/Phoenix BC . Actually draining mountain lakes for tailing pond .Have heard nothing in the press .Is there someone that might want to get info and possible word to the public should it be concerning us all. Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 16:43:18 +0000 To:


  2. Then there is Harper and his FIPA deal with China. Harper giving the key of the tar sands to China. Harper gave Nexen to China. Rumor has it, Harper is bringing China into the rich resources of the High Arctic. China permitted to take the 200 BC mining jobs. Chinese miners earn, $800 per month. Now China is buying up our Canadian farmland. China has poisoned much of their farmland and polluted 40% of their water. Harper’s FIPA deal with China, has China in Canada for 31 years. They will take Canada’s food crops to feed the thousands of Chinese coming over here and feed their people in China too. There are 18 mining permits for Vancouver Island. There are nine mines and mine expansions, going into Northern BC. Wonder just who, will Harper give those jobs to? $800 per month doesn’t even pay the rent in this country. Chinese send all of their money back to China. They don’t spend their wages in Canada. Do people not see the atrocities, that Harper is bringing onto Canada and the citizens?

    I certainly hope, everyone signed the petition against, Harper’s FIPA deal with China.


    1. I couldn’t wait to get the federal liberals out of power now I’m so damn discussted with
      the conservatives and their policies with China, immigration, Quebec and the Indians


  3. Julie !
    God bless ya.
    Where have ya BEEN?
    I’ve missed your anti Harper venom!
    Its been a boring summer.
    Let me get a cup of hot chocolate, my blanket and I’ll snuggle up to the computor screen and wait for your next installment…….


    1. Nonconfidence! Be Nice!! 😉

      We may all agree to disagree, but as the famous quote goes, I will defend your right of freedom to speak your mind, even when it angers and repels my interest.


  4. Thanks Laila for all you’ve done so far. It is summer, a nice one, and you need a break too… chasing Govt and agencies is like working in ER, no good news just disasters coming in all the time. Find a lake or pond where you can go out in the evening, stretch out on your back and watch the stars… we need to feel how very small we all are in the scheme of things so we can drift off a bit and give our brains a rest. Loons calling at night, breezes hissing through the trees, the sound of a trout rising, or just pure quiet.
    Thanks for all


  5. No worries. I just need my “Julie fix” every so often to keep me smiling.
    Enjoy some time off in this beautiful weather ’cause in about 6 months yer gonna be wishing you had more of it……….


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