Surprise Surprise, BC Ferries executive pull in significant salary/bonus increases.

A month ago today, sources passed on information to me indicating that the BC Ferries executives had been given significant raises, making the meager tokens given to ferry workers look like peanuts.
After contacting BC Ferries spokesperson Deborah Marshall, I posted this blog:

Of course, my sources are rock solid and yesterday the report was filed with SEDAR on the last possible day before the regulatory deadline to do so.

And of course, executives  received more than 10% increases.

bcferries compensation

I’m sure that they are all standing around patting themselves on the back right about now…. but if you need a really good laugh, just read the executive report detailing why and what they did to deserve these financial rewards:

BC Ferries: Getting not much done, expensively.


11 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise, BC Ferries executive pull in significant salary/bonus increases.

  1. What a Joke, they are making more than the President of the USA, with better pensions.
    But at least no free Helijet passes yet!!
    I thought the Liberals brought in SNC Lavalin to run B.C. Ferries.
    Fed up with everyone feeding off the taxpayers dollars.
    If they worked any slower, they’d be going backwards.


  2. Of course, these things are buried in the dog days of summer when people don’t notice, and if they do they shrug and move on with their lives. The Liberal method in all things financial is to bury things and Miss Smiley Face just explains it away if the MSM happens to report on it.


  3. Here’s a little quip that I’ve used for years as a sig file:
    The salary of the chief executive of a large corporation is not a market award for achievement. It is frequently in the nature of a warm, personal gesture by the individual to himself.

    —John Kenneth Galbraith


  4. One wonders how they “earned” these bonuses….
    Another ferry broken down on a busy summer weekend. (Queen of Coquitlam).

    These people remind me of a boss I once had about 25 years ago.
    He cut and cut and cut on necessary maintenance. All these cuts were so that he could show his “superiors” how much money he saved at the end of the year. he saved about $100,000.00 per year for 5 years. And for his ‘hard work” ( not approving necessary expenditures) he recieved an annual bonus and “bragging rights”.
    He left the company after 5 years……before the proverbial “shit hit the fan”.
    Everything he neglected…… needed to be replaced.
    $2,000,000.00 later, we were back at the starting board.

    One wonder what BC Ferries has been cutting to save money when we have a steady stream of break downs AND the BC Ferries engineering staff( the guys that run these fricken ships) responded to an internal employee satisfaction survey……and BC Ferries refused to release the results…….. taxpayers money paid for that survey…….

    My personal prediction. Next year’s break downs will make this year look like nirvanna


  5. Everything BC Ferries Inc. does is designed to waste public dollars, exorbitant executive salaries being just one way; cable ferries is another: after spending millions to convince Denman Islanders they want a cable ferry when they really don’t, BC Ferries Inc. (the bogus “privatized” service provider that’s still 100% owned by us citizens but exists to exempt accountability) still asserts the longest marine cable ferry in the world (by double) is due to begin construction in November despite unresolved engineering questions; a brand new slip at Buckley Bay will now be demolished; BCF Inc. has also failed to show how Transport Canada’s safety standards can be met by reducing the crew from six to three (the claimed savings)—how will this number deal with a vehicle fire and passenger evacuation all at once has been seriously questioned.

    But seriously, it doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to waste money. Why? Along with expensive German-built ferries and piling on debt at high interest (when the new ferries could have been built and financed cheaper here in BC), the BC Liberal government aims to bankrupt the venerable public service so’s to sell it for pennies on the dollar to insider friends who will then gouge the piss out of passengers. Sound bizarre? It’s happening right in front of our eyes.


  6. Soon after the May Election Christy Clark boosted her campaigners salary take home packets, paid for by us…. and when the public objected, Clark didn’t complain about the money until she was facing a backlash from the voters in the Westside-Kelowna ByElection. She cancelled those outrageous salary increases …. that she authored….. and won the Seat.

    Whether it’s BC Ferries or Translink, the salaries for the Brass are totally out of whack with those they supposedly work for…. you, me, and the government. They get paid more than the Premier or the Prime Minister of Canada, who are already over paid for what little they do. We need a new measuring stick.


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