“Talk is cheap, throw money instead.”

H/T to Rob Shaw of the Times Colonist for this list of Liberal job appointments since the May election. He’s asked in this article, that if you know of any more appointments, to email and let him know – definitely worth a share if you haven’t seen this.


There you have it – the BC Jobs Plan in action. Liberals jobs, that is…

Also a H/T to Mike Summers for sharing this graphic, which speaks for itself 😉


4 thoughts on ““Talk is cheap, throw money instead.”

  1. Patronage, or rewarding friends and insiders with cash and high paid (non)jobs is the hallmark of politics in Canada and BC. SNC Lavalin and Bombardier have contributed heavily to the BC Liberals and is the reason why we keep building with extremely expensive light metro like SkyTrain and the Canada Line, which can cost up to ten times more to build than light rail, yet doesn’t provide any extra benefit. Don’t worry if no one else builds with SkyTrain, our politicians and bureaucrats are well oiled by SNC and bombardier money.

    Massively over built (read massively expensive) infrastructure projects is the new form of graft and corruption. Of course, we need hundreds of government appointments to grease these grossly expensive and over-engineered projects with the taxpayer and with complaint friends, willing to sell their souls for $50K or more and a mainstream media so in bed with BC Liberals, the province is being financially raped by a well oiled criminal machine.


  2. Here is Suzanne Anton at the Ministry of Justice a couple of weeks ago when asked about urgently required upcoming appointments, the kind which in the past would have required appropriate selection procedures applied to appropriately qualified candidates.

    “I’m asking my friends for suggestions.”.

    They no longer even need to hide it.


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