While Duffy squeals foul on Harper et al. … let us not forget from whence he came

While the trough feeders of all trough feeders Rob Ford provides a momentary distraction from the Senate Scandal, Press Progress has posted a video reminder of  ” The Old Duff” fundraising for the Conservatives in 2010. From their post:

“One of the defining features of the modern Senate is that, for decades, the government of the day has appointed party fundraisers, organizers and former staffers, tapped to do party work on the public dime.

That’s exactly why Stephen Harper appointed Duffy to the Senate in December 2008. Fast-forward to today, and the Prime Minister is desperate to cut him loose.

That’s difficult to do – and we’ve got the video that shows why”

No kidding!

A prime example of why partisan appointments of any kind do less for the people than they do for the governing party.

Kudo’s to www.pressprogress.ca for finding this prime example of  ‘The old Duff’.


9 thoughts on “While Duffy squeals foul on Harper et al. … let us not forget from whence he came

  1. The sad part of it all, Harper caused all of this to happen.
    Harper just cannot resist trying to control everyone and everything. The end result is what we have now with the senate scandal.
    Harper caused this “Senate Scandal” with his very own efforts and is now having to deal with the consequences.
    Unfortunately, Harper will not take ownership of his own actions and continues to blame Nigel Wrtight, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Brazeau.
    We have seen this exact behaviour before in Gordon Campbell – seems like Harper and Campbell are two peas from the same pod eh !


  2. Its not that these Senators got greedy, that’s been going on for years in this hog pen, the point that’s been really missed, by mistake or on purpose, is that Harper is scared shitless that Duffy and Wallin would be found shilling for the Cons on the taxpayers dime as per the video. Duffy at one point was lobbying Harper to give him a car and driver and a budget to work even harder at promoting the CRAPers. Duffy pushed back when he was double crossed, Wallin wasn’t smart enough to keep records and really was too greedy and Brazeau was just a throw in to feed the dogs and keep media off the real story.


  3. Nothing happens in Ottawa that the PMO doesn’t control through Herr Harper. Adolph Harper desperately wants rid of the senators so he can rule supreme. The senate needs cleansing and the trough to be removed and replaced with the average wage that a Canadian makes and no frills and a lot of them need to go to jail along with Adolph and his mob. This is a side show while he signs Canada away to China with the CETA.


    1. Harper ought to have known the 3 senators did not live where they were supposed to be. Wallin is supposed to represent Sask. and Duffy–P.E.I. that started the mess. Haper was either stupid and doesn’t know his geography or he didn’t care–he fraudently appointed them.

      His “embrassing” Ford, shows another lack of brains, etc.

      Any number of annointments/appointments have demonstrated bad judgement on the part of Harper. it is just that simply, the man does not possess good judgement. Well perhpas he thought maybe no one would notice, but that also is an e.g. of bad judgement.


  4. Let’s not forget his pal Gordo. He was appointed High Commissioner to England. He has a criminal record and other baggage, and this was before Stevie gave him his new job. Would have been totally aware having seen El Gordo and the big teardrops on national TV. And Ford? Well sheesh, another friend of Steve’s.
    I’m waiting for the – I have found the Lord, again.


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