And everyone thought she was acting…

Director: “Pam, Pammy… Pamela! What’s your inspiration for this scene? ”

Pamela: ” Oh, I don’t know, I’m sure something will come to mind…”


Sadly for Ms. Wallin, there will be no retakes this time around. 😉

8 thoughts on “And everyone thought she was acting…

  1. Pamela Wallin, Queen of the Entitled . . . since when does the taxpayer owe anyone more than what they have actually earned? How many days do they sit? What is their attendance record? Can they read and write?
    Forget the math??


  2. Thee very sad thing is, everybody in government thinks that the public’s money is theirs and theirs alone, to do as one wishes.

    This grand perception of entitlement has made Canada one of the most corrupt countries in the Western world. Politicians are for sale to the highest paying lobbyist and when that is not enough they feed at the public trough. The taxpayer has to fund these porcine politico’s and their ever increasing retinues and to keep the taxpayer at bay, politicians drag out elections, hoping that taxpayer’s have sort memories.

    The problem with this, is a major tipping point happens and the voters throw most of the bums out, leaving the next tranche of porcine politicians and their huge entourage to feed at the ever diminishing public trough.

    No political leader has the moral fortitude to stop this frenzy feeding of the ever scarcer taxpayers dollars and the problem escalates with each election.

    There will come a day, when the voters will vote for a little nobody, who sings a sweet tune of reform, only this nobody’s reform will be an illusion and democracy as we once knew it in Canada will all but vanish.

    Remember the odious Nazi Party in Germany and that equally odious little man with funny black mustache, ran is seven consecutive extremely democratic elections, until they became the majority in government and did away with democracy and at the same time, lead the world to a massive global war.

    The democratic alarms in Canada are sounding very loud, but most are sleeping through it, dreaming of a Canada that never was. Reform is needed now or the future will be very bleak indeed.


  3. Sadly, the director called ” Cut! ” yesterday and put an end to this. Hopefully Harper himself won’t be far behind with the Horsemen knocking on his door.


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