The Harper Ford Lovefest.

Saw a tweet from a fellow by the name of Robin Archer that seems to have hit the nail on the head today…

Which immediately brought to mind this video that has caused some fury over the years by the Conservative party, who apparently have asked to have it taken down every time someone has posted it since it first became public in 2011.

I think it’s time for a stroll down memory lane, where the grass is green( no pun intended), the right-wing air is clean and Harper is still feeling the love for Rob Ford.

Harper:  ‘We’ve cleaned up the left-wing mess federally in this area, Rob’s doing it municipally, and now we’ve got to complete the hat-trick and do it provincially as well.’

Somedays, it just doesn’t get any better than this…the irony of it all is stupendous.

7 thoughts on “The Harper Ford Lovefest.

  1. it was good of Ford to “make his confession” today. Took a lot of publicity off of the Senate. Harper and his cons operate much like the Republican teabaggers. They work at a national level but they go to the local level, where they can make major changes which promote their agenda. It is not good for citizens. when Harper refers to the provincial level, we have only to look at american states where teabaggers have dramatically changed the landscape. Some of the state laws being passed takes women’s rights back a 100 yrs.

    The Con’s Calgary convention saw them pass resolutions regarding workers’ rights and women’s rights to control their own bodies. If you look south of us, you can see the blue print for Harper and his ilk. it is not a nice picture.

    The Cons have silenced scientists and it has become much harder to access information. The Americans have taken this one step further in the state of Alabama. A blogger, Legal Schnauzer, written by Roger Shuler has been beaten, arrested, and jailed indefintely. His crime. he reported on prominent Republicans. They were able to have a retired circuit judge issue an injunction. When Mr. Shuler didn’t obey, he was standing up for his First AMendment rights, he was arrested in his home. For those of us who do not think this can’t happen here, what harper and his ilk are doing in Canada is simply teabagging operation. The americans simply started sooner. There are many parallels.

    Of course a crack smoking and hard drinking mayor hasn’t helped Harper. Fortunately the press in Canada has reported it. In the U.S.A. the MSM didn’t touch the mess. The need for a free and open press remains the best defense against violations of our rights. Currently the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama have taken on the case. We know Harper’s agenda. We need to ensure they do not make inroads on our provincial and civic politics.


  2. Reminds me of a classic Steven Wright quip.
    “There’s a fine line between fishing and bobbing around on a lake in a boat looking like an idiot.”


  3. Ford is really no different than Harper. Ford is despised and refuses to resign, just as Harper is doing. Ford is a very good friend of Harper’s. Seems he threw Ford under the bus too.

    Have people read of? Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept 25/2007

    Harper officially endorses the NAU
    Oct 3/2005

    NAU pushed by big business
    May 18/2011

    If all of this is true regarding Harper and Obama, setting us up for the NAU? What would happen to the citizens?


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