Silence is the ultimate weapon of power. -Charles de Gaulle

Just this last summer, I discovered one of the few remaining gems in B.C., one I happily admit I will only share the location of with my trusted friends.

2013-09-01 022What more could you possibly want from this province? Stunning hills and mountains, unadulterated natural,see- yourself- in- the- mirror- pristine lakes filled with whatever nature intended to be there…and all to yourself.

No clearcuts visible ( a rarity in the province of BC, as those who travel here know!) No invasive species dumped in the lake and surrounding areas from wannabe pet owners tired of turtles/koi/carp/bunnies and whatever else has been deemed a socially acceptable pet fad.

In short, a bit of heaven here on earth, or at least what I would want heaven to look like,coming from a woman who was born and raised in the northern interior.

Sad thing is, Christy do-anything-to-make- even- a- tiny-buck-for-this-debt-ridden-province- Clark, is putting this and many more locations like this at risk to not only balance the budget for 2014, but actually make it look like there is hope for the years beyond that.

And…the BC NDP sure as hell are not doing anything to change that.

More on that tomorrow.

For now, appreciate what we have… while we actually have it.

11 thoughts on “Silence is the ultimate weapon of power. -Charles de Gaulle

  1. I am sad for our beautiful province. I am sad for our entire beautiful country. Neither BC nor Canada are going to survive, Harper nor Christy Clark. Never, ever will I ever forget, the evil Gordon Campbell did to BC.


    1. There are a lot of folks out there who feel the same as you, the problem is there is no real viable alternative out there. If a party and a leader were to arise that cared less about the vested interests of mega businesses and mega unions and dealt with the real bread and butter issues confronting BC families and small to mid size businesses and maintained a progressive social value system, they would win an election in a landslide. Unfortunately, there is no one there to fill that void and hasn’t been in over 40 years.


  2. The political back alleys of our unfair province are littered with a great many failed attempts to provide an alternative to our province’s two formidable political war horses. Only laziness and near certain doom stand in the way of yet more attempts to do so.


  3. shouldn’t have shown the picture. Shortly the land will be sold to an offshore buyer for a resort, just watch. el gordo sold provincial land to resort companies. Christie will do the same.


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