A must read. Right now.

The reactions to my last post on the NDP internal politics are astounding. I’ll be updating that story soon, but our good friend North Van Grumps has a great post up that is a must read. If you don’t make his blog a regular stop, you should, because the BC Liberals sure do.

Here is a primer:

“The worst is yet to come.   BC Energy Minister, Core Reviewer, Bill Bennett has not given British Columbians the true goods on our future debt because he and his lying cohorts continue to use creative bookkeeping to stage Balance Budgets, which they aren’t.

The 2013 silent ballot box majority are IDIOTS!  Have been IDIOTS for the past twelve years.  Idiots because they failed to seek out this graph on our Blog on September 12, 2012

The graphs?  They only tell half of the problem.   It’s the numbers, bottom line, bottom of this page, that shows the data behind the graphs.  A Ten Billion Debt over ONE YEAR…”

Now, go read the rest at:

And, if you want to check out something else quite stunning in the opposite direction, check out this story from my colleague at 24Hrs Vancouver, Jeremy Nuttall :

“Donations for a campaign billed as a fight against hydro hikes will instead be going straight into the BC NDP’s war chest, according to the party’s new president.

After a 28% BC Hydro rate increase over five years was announced Tuesday, the BC NDP sent out an email asking for donations to help fight the increases.

“We need your help to fight back against these increases,” the release read. “A hard-hitting campaign to fight to stop these increases can only happen with your financial support. Let’s raise $25,000 over the next five days to ramp up the fight.”

The email then asks whether the reader can donate $3 to the cause.

Freshly minted NDP president Craig Keating told 24 hours the drive has resulted in people who’d never previously donated to the party giving money, but he said the funds would not be going strictly to fight the increases.”

Check out the rest of this story, including comment from Integrity BC at http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/2013/11/27/ndp-power-hike-campaign-questioned

If this is indicative of how the BCNDP plan to move forward, it’s not sending a very good message. What do you think about this fundraising pitch?

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  1. Firstly, the NDP should already be ‘fighting the issues’ since that is what the opposition is already in place to do. Given that these doofuses get paid $75K/annum and more to represent us, why do they need $25K more for a warchest? Sounds too much like bribing the bureaucrats to me. But that is also not really the point: the point is that the NDP have more ammunition than the NSA on what horrible acts the Libs have committed…and what kind of ‘fight’ have they produced to date? Honestly? They have been and continue to be voiceless, brainless, leaderless and Dixless. They are useless in the extreme.

    They can’t even get in the Leg to whine!!! Why not earn their pay and at least picket the leg? In effect, they are being locked out, aren’t they? So picket already!!

  2. Read “Gramps” earlier today and got sick. Then this evening I read you new post. Got sick again. If the NDP is actually up to this “little trick” the party is in deep trouble. this will be used against the party by the lieberals and everyone who doesn’t like the NDP. For those of us who vote NDP and have donated in the past, it will be a cold day in hell before I do again. I expect more from the NDP.

    The NDP hasn’t been doing much of anything since the election beyond navel gazing. Dave’s suggestion regarding picketing the leg. is a great idea. Many in this province are unhappy there is no sitting. If the NDP had organized a campaign to protest outside liberal constituency offices and at the leg. it might have shown the public they were serious. It would have also gotten other parties out to protest. It could become an all party issue, for the 3 other parties.

    The NDP MLA’s could have gone to Victoria and held a “leg” sitting, without the lieberals and invited others to come and participate in a democracy. As usual the the party has not taken advantage of the current situation in B.C. beyond trying to increase their bank balance. In a time when one in 5 children are living in poverty, I’d like to see them take some action, even if it is for each MLA to write to their local papers. Like is that so hard?

  3. Great comments.

    I despise the thieving, lying incompetent government we have in BC and the logical opponent – the NDP will not be getting any of my money or support any time soon. They are in deep with some of the perks they love and some of their past shenanigans are in league with things the Liberals have done, so it looks very much like they don’t want to rustle the nest too much.

    They also seem to want their supporters to continually donate rather than actually come forward and do the heavy lifting.

    Watching NDP MLA’s Picket the Leg, particularly in bad weather would have been a huge PR coup and gained them a lot of respect, but no – begging for money is a lot easier.

  4. Gawd ! I really hope that a new political party ( that we can tolerate, even trust ) comes along soon. The NDP is going from deeply disappointing to terminally depressing.

  5. I snorted with derision when I got that solicitation.
    Not a penny more till I see a leader who’ll go for the BC Liberals’ gonads, jugular and throat and a committee that makes sure he or she does. That’s all I want right now, maybe get to the other stuff if we win. So far, disappointing.

  6. I got that e-mail and didn’t believe it, either. It’s another excuse to raise money, because they can no longer raise money on their piss-poor performance.