Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

… you see this story:

”   Chuck Strahl, Chairman of the federal body which oversees Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), has registered to lobby on behalf of Enbridge’s ‘Northern Gateway Pipelines Limited Partnership’.


“Strahl replaced disgraced Chairman Dr. Arthur Porter, who is currently in a Panamanian jail facing a range of charges from money laundering, to taking kickbacks and conspiracy to commit fraud while acting as a middleman for SNC-Lavalin and other private business interests.

The Security Intelligence Review Committee reports to Parliament on all activities undertaken by CSIS – and with the exception of cabinet secrets, Strahl’s position affords access to all intelligence gathered by the organization. “

Ah yes…. so of course it makes perfect sense for his firm to lobby for Enbridge….

And no… this wasn’t a story from The Onion. Although it could have been…

It’s actually real news, here in Canada. I clarify that for my many American readers.. 🙂

Read the rest of this unbelievable story, at this link..http://www.vancouverobserver.com/politics/investigations/canada%E2%80%99s-top-spy-watchdog-lobbying-enbridge-northern-gateway-pipeline?page=0,0

How this is legal in our wonderful country, I don’t know. But when I look back at some of the stories I have done where political interference in CSIS affairs plays a role, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after all…

Oh wait.. but wasn’t there some kind of fuss over statements Premier Christy Clark made over Chuck Strahl helping her campaign?

Statements like Stockwell Day and Chuck Strahl are “very actively helping us on the campaign and I’m really proud of the contribution they’re making,” ????

I guess I must have imagined that… http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/04/23/brian-hutchinson-b-c-premier-christy-clarks-baffling-campaign-strategy-is-to-misinform-mislead-and-make-up-stuff/

Because when you look at all of these as parts of one bigger story… it doesn’t look very good now… does it?

21 thoughts on “Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

  1. just another brilliant example of Harper’s judgment. You’d think the Cons might question it given his 3 senate appointments and handling of the scandal. this is just too entertaining for words.


  2. The question everyone should be asking is “why.”
    “Why” is Harper so obsessed about driving through this pipeline project?
    Does he owe something to Enbridge? Does he owe something to China? Could it have anything to do with the balance of trade? Do we owe far more to China for all the goods they ship over here which, at one time, we made ourselves?
    The reason cannot be the jobs it will create. If he is concerned about jobs for Canadians, he would not have allowed all those Canadian jobs to be moved to China.
    The jobs the Northern Gateway Project will create will be mainly during construction. When the construction is complete, only a few hundred jobs will be left.
    It is difficult to believe that a country as large as China does not have its own oil. Why would China want or need Canada’s oil?
    If we only knew the answers to all the “whys,” maybe it would explain Harper’s this monomania for sending oil to China would


    1. Errors in last sentence: If we only knew the answers to all the “whys,” maybe they would explain Harper’s monomania for sending oil to China.


    2. of course china has its own LNG and can get all the oil it wants from russia. However, if they can get it more cheaply from Canada, then that is where you get it from. If they can have it refined in North America, so much the better. it reduces the amount of water they have to use and less pollution in their country. Basically China is using us as their back water, they don’t care about it.

      Why Harper does it of course is the big question. we know Christy is just too stupid to know better but harper and his gang, they do it for idology and money. Where is Eric snowden when you need him. I’d like to have him hack into a few computers and have a good look at what Canadian politicians are doing.

      People in this country aren’t that upset, because they voted again for harper and the b.c. lieberals. It isn’t until it is too late, will they become concerned. When the Chinese government is dictating to Canada how we will run our country and how we will set our pollution laws, etc. You do have to wonder when Harper won’t go to Sri Lanka for the Commonwealth conferance because of their human rights record during their civil war, but is only too happy to have the chinese military come here on exchanges and sign a 31 yr free trade agreement. Like they say in the movies, just follow the money. Perhaps one could ask Eric snowden, if he has any information on harper and china. enquiring minds want to know,

      A recent release of British government records demonstrates how clearly Thatcher was will to go in a democracy, to turn England into a country she wanted. If you do not learn from history you will repeat it.


  3. I am glad to see your outrage Laila. When i read the great article in the Observer yesterday i couldn’t believe it. This is bizarre. Strahl, the Chair of the agency that “oversees” CSIS being paid to lobby for Enbridge. Let me see if I have this right. Strahl, who is replacing Harper’s other friend Porter who is now in a Panamanian jail and fighting deportation charges to Canada to face bribery charges in yet another SNC Lavalin theft of tens of millions from the taxpayers of this country, thinks it is okay to lobby for Enbridge. If anyone has any doubts that democracy is dead in Canada and we are nothing but a Kleptocracy they need to think about this. The head of the CSIS “oversight” committee who is being paid by Canadian taxpayers is also being paid to secure a meeting between Enbridge executives and Coleman? Come on folks? You don’t think that anyone at Enbridge could get a meeting with Coleman in a heartbeat?

    As bizarre as this is what is even more amazing is how far these guys have come from the brown paper bag days of Mulroney. Now, they don’t even think they need to hide it. They think that they can do it in the open and get away with it. And they do!

    While there may not be any “law” stopping Strahl from this behavior, in my opinion there should be three things that stops him from even envisaging this collusion and corruption…
    1. The fact that it is WRONG.
    2. Ethics
    3. Morals

    In the absence of these three characteristics of honesty and integrity I guess that being the Chair of CSIS oversight committee and acting on behalf of Enbridge would make sense. If you every wonder how far the political elite are removed from the reality of the folks down here on the street you only need to thing of Strahl’s behavior. I am disgusted but at the same time it is great to reveal the truth so that Canadians can see how hooped we really are. It is only once we are ready to acknowledge the true magnitude of corruption and collusion and demonstrated by this case that we will at some point say that enough is enough and come together to do something about it. So what Strahl has done here is actually all good news for a better future, a better Canada and the restoration of Democracy in this country!…ross buchanan


  4. I had found this sometime back.
    Enbridge has chosen a limited partnership–is to limit the exposure of investors of the company, not to make good on a catastrophic spill.

    Petro China puts in bid, to help build the Enbridge pipeline.
    May 29/2012

    No doubt why Enbridge is so rabid to build the pipeline? Look at all the cheap labor they could have, from China.


  5. Well Ross, unfortunately the Cons and Liebs don’t care. They have filled and continue to fill pockets of their corporations, companies, “friends” of government including those working the inside. (Senate appointments ring a bell? And we know what goes on there, but what we’ve heard is only the tip of the iceberg. El Gordo in London. Another payoff and get him out of the country.) There are no ethics, no morals and they wouldn’t know wrong was even if it kicked them in the a$$. But what they are good at is deceit, lies, poor judgment, lack of character, spending taxpayers money for their “own” good. Did I say LIES? ACCs is what they are: Arrogant, Corrupt, Cons. They all belong behind bars imo.


  6. In response to your second link (the National Post), it would appear that nobody in B.C. reads that publication, for if they had, we would no longer be led by a lying bimbo.


  7. This isn’t Chuck Strahl’s first venture into the realm of campaigning/lobbying for …others. During the past BC Provincial election: Ms. Clark clarified her statements Thursday morning: “He (Strahl) has been active for the last two years and when he took on his non-partisan role just very recently, he stepped back from that,” she said. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/chuck-strahl-forbidden-from-helping-liberal-campaign-bc-conservatives-say/article11382390/


  8. He noted the Vancouver Observer is aggressively “anti-pipeline” and opposes Northern Gateway. Its story was influenced by “an agenda…. This isn’t about right and wrong,” he said. “This is about pipeline politics, right?”

    Yes Chuck, it is about right and wrong.
    Why would you call the VO anti-pipeline? Explain that! You and the Cons have made it political. It is about what is best for the citizens of this entire country and the country itself.

    Still, one is left wondering why Enbridge required a consultant — who happens to be Canada’s spy watchdog — to arrange a meeting with B.C.’s deputy premier, to discuss its contentious pipeline project. Did the company not anticipate that Mr. Strahl’s involvement would generate criticism, even suspicions, and provide Northern Gateway opponents with fresh ammunition?
    “We retained Chuck because he is a respected British Columbian with a deep knowledge of this province and the issues that are important to the people who live here,” replies Enbridge spokesman Ivan Giesbrecht. “It is normal that regular conversations take place between Northern Gateway and governments.”


  9. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/other-spy-watchdogs-have-ties-to-oil-business-1.2491093

    Really. It’s time when people run for office they sign documents swearing under oath or affirming, they will not participate in anything related to government business for 10 years minimum, past leaving positions. I am starting to believe as I’ve been told, they’re only their for the money and appointments to a board, or something along those lines, when they either get booted from office, or they decide not to run again.
    Shameful, what has become of politicians, and disgusted for those who think this is okay. No wonder this country is in trouble, and others as well. It’s not about the common folks that’s for sure.


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