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Short delay to final installment of Playing with the Dragon, due to illness

There is a nasty virus going around that makes food poisoning look like fun, and I’ve got it. Lasts a couple of days. If I can manage, I will post it over the weekend. Be good.



  1. The bastards! First they hacked your website………….now this…………..coincidence? I don’t think so. My advice? Make the cat taste everything first…………..


    • How about the guinea pig? 🙂 Actually this has been going around the neighbourhood pretty fast. Very virulent, a combo of chest/head cold with Norwalk like symptoms at the same time.


      • A Harper/Clark Omnibug, no less! Take with plenty of salt, hold your nose and succumb to the gag reflex…may as well…puking is inevitable. They are a plague and a pox and you are our sacrificial lamb. I’d offer to do something for you but, of course, being an average citizen, I don’t want to get involved. I might miss hockey on TV!


  2. Single malt Scotch is a wonderful cure all. Well, it may not cure you but you fell better.
    Actually I had a cold for several days and I am feeling much better but there are still some sniffles.
    Get well soon.


  3. Hot and sour soup works wonders, but it has to be the real thing. It clears up the head and nose and lets your throat get enough so you can talk. Good luck with this cold and hope you recover quickly.

    The pictures are great!


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