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The third installment of Playing with the Dragon has been delayed to follow-up on some new and relevant information that came in – there is no sense in releasing it without doing this because it directly impacts the story itself.

As well, some interesting info has come in relating to a relatively new provincial contract involving one of my favourite contractors that requires some investigation. Hope to have more on that shortly!

If you have any info relating to the awarding of the contract for the John Hart Generating Station project, or to the project itself, please get in contact with me via the confidential contact form  on the contact page. Discretion is assured.


  1. Steve, don’t open the doors again eh?

    “Past experience shows that the most popular destinations [for corrupt officials] are the US, Canada, and Australia,” said Hu Xingdou, an economics professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology. “Australia has already become a major recipient country [of Chinese corrupt officials].”

    Australia’s popularity, Mr Hu said, could spike after Canada this month scrapped an investment immigration program that had been in operation for 28 years, after a crush of applications of wealthy Chinese mainlanders. About 45,000 applicants from China have been cancelled as a result, just as Australia ramps up its new significant investor visa program, which requires at least $5 million initial investment.


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