This weeks column for 24Hrs: B.C. and port should negotiate,not intimidate.

The winner of last week’s duel on internships was Laila with 69%.

This week’s topic:

Are provincial and port authorities justified in taking action to force truckers back to work?

As I entered the King George SkyTrain station Friday morning, it wasn’t the usual crowd of commuters that I encountered. Instead of office workers and students, seemingly endless lines of port truckers and their supporters filled the ticket area in a show of solidarity that made me smile.

As I chatted with more than a few supporters while waiting for my turn to buy a ticket, one thing was clear — it’s not just other unions supporting the truckers. A wide spectrum of non-unionized workers and small businesses genuinely understand and appreciate how hard it is to make a living.

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Ironically, while my Duel partner not only agrees the truckers deserve to make a living wage — and has even presented a comprehensive list of unresolved issues port truckers face — he still feels the bully tactics of the province and the port authority are reasonable to deal with the ongoing strike….

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3 thoughts on “This weeks column for 24Hrs: B.C. and port should negotiate,not intimidate.

  1. So how come they waited till after the fancy new Trucking Freeway opened and why hasn’t it helped? There seems to be more going on here than meets the eye and some how I am sure the issues are related. For example in one article I saw, they suggested opening the port later hours. Well they could have done that before the new trucking freeway. Some of us suggested it even…..


  2. Well, it sounds like that’s all over. It will be interesting to hear what the deal is.

    ‘Handy bit of news to take the heat off the travel spending debacle.


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