An interesting read by Matthew Millar from the Vancouver Observer: Premier Christy Clark partnered in Enbridge Lobbying Firm

Matthew does some great work, a must follow if you don’t already.

Here is an excerpt…


B.C. Premier Christy Clark was a partner in a lobbying firm that was contracted by Enbridge and which lobbied the federal government on the company’s behalf, according to documents obtained by The Vancouver Observer. The documents on lobbying originate from 2005-2011, when Clark stepped away from politics. 

In a 2008 Confidential Government Relations Plan from Burrard Communications, Clark is listed as a partner in the company. Burrard Communications is a lobbying firm founded by Clark’s ex-husband Mark Marissen.

Burrard Communications lobbied the federal government on behalf of Enbridge Inc. starting in April 2005. The Plan stated that “Burrard worked on issues related to their Gateway Project” including “strategic communications advice and federal government relations.” 

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22 thoughts on “An interesting read by Matthew Millar from the Vancouver Observer: Premier Christy Clark partnered in Enbridge Lobbying Firm

  1. Conflict of interest? Wasnt he part of BC Rail conroversy?Isnt Mr Basi ,of BC Rail,in court today.Didnt premier of BC just vouch for person,moving here to work , whos husband maybe involved in a billion dollar gas plant cancellation controversy in Ontario.?
    Non sequitors for April 1st .Still valid though


    1. Yes, his company office @Burrard Communications Inc was investigated.

      John Fraser worked for Burrard COmmunications #Enbridge #lobbyist 2005 & 2006

      John Fraser’s father was the conflict of Interest commissioner in the BC Rail debacle…
      It’s one big incestuous nest for sure!


  2. Smells like Harper getting ready to senate the cluck (there is absolutely nothing else he could reward her with) and bring in Watts as bc lib preemie to join pastor Hunt. Watts local friendly corrupt media has said that she ‘may not run again’ just after Baldwin who has been known to front for her, and the queen, said they were both running again. I’m sure the Surrey First slate can win an election with or without her nibs….corporate bucks and voter stupidity will do it again for them.


  3. I’ve just emailed Vaughn Palmer about this but hope it’s not a clever April Fools’ Day ruse that leaves me dining on crow and egg on face


  4. The wisdom of the MSM seems to be that this doesn’t matter, as there is no evidence Clark actively lobbied for Enbridge. It does matter, because Marrissen, who campaigned for Ms. Clark last year, and went on about the strength of the 5 conditions, did not disclose he once lobbied for Enbridge.

    Christy Clark’s ex husband did not disclose lobbying for the firm we now have to trust her to negotiate hard with. She was a partner in that firm. And neither of them wanted us to know those things. Nothing illegal, but hardly “nothing to see here”.


  5. Just got a response from Vaughn. He told me that it’s not true as far as he can determine. Enbridge was gone as a Marrison client when Clark went to work for her ex-hubby’s lobbying firm. She wasn’t there long and went to CKNW shortly after. The list of dodgy players and their historical connections are interesting, though. We’ll see if this story
    has legs.


  6. Actually, Burrard Communications, John Fraser Enbridge lobbyist from
    April 18, 2005 to Dec., 2006 and this is when Christy Clark was not in govt.

    Interestingly, yesterday, Mark Marissen’s company profile for Burrard Communications
    was removed from the federal government website..something is real fishy!!.

    In addition, Ken Boesenkoel, Clark staffer worked as lobbyist for Enbridge, Calgary and
    this is the same branch John Fraser, lobbyed for in 2005 &2006 on behalf of Burrard Communcations Inc., Mark Marissen’s company.


        1. Thanks for the further digging. The cast of characters are a bit incestuous but this seems to put the rumours to rest. Dang!


  7. From R’s link to CBC:
    At the time, Faist was under contract to provide IT services for the government caucus and the Ontario Liberal Party.

    For example, “Ethnic Scandalous” Brian Bonney working half time with BC Government caucus and the other half with the BC Liberal Party but being paid for from the BC Treasury. All was forgiven because the culture of Entitlement was found out and cut a cheque…. and all is forgotten.


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