**Updated : And would those “Foreign Trained Workers” be…. temporary, Harry Bloy?

They say one picture is worth a thousand words and if so, this screen shot from former MLA Harry Bloys business website tells a very interesting story.

In particular, this little gem Mr. Bloy shares, anecdotally from an employer:

” Workers from Asia have an excellent reputation of being experienced, dedicated and punctual. “We find the workers from Asia to be qualified. They come ready to work every morning and they are willing to work any extra hours. It is a pleasure to have them as part of the team,” says one of the employers”

According to Mr. Bloys business website, BC alone is facing a shortage of a million workers over the next 12 years. What makes this particularly interesting to me, is that Bloy was one of the figures involved in the Ethnic-gate scandal, and later resigned over an email he shared with the subject of a Vancouver Province news investigation.

On the ‘About’ page of Mr.Bloys business, it states the company ” brings Foreign Trained Skilled Workers from Asia to fill vacancies for Canadian companies”, in addition to a number of other services.

Of course, Mr.Bloy is no stranger to the Temporary Foreign Workers program, having participated in a Temporary Foreign Workers Roundtable event with MLA Stephanie Cadieux and former MLA Margaret MacDiarmid in Port Moody, as shown in this screenshot of a tweet from his twitter account, which is no longer available except in cached form. Inquiries to Mr. Bloy went unanswered.


H/t to a follower on twitter for the heads up. Click on the images to see a larger version.


18 thoughts on “**Updated : And would those “Foreign Trained Workers” be…. temporary, Harry Bloy?

  1. Well to be fair, I think he resigned..lol..

    Certainly the recent( allegedly non-binding) accord Christy signed with the feds to not only continue the TFW program but facilitate fast processing for LNG workers stands to help this part of Bloy’s business, which he is certainly entitled to do.

    What is interesting is that he mentions a list of positions, but there is no link to those positions.


  2. The one nice part of having the likes of Bloy jump into any discussion is that his very presence immediately causes a reasonable person to dismiss the arguments he promotes.


  3. Looks like the former MLA, former Minister, now call him Mr., Bloy should have approached the Conflict of Interest Commissioner to seek out advise on whether, or not, he could use the public purse to feather his future nest. Bloy ruffled a few feathers when he was an MLA with his “Declaration of Gifts” which was covered by Jennifer Moreau in the Burnaby Now on January 5, 2011 Bloy the “most-gifted” MLA in the province http://issuu.com/canwestcommunitypublishing/docs/bbywed20110105_20110105_144711

    “……………. The annual statements reveal MLAs’ income, assets, liabilities and any gifts they’ve received.

    In all, Bloy took $14,500 worth of trips to China and Korea. While his riding association pitched in $2,500, the rest was covered by foreign sources.

    Bloy said the trips were about promoting the province as a place to invest and do business and connecting people from B.C. companies with China. …………


    1. My my… isn’t that interesting? I updated the story above with a link to a cached version TFW roundtable event photo with Bloy.


  4. foreign “temporary” workers, just another way of saying more child poverty in b.c. There is not shortage of workers in b.c. there is no shortage of skilled workers in b.c. There is a shortage of jobs which pay a “living wage”. There is a lack of training available for workers. There are employers who are simply too cheap to invest in their business/province. They want others to provide the means to run a successful business so they can make a larger profit, at the expense of all other people. i.e. fast food restaurants.

    I’m waiting for some sub contractor to bring in “foreign temporary workers” to clean B.C. hospitals because they can’t find any “skilled workers”. They are firing 120 “living wage” hospital workers in Campbell River. 264 in Duncan. The Vancouver Island Health Authority has made arrangements for all housekeeping and maintence staff at St. Josephs to be fired and other sub contracted workers hired at the new hospital, it is building. Its called the impoverishment of children in B.C.

    While all these employers are hiring “temporary foreign workers” B.C. has had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 9 out of 10 yrs. And people wonder why.


    1. It is happening now. Check out access to information for Employment and Social Development Canada. You can request info on specific contractors, occupations, wages, locations etc. It costs $5.00.


  5. I see in todays (April17 2014} Michael Smyth muses about the Government,s {provincial and federal) might be “turning a blind eye to TFW program? Another fine piece of milquetoast journalism by Mr Smyth, please tell us Mike besides the usual BS from politicians about “ohh we will investigate employers who abuse the program” when does it become apparent that the program is being abused to you? Maybe when Pacific Press tells YOU that are terminated because we are bring in a TFW,s to write MILQUETOAST articles in their newspapers? It is quite clear from every informed person that I talk to, that this program is being used to drive down working conditions for everyone in Canada and is a deliberate plan by by the folks running the country, and if anyone is foolish enough to think its the Harperites in Ottawa or the liars running BC, just look at who contributes to these these parties and they are the ONES running this country. I just hope people wake up and demand change before its to late! if its not to late already.


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