“A big thank you to our loyal readers!” ~ 24 Hours Vancouver

I was very impressed to hear the news this evening, that our little paper, 24 Hours Vancouver, is now the second most read print publication, Monday to Friday, in all of western Canada!  ( The Province is #1, 24Hrs #2, and Vancouver Sun is #3)

I am very proud to be a very small part of such an incredible team, from our editor to our publisher, our incredible reporters including Jeremy Nuttall, Michael Mui and David Ball, to our copy writers, fellow columnists and support staff.

From the story today which should be in tomorrows print edition:

“If you’re reading this, you’re part of our success.

24 hours Vancouver is now the second-most read print publication, Monday to Friday, in Western Canada with a whopping 661,300 readers picking up our newspaper weekly.

We remain the No. 1 free daily in the Vancouver marketplace, according to the Newspaper Audience Databank study — the industry standard to measure readership in Canada.

The full 2013 survey shows that each week the 24 hours print edition reaches more Metro Vancouverites aged 18-49 — which includes the coveted “age of acquisition” — than any other newspaper in the region, including those who publish six days a week.

“That’s great news for our advertisers,” said 24 hours publisher Jane Atherton, who has seen the newspaper’s combined weekly print and digital footprint vault to 675,500 under her leadership this year — up from 644,500 in 2012. “Our readers are in their prime spending years and are actively purchasing our advertisers’ products and services.”

Erica Bulman, 24 hours Editor-in-Chief, calls the newspaper the “voice of Metro Vancouver.”

“We have a tough, scrappy newsroom that’s determined to hold accountable governments and those in positions of power, to speak up for the little guy, to tell the stories that need to be told.

“We love our city. We love our readers.”

Source: 2013 NADbank Full Survey, Vancouver CMA, Print + PDF readership (NET), Adults 18+


12 thoughts on ““A big thank you to our loyal readers!” ~ 24 Hours Vancouver

  1. Congratulations Laila. I am sure they are spinning over at Pac Press or whatever the call themselves these days. I would suspect we will see them handing the Province and The Sun out free again at all the Canada Line and Skytrain stations again.


  2. LOL.. wouldn’t that be something!!! 🙂 I am so happy. Our reporters have broken many stories that have gone onto provincial and national coverage, as well as having broken many exclusive stories and features. We are very small, but have a lot of heart. 🙂


  3. I’m sorry. But 24 Hours is is part of the egregious Sun Media empire. I like you Laila, but I won’t dirty my hands on there paper. I read you in your newsletter or online – I won’t read any other part of that dirty rag.


    1. Which is terribly sad Marc, because we have some incredible stories that don’t see print anywhere else. I thank you very much for your loyalty and support, but do encourage you to read my colleagues work because it is exemplary!!! And I don’t often use that word, so take that to heart. Our newsroom and reporters named in my post, bring it to the table every day, week after week. Please do give their work the time it deserves!! 🙂


  4. Laila, How can we help make 24hrs even more relevant? I am coming from a non-profit perspective. I would love to chat with you sometime about some angles that you might be interested in pursueing for your readers.


    1. I received your contacts via my contact page Eliza, and will get back to you shortly.

      I think the best way readers can support the paper is by continuing to read, and share the news items and columns you like on social media via facebook and twitter, and with your friends. And of course, if you have any hot news tips, be sure to let our newsroom or reporters know!!!


  5. Being ‘far, far away’, I receive no print media but I am pleased to hear that 24H has unseated the Vancouver Sun – what a miserable excuse for a newspaper! Has been for decades. Rabid-dog reporting is the way to go. Expose the bastards! But, at the same time it has to be truthful and not sensationalistic. Report both sides of a debatable issue if it is truly debatable. Otherwise, tear their duplicitous faces off! The truth will out, let it will out 24Hours.


    1. ‘rapid dog reporting’ I love that term! 🙂 Our reporters do a great job on the stories they cover and break many that don’t get picked up elsewhere.You never know what you are going to read in 24Hrs that you might not read anywhere else.

      Also, Brent and I always love hearing suggestions from readers on what they would like to see debated. We try to keep it topical,and current with whatever issue is in the news stream at the time. So feel free to post ideas here or you can email them to either of us!


  6. I am very proud and happy for our own Laila. I hope 24 hours, just keeps growing and growing.
    What I really appreciate is the non-bias. You can’t make good decisions unless, you hear both sides of the story.

    I am confident in everything you say Laila, is the absolute truth.
    Good job Laila, you’re the best.


  7. […] I have nothing but high regard for my soon to be former colleagues at 24Hours.  It’s a solid team that works well together and always has and I urge you to continue to enjoy the paper as I will. Our team is why reader numbers grew significantly under our local publisher and editorial leadership, and we celebrated last April that we were the 2nd most read print publication in Western Canada, right behi… […]


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