BC government signs historic agreement to enhance trade, investment and other mutually beneficial connections.

Just about a week ago, and without much fanfare, the BC government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Peoples Republic of China, to “deepen their mutually beneficial trade, investment and cultural connections.” http://www.newsroom.gov.bc.ca/2014/04/china-and-bc-sign-agreement-to-increase-trade-and-investment-links.html

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by B.C. Minister of International Trade Teresa Wat and Liu Fei, Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver.

The Ministry of International Trade and the Consulate General agreed to establish a formal series of high-level dialogues and exchanges to build upon the foundation of friendly people-to-people, community and business relations that exist between British Columbia and China.

Features of the MOU include:

  • B.C. and China will seek to improve market access by exchanging information about trade and investment opportunities, and government, institutional and business sector programs and practices in each other’s markets and sectors.
  • Hosting trade and investment missions in both directions.
  • Encouraging business and investor participation in each other’s trade and investment promotion forums and matching activities.
  • Facilitating contacts and networking opportunities for British Columbian and Chinese business leaders and investors.
  • The participants will also look to promote cultural understanding and friendly people-to-people and community relations by highlighting and promoting existing and new British Columbia-China sister city and sister province relationships.
  • Collaborating on community outreach efforts to increase awareness of the importance and value of the China-Canada relationship.

The MOU identifies initial sectors for co-operation, including natural resources (natural gas, forestry, mining); agri-foods; technology, clean technology and the green economy; international education; transportation infrastructure, and tourism. The agreement will operate for a three-year period with automatic renewal. A contact person from each jurisdiction will be selected to monitor and report annually on progress.


You can read the full two page document, here: http://www.llbc.leg.bc.ca/public/pubdocs/bcdocs2014/541755/mou_british_columbia_and_the_consulate_general_of_the_people%27s_republic_of_china.pdf

Interestingly enough, the BC government also states that: “China…. is identified as a priority market in the BC Jobs Plan” ….

Let’s hope that’s not via the Harry Bloy method … https://lailayuile.com/2014/04/08/and-would-those-foreign-trained-workers-be-temporary-harry-bloy/

H/T to NVG for the heads up!! 🙂  As well, check back later tonight or tomorrow a.m. for a great new post involving one of my favourite BC construction companies that has many professionals asking some serious questions.

8 thoughts on “BC government signs historic agreement to enhance trade, investment and other mutually beneficial connections.

  1. Guess it’s time to register at the local Community College to enrol in some Mandarin/Cantonese/etc. language classes. All those people who have been so afraid of being taken over by the USofA can now relax, knowing that we’ll soon be ruled by a different dictatorship than the one we’re used to…….the BC Liberals and the Harper government.


  2. The quiet parade of Chinese Military Brass, have been visiting Canada.

    Canada knew nuclear deal with Communist China, would be seen as *weak* docs

    Petro-China puts in bid to *help* build the Enbridge pipeline
    May 29/2012

    Harper signs deal with, Communist China Army
    August 27/2013

    Enbridge has chosen a limited partnership-is to limit the exposure of investors of the company, not to make good on a catastrophic spill

    These are some of the articles, I have found around the web. To me? The sell-out of BC to China began way back, in Campbell’s reign. Seems to me? Every time a mill shuts down in BC, another mill goes up in China, along with BC’s raw logs of course.


  3. Not to mention what is happening in Tumbler Ridge with the wholly owned Chinese mine. Its full steam ahead for them, building up to production while one mine gets shut down, another one very soon if not already and two more to follow. I was wondering how HD Mining was going to get the train and port capacity to move so much coal…..well now I know. There are going to be several hundred locals searching for work in Northeastern BC and not able to apply at the Chinese mine because they don’t speak or read the language. Maybe someone can explain to me how a Chinese owned mine with Chinese workers shipping coal to China is of great benefit to BC. I’m good at math but not that good.


  4. I have long wondered about the “next great war”, and predictions it would would be China which would come out the winner, not the U.S., not the bankrupt Russians, not some European consortium.
    Now I watch the rush by so many nations around the globe to place such heavy reliance upon the Chinese marketplace. I watch our own governments here at home place just about all of their trade eggs in China, watch them signing agreements that give the Chinese massive control of resources, work sites, legal avenues to escape culpability, and I see that the Chinese are making huge inroads toward winning an “economic” war. Has nothing to do with weaponry. That is so passe and, perhaps a touch, fatalistic.
    But when I watch the Chinese building huge numbers of skyscrapers in their homeland which sit completely idle and were only undertaken to give “appearances” of a burgeoning economy, I become very wary. The thought process being that when the Chinese economy collapses, and that collapse has drastic effects on nations (such as our) which have placed all of their eggs in the Chinese basket, then China will have won the war by destroying those reliant nations.
    I think we’re on a very tenuous path.


  5. First understand there is no such thing as “FREE” trade. It all comes with an expense. Also note this agreement is just part of the push for TFWs who are taking jibs from Canadians,


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