This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Corrigan defending Burnaby’s interests

This week, the question Brent and I debate is: ” Should Kinder-Morgan be allowed to test the feasibility of a pipeline through Burnaby Mountain?”

Say what you will about Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan’s refusal to allow Kinder Morgan to conduct testing on city owned lands, but I predict his bold actions are setting the bar high for other municipal leaders across the province in similar situations. Even speaking in the most general terms, the issues of pipelines is a divisive one impacting not only municipalities, but families and friendships as people take opposing views.

What is unique about Mayor Derek Corrigan’s opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline project is that he hasn’t taken the wait-and-see approach popular with many politicians delicately straddling pointy fence posts to avoid offending potential voters. He has instead taken a firm stand on what he believes are the best interests of his community, and the global community at large.

His actions also highlight a serious and much bigger problem facing communities all over the province. When contentious projects under provincial or federal jurisdictions are proposed in or through a community that has no jurisdiction to stop it, what are municipal leaders supposed to do?

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In my opinion, this isn’t just a duel about whether or not Kinder Morgan should be allowed to test on city owned land, this is about whether or not municipalities have enough veto power on these kinds of projects – and it’s not just Burnaby dealing with this either…

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7 thoughts on “This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Corrigan defending Burnaby’s interests

  1. I think Brent is a bit naïve to think the Pipeline Company, the Federal or Provincial Governments are going to come in as white knights in the event of an oil spill – whether it is due to the oil company negligence or an act of god.
    The rail incident in Quebec and the company declares bankruptcy. Don’t think for a moment the oil / pipeline companies haven’t figured out a way to skirt any of the liability or cost issues.
    And to believe the Liberal Government is going to do anything to protect the interest of the people of Burnaby – think again. The Premier needs a boogie man and the Mayor of Burnaby will serve her purpose.
    Good on Mayor Corrigan for putting a stake in the ground, while Ms. Clark will put a steak on the BBQ for photo ops.


  2. It is a start and one that is needed. Someone has to meet the big corporations head on with their demands – that is basically what it is.
    Let us not fool ourselves that the pipeline companies are at all concerned about the environment, where people live or safe clean ups.
    I think that this is but a start to the real jostling that will become almost common place in the near future.
    As Harper has tried to show us all – greed trumps all. We have the FN people who have a say in what happens, then the environmentally concerned Canadian citizens and lastly, the ever increasing number of people that are fed up with the way the Cons-ervative Federal Government are abusing the whole political system. Not for the benefit of Canadians as a whole, but for big multi national corporations.
    I applaud the mayor’s actions, but no doubt he will pay for it one way or another – that is the cons-ervative governments vindictive way. I lump BC Liberals with the PC as they worship the same mantra.


  3. Love him or hate him, Corrigan demonstrates leadership, like no other politician right now. He isn’t taking a wait and see attitude. He is taking a position. Now refreshing. Its like, gee, the guy may actually be concerned about the citizens in Burnaby. wouldn’t it be nice if other mayors did the same.

    It may cost him votes in the next election. It may give him an overwhelming majority. What is nice is he decided to do something, without running a poll first. Good on him. If we had more mayors and politicians like him, the province might be in better shape. Corrigan isn’t just thinking about money. He is thinking about the future of everyone.

    p.s. don’t live in Burnaby and never met the man.


  4. Derek Corrigan for Premier of BC. He’s done lots of good things for the people of Burnaby. Now we need him to run BC as it should be run. My thanks to you Mayor Corrigan.


  5. Brent appears to have a short memory. It was only a few short years ago when the pipeline ruptured in North Burnaby destroying a neighbourhood and spilling oil into Burrard Inlet. Residents in metro certainly don’t want this to happen in their neck of the woods. I also really doubt oil pipelines and tankers are something tourists will want to see. 2 years ago I worked for a few days in IOCO and what a horrible stink and abandoned property there for decades. Metro residents will say a resounding no to any of this.
    The only folks that will benefit from this are Koch industries, a major leasholder, and others like Conoco. It will do nothing for B.C. Just like LNG. Clark really blew it on that one.


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