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  1. Right on!
    Should be required viewing for premier “I’m so cute” and her two henchmen/managers of decline, Scameron and Facts Bender.
    Except they are too busy vindictively bashing teachers to pay attention.
    Parasites, all.


    1. Facts Bender….how clever. I don’t know about assertive but borderline in-your-face bullying comes to mind.
      Most people have respect for good teachers, it’s the BCTF radical element that is the problem. No point in blaming Christie Clark, she just received a majority 5 year mandate from the general public (taxpayers). BC is a democracy after all and the NDP lost badly.

      If we returned to the class sizes of 2002, as the BCTF wants, it would cost the tax payers an additional $2 billion. Do really think the general public wants this?

      Your president, Jim Iker, is a bigger fool than Susan Lambert. At least she settled and hoped the political climate would change (NDP election) for the next round of contract negotiations. Where is the leverage in a full scale strike now that school is basically over?
      You will have to wait until September since the government is saving a lot of money by not settling.

      One other thing, if Iker had not chosen to pour all of the union dues into radio & TV ads that convinced very few, you would have had money in the strike fund to help teachers.

      Do us all a favour and stop electing confrontational leaders to the BCTF, those days are long over for the majority of other unions and the general public is tired of it.



      1. Derek.
        Your CC adoration is sickening, but it’s your life. I want to address a statement you made.
        “If we returned to the class sizes of 2002, as the BCTF wants, it would cost the tax payers an additional $2 billion. Do really think the general public wants this?”

        “The Liberals have taken approximately $2 billion out of public education (and perhaps even more from other public programs) over the past decade, mostly to pay for corporate tax cuts whose benefits have gone straight to the upper class.
        Since 2001 corporate taxes have been reduced by nearly 40% in British Columbia.”

        Click to access Why%20You%20Don%27t%20Count.pdf

        So, basically, we’d only be REPLACING WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN STOLEN!!!
        Funny, no? The exact amount needed to fix this “broke” system, is 2 Billion, the exact amount taken OUT by the then losing leader Campbell and his followup clown-ship “we’re all for breaking (oops, making) the families first”, Clarke.

        Maybe you should talk to some actual teachers instead of taking your attitude from Fox.


        1. Canadian Bud,

          Funny how any opposing view immediately is seen by you (and some others) as adoration of Christy Clarke.
          Almost the equivalent of playing the race card isn’t it?

          I do have a relative and also a friend who are teachers. While we don’t agree on everything, even they admit there are many in their ranks who believe the BCTF is going too far with their demands. There has even been a teacher interviewed on a local TV network who has spoken out publicly against the BCTF.

          Emphatically Yes? I really don’t think so, the last election results show what the majority of voting taxpayers want.

          As for the Fox news reference, you are so far off the mark it takes away from any arguments you are trying to make. That network should be off the air in my opinion, it’s views ALWAYS have an extreme right wing bias and it should not be taken seriously.

          Please don’t confuse one opposing view with right wing conservatism. This is just the BCTF issue being discussed.



  2. Great job! What you make makes work for me. I am a private tutor answering students’ questions that teachers won’t answer. Stick with comedy/bullying and stay out of classrooms.


  3. He can certainly be assertive …. which is mandatory when speaking with some crowds/individuals. Good points, too.
    But what do teachers make, tho?? 🙂


  4. A man who was lucky enough to retire early and now spends his winters down south — a man who, as far as I saw, never raised a finger to improve his community — drove past some of my picketing colleagues the other day and told them to “F*&% off!”

    To him and others like him, I’d like to repeat the phrase, “Teachers make a difference… now what about you?”


  5. Very true Derek. More people should go to the BCTF site and check out their own posted numbers on the subject. They sold me on the fact our teachers don’t have it so bad and have me supporting the governments point of view on a number of areas. They are well paid compared to the rest of the world sitting in 3rd place behind only Luxenburg and Germany. There is 14,000 less public school kids since 2002 and that would explain some of the budget reduction. When you take the territories and their high numbers out of the averages, BC is only a mere $300 below the national average. I know while there are some really good teachers, my kids have been exposed to more than a couple which are less than acceptable and should look at different careers. There is a line up of anxious young unemployed teachers waiting to replace those who think they are hard done by. However, the BCTF is correct in wanting changes to class composition. Unfortunately, instead of showing us their breakdown on how they think this is best done, they just ask for more money to be thrown at it. They really haven’t shown me any facts to support their cause and the we are entitled actions of a number of them have pushed me farther away throughout this strike. I think the BCTF is not a true reflection of what it’s members stand for as most I talk to suggest they don’t have a choice on doing what they want for fear of the big bad union slapping them for getting out of line. The negotiation tactics we have witnessed so far are a thing of the past and this group should have someone who has a little more business sense than Susan and now Iker. Kinda embarrassing representation for a group of educators.


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